Clettes Presley: The Beloved Aunt of Elvis Presley Know Her Age, Early Life, Personal Life, Career & Legacy

Clettes Presley played a significant role in the life of the legendary King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. She was raised in a close-knit family and was born on March 12, 1922, in Tupelo, Mississippi.

She was important to Elvis’s early years because she was his father’s sister, Vernon Presley. Elvis’ uncle Vester Presley was the husband Clettes chose, and she remained his faithful wife up until her death in 1994.

In this biography, Clettes Presley’s life is discussed as well as how she influenced her famous nephew Elvis’s life and career.

Early Life and Family

Clettes Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, to a modest family. Clettes was raised with a strong sense of family values by her parents, Jessie and Minnie Smith, who sacrificed much of their time and energy to support their family. She and Vernon, her younger brother, had a strong affinity and remained close throughout their lives.

Marriage to Vester Presley

When Clettes first met Vester Presley as a teenager, they fell in love right away. Elvis’s father, Vernon Presley, had an older brother named Vester who had a big impact on Elvis’s childhood. Clettes and Vester were married in 1941 after a brief relationship.

They supported one other through thick and thin in their marriage, which was a source of security and affection.

A Beloved Aunt to Elvis Presley

Clettes fully embraced her role as an aunt on January 8, 1935, the day Elvis Presley was born. Clettes remained a constant in Elvis’ life, offering unflinching support and encouragement while his popularity soared in the 1950s.

She frequently attended his early performances, and everyone who knew her could tell how much she loved her nephew.

Life in Graceland

Elvis invited Clettes and Vester to reside there when he bought Graceland in 1957 in Memphis, Tennessee. Graceland became become the hub of the Presley family, and Clettes was essential in preserving a friendly and welcoming ambiance for everybody who came to see it. She frequently assisted with cooking and housework to make sure everyone was comfortable.

Coping with Tragedies

Throughout the Presley family’s lifetime, there were a number of tragedies, and Clettes was a pillar of support. Elvis Presley unexpectedly passed suddenly in August 1977, devastating his entire family.

During this heartbreaking time, Clettes supported her brother Vernon and the rest of the family while still suffering the loss of her cherished nephew.

A Battle with Cancer

Early in the 1990s, Clettes Presley received a cancer diagnosis. She persevered in her optimism and continued to treasure every second spent with her loved ones in spite of the difficulties she encountered. Everyone who knew Clettes was moved by her strength and bravery during her illness.

Legacy and Passing

Clettes Presley had a life of family commitment, love, and sacrifice. She had a huge impact on Elvis Presley’s life and career, and her memory will always be a significant part of the Presley family history.

Clettes died away quietly on December 17, 1994, in Graceland, surrounded by her loved ones. Her passing left a vacuum in the hearts of her loved ones, but her spirit continues to live on in the treasured memories they cherish.

Remembering Clettes Presley

A memorial service was conducted at Graceland to honour Clettes Presley’s life and her contributions to the Presley family. To honour her life and to commemorate it, her friends, family, and admirers gathered. All present remembers Clettes with warmth, generosity, and an everlasting love for her family.

Continuing the Presley Legacy

The Presley family formed a philanthropic organisation in Clettes Presley’s honour. The mission of the Clettes Presley Foundation is to promote cancer research, patient treatment, and support for those whose families have been afflicted by the disease.

The work of the foundation is a permanent legacy to Clettes’s selflessness and demonstrates her dedication to assisting others.


Clettes Presley, Elvis Presley‘s adored aunt, will always be remembered as a loving family member who contributed much to his career and quality of life. The Presley family and everyone she knew valued her love, support, and kindness much.

The recollections of Clettes’ loved ones and the charitable organisation created in her honour continue to carry on her legacy. She will always be appreciated as a vital member of the illustrious Presley family and for her contributions to the history of rock and roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Did Elvis love Priscilla when he died?

Ans: Even though their relationship did not endure, Elvis and Priscilla remained in love up until the singer’s passing in 1977.

Q. Why Elvis Presley is famous?

Ans: In the 1950s, Elvis Presley—also referred to as the King of Rock and Roll—became well-known for his new wave music and style.

Q. How many times did Elvis marry?

Ans: Just once.

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