The Power of Creativity: A Journey with Hanne Norgaard- Know Her Age, Early Life, Career & Net Worth

Makeup artist Hanne Norgaard or Hanne “Kim” Nørgaard, born in Denmark, is well-known for her work in the entertainment sector. She is also famous for being Idris Elba’s ex-wife, a British actor.

This biography highlighted Hanne Norgaard’s profile, wiki, age, birthdate, early life, family information, relationships, controversies, legacy, caste, height, weight, rumors, and little-known facts.

Early Life and Education:

On April 5th, 1977, Hanne Norgaard was born in Copenhagen, Denmark. She was grown up in a middle-class family and showed an early interest in art and cosmetics. Her parents supported her in pursuing her passion for makeup artistry because they were working professionals.

After completing high school, Norgaard participated in a makeup artistry program at a neighborhood vocational school in Copenhagen. After completing her course, she worked as a freelance makeup artist for numerous fashion magazines and photo assignments. She soon achieved academic success.

Early Career:

Norgaard started as a freelance makeup artist for numerous Danish fashion publications after completing her makeup artistry training in Copenhagen. Professionals noticed her work right once, and she was asked to participate in international initiatives.

Due to this, she migrated to London in the late 1990s, where she proceeded to advance her makeup artistry business.


Norgaard relocated to London in the late 1990s, where her career as a makeup artist quickly blossomed. She started collaborating with several of the finest makeup artists and fashion photographers in the business, which aided in her rise to prominence.

She met British actor Idris Elba while working on a photo shoot, and they were wed in 1999. Norgaard served as Idris Elba’s makeup artist while they were married. She also worked on the sets of numerous movies and TV shows, such as “EastEnders” and “The Wire.”

Norgaard kept up her freelance makeup artist career after divorcing Elba in 2003. She worked in several reputed productions, such as the “American Gangster” movie and the music video for Beyonce’s “Crazy in Love.”

Some fashion magazines have featured her work, and she has collaborated with recognized personalities, including Naomi Campbell, Madonna, and Oprah Winfrey.

Marriage to Idris Elba:

As Norgaard worked on a picture shoot in 1998, he ran into British actor Idris Elba. They fell in love right away and married the following year. Throughout their marriage, Norgaard did Elba’s makeup and worked on the sets of various movies and TV shows where Elba appeared.

The couple’s marriage encountered difficulties despite their shared love and affection for one another, including the demands of their occupations and diverse cultural backgrounds. They eventually divorced in 2003, but they are still friendly and share parenting of their daughter Isan.

Personal Life:

Only the fact that Norgaard is wed to Idris Elba is known about her private life. She has maintained a low profile and shied away from sharing many personal details.

In an interview with a Danish journal in 2014, Norgaard revealed that she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This chronic condition causes pain and weariness in the muscles and joints. She said she could continue working as a makeup artist despite altering her work schedule to consider her health.

Isan Elba, a daughter she had with Idris Elba, and Winston, a son with her partner, make Norgaard a proud mother of two children.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Hanne Norgaard has a net worth of approximately USD 900,000. Her work in makeup is the reason for the growth of her net worth. On the BBC, she had a show of her own.

She also worked as a makeup artist for famous actors and high-profile picture assignments simultaneously. As a result, she established an effective brand in the fashion and beauty industries.

Marital Status

After eleven years of being unmarried, Hanne Norgaard married Pastor Andrew L. Friar II in 2013. She has since been residing with him. In 1999, she got engaged to Idris Elba, and two years later, in 2003, they filed for divorce. She is now reported to be comfortable with Pastor.

Physical Appearance

Hanne Norgaard is a tall woman, standing 5 feet and 2 inches tall. She weighs approximately 67 kg. Her eyes and hair are both a dark shade of black. Her physique shows no signs of having tattoos.


In the entertainment sector, makeup artist Hanne Norgaard has established herself as a leader. Due to her talent and dedication, she has emerged as one of the most sought-after makeup artists in the business.

Although she is perhaps most known for her short marriage to Idris Elba, her work speaks for itself and is still in high demand from customers and her peers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is Idris’s first wife?

Ans: Hanne Norgaard, in 1999, got engaged to Idris Elba.

Q. Who is Winston Elba’s mother?

Ans: Naiyana Garth

Q. How old is Elba?

Ans: 50 Years old.

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