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Jeffrey Clarke of Dell is a well-known figure among the wealthiest individuals across the globe. He is vice chairman and co-chief operating officer for Dell Technologies. Because of his right decisions and hard work, Mr Clarke has risen to the status of one of the world’s wealthiest people. Currently, he is the most trending person on the internet.

Let’s learn everything about Jeffrey W Clarke, including his achievement, salary, net worth, family, Children and others.

Jeffrey Clarke Early Life 

Jeff Clarke Dell was born in 1963 in the USA. His parents didn’t have much money; thus, they weren’t wealthy. He had to balance his child’s life while working hard to pay for his studies. In 1986, he earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Jeff worked as a reliability and product engineer at Motorola, Inc. before joining Dell Technologies. He represents the College of Engineering Advisory Council for his alma mater, the University of Texas at San Antonio, where he received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1986.

Jeff Clarke Dell Career

Jeffrey W Clarke achieved significant positions along with sizeable wealth with his determination and hard work. Talking about his career at Dell, in 1987, Jeff started working for Dell Technologies as a quality engineer. In 1989, he moved into a position in product development, and he has since held several engineering and management positions.

At Dell Technologies, Inc., Jeffrey W. Clarke serves as Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman, Products & Operations. He also serves as Vice Chairman of Operations at Dell GmbH and Vice Chairman of Products & Operations at Dell, Inc. (both are subsidiaries of Dell Technologies, Inc.).

Moreover, Jeffrey Clarke occupies vice chairman at Dell Technologies, Inc., and he manages day-to-day business operations, sets priorities across the Dell Technologies executive leadership team, and shapes the company’s strategic agenda.

Jeff leads the Infrastructure Solutions Group and the Client Solutions Group and maintains Global Operations, which includes manufacturing, purchasing, and supply chain management, in collaboration with Chuck Whitten.

Jeffrey W. Clark is also responsible for setting the long-term strategy. He leads planning for emerging technology areas such as Cloud, Edge, Telecom and as-a-Service, global manufacturing, procurement, and supply chain activities worldwide.

More so, he is in charge of the engineering, design, and development of servers, storage and networking products, as well as the engineering, design, development and sales of computer desktops, notebooks, workstations, and end-user computing software solutions.

Mr Clarke held the position of Senior Vice President of the Business Product Group from January 2003 until January 2009. Jeffrey W Clarke held the positions of Vice President and General Manager of the Relationship Product Group from November 2001 to January 2003. Mr Clarke was appointed director of desktop development in 1995.

Since Jeff joined Dell, his remit has expanded to lead the company’s significant transformations, which have led to Dell Technologies holding the No. 1 global market share rankings in several of its PC and core infrastructure products. He’s also passionate about Dell’s social impact agenda and plays an active role in enhancing Dell’s diversity and inclusion program, employee resource groups and 2030 moonshot goals.

Jeffrey W Clarke Salary

Jeffrey Clarke makes $9,334,100 at Dell Technologies Inc as the Chief Operating Officer, Vice Chairman, and Products and Operations of Dell Technologies Inc. There are three executives at Dell Technologies Inc getting paid more, with William Scannell receiving the highest salary of $19,943,600.

Jeffrey Clarke Net Worth

According to the publication, a recent Forbes and Business Insider study showed that Jeff Clarke Dell’s estimated net worth is at least 27.2 million as of 2 February 2021. Jeff Clarke Dell’s overall earnings are increasing daily.

Mr Clarke holds over 113,946 units of Dell Technologies Inc stock valued at over $17,847,917, and over the past 2 decades, he sold DELL stock worth over $52,212. Additionally, he receives $9,334,100 from Dell Technologies Inc. as a Chief Operating Officer, Vice-Chairman, and Products and Operations.

How old is Jeffrey Clarke?

Jeffrey Clark is 59 years old. Since 2019, he’s been the Chief Operating Officer, Vice Chairman, and Products and Operations of Dell Technologies Inc. Apart from him, there we can find 11 older and 10 younger executives at the company. David Dorman, an Independent Director at Dell Technologies Inc., is the company’s senior executive at 65 years old.

Jeffrey Clarke’s Personal Life

Jeffrey Clark is known by the pet name Jeffrey Clarke Dell. He is 5 foot 11 inches and weighs up to 83 kilograms: Mr Clarke possesses’ black eyes and grey hair. Relationships, Children, and Parent’s details are unavailable on the internet.

Questions Mostly Asked About Jeffrey W Clarke

Q. How much does Jeff Clarke make?

Ans- As per some reputed sources, Jeff Clarke makes gratifying salary. It is estimated to be around $9,334,100 in USD. 

Q. Where is Jeff Clarke now?

Ans- Jeff Clarke is living in Austin, Texas, United States.

Q. Who is Jeff Clarke Dell?

Ans- Jeff Clarke Dell is the current Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman of Dell Technologies.

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