National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day 2022: History & How it is Celebrated?

On July 27, both the United States and South Korea observe National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day. A cease-fire in a prolonged fight was brought about by the peace agreement that was signed on this very day. Undoubtedly, the Korean War is a significant chapter in American history as it shows horribly a loss of thousands of Veterans.

In this bitter battle (Korean War), American saw the loss of almost 50,000 American soldiers, the injury of over 100,000, and the imprisonment of thousands of more as War prisoners. Celebrating this day honors the sacrifices of veterans in the long-standing Korean War. More so, people are urged to reflect on the service and sacrifices made by American soldiers during this fight on National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day.

National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day 2022: History

The Republic of Korea and the United States have a long history of mutual sacrifice as allies. When the Korean War broke, 1.8 million Americans come forward to defend the democracy & freedom of Korean Peninsula Allies from the communist regimes of North Korea and People’s Republic of China.

To be precise, the Korean War lasted for three years from June 25, 1950, to July 1953. That period for Korean Peninsula people is horrible as they lost of millions of soldiers in the then bitter conflict. Moreover, the situation was not favourable for even American soldiers fighting for South Korea integrity, freedom and democracy.

Reportedly, the particular risks and experiences that the Korean wartime service members faced were totally different from earlier battle veterans. Observing the National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day triggered us to know the sacrifices of the soldiers given in saving the democracy & freedom of South Korean people.  

The string of war was started from the Japanese occupation & destruction of China influence over the Korean Peninsula. When Japan withdrawn his control from Southern Part of Korean peninsula, North Korea in no time invaded South Korea with the help of Soviet Union in 1950. This produced chaos around the world, as the world war had just ended.

Following these incidents America sent troops to help South Korea defend its sovereignty & democratic values and hold onto the land that was rightfully hers. Factually, millions of Americans responded to a call to action to defend freedom and democracy abroad by joining the struggle to the allies on the Korean Peninsula from the communist governments in North Korea and The People’s Republic of China.

In that battle, almost 36,000 Americans lost their lives, and more than 103,000 military personnel had suffered combat-related injuries. According to the US Department of Veterans Affairs, the environmental condition during Battle of Chosin Reservoir was really harsh and that had caused more than 5,000 American troops fatalities. For the unversed, the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, also known as the Chosin Reservoir Campaign or the Battle of Lake Changjin was an important battle in the Korean War (1950).

The wind chill in Lake Changjin was about -100 degrees Fahrenheit, while the temperature of the very location dropped to 50 degrees. Due to this reason, Korean War soldiers had experience several health problems such stress to the neurological system, skin, and muscles, vascular diseases, foot-related ailments like trench foot, frostbite scars, and skin cancer.

In 1953, after 3 years of violent combat and millions of casualties, an armistice was signed by representatives of the United States, The People’s Republic of China, and North Korea. It was signed for the peaceful settlement in between North Korea and South Korea, but still settlement has not been reached at that extent, and the Korean Peninsula remains divided along the 38th parallel.

When did Korean War or “The Forgotten War” End?

After two years and 17 days of negotiations, the representatives agreed to sit on the table. It was at 10 a.m. on July 27, 1953, in Panmunjom, 18 official copies of the tri-language Korean Armistice Agreement were signed. When Korean War Armistice Acccord was signed, the long-standing brutal & bloody war came to end.

The casualties of troops were not from only one side, but all the participants participated in Korean War sustained heavy loss of soldiers. Reportedly, at least 23,600 U.S. service members had lost their life during the brutal fighting. Between 300,000 and 900,000 troops were also killed from communist troops, along with an estimated 2.5 million Korean civilians. According to the South Korea’s defense ministry, at least 137,000 South Korean troops died in that war.

Today, we take this opportunity to honor, remember, and pay tribute to the Korean War veterans who fought to defend those universal values and freedoms that the people of South Korea enjoy today.”

How Korean War Veterans Armistice Day 2022 is Celebrated?

Korean War Veterans Armistice Day is not a federal holiday, however the law asks Americans to observe the day with appropriate activities and ceremonies.

Additionally, it directs all departments of the U.S. government to hoist the flag at half-staff in memory of those who lost their lives defending South Korea’s independence from communism. Officials from the United States pay a visit to Arlington National Cemetery, and speeches are given to mark the occasion.

Every year, the president of US issues a proclamation to remember Korean War Veterans Armistice Day. In 2020, President Donald Trump, US president issued his proclamation, reads as:

“Sometimes called ‘The Forgotten War,’ we will always remember the immeasurable cost incurred by those who fought on the Korean Peninsula. The bravery, tenacity and selflessness of our veterans liberated the oppressed, brought peace and prosperity to a freedom-loving people, and helped forge our unshakable bonds with the Republic of Korea.”

FAQs on National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day 2022

Q. Is there a Korean War veterans day?

Ans- Yes, there is a Korean War Veterans Armistice Day. It is celebrated on July 27 every year to honor the sacrifices of American & Korean soldiers in saving the values of democracy and its principles.

Q. What dates are considered a Korean War veteran?

Ans- July 27 has been considered as a National Korean War Veterans Armistice Day.

Q. How many Korean War veterans are still alive?

Ans- About 500,000 Korean War veterans are still living, but at least 600 of those die every day, according to the Korean War Veterans Memorial Foundation.

Q. When did the Korean Armistice Day draft?

Ans- The armistice was drafted to “secure a total cessation of hostilities and of all acts of armed force in Korea until a definitive peaceful resolution is established.” It was accepted on July 27, 1953.

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