Ophelia Saint Grohl: A Rising Star in Music and Acting with a Legacy of Creativity Know Her Early Life, Education & Music Career

Ophelia Saint Grohl is an awesome American musician who happens to be the daughter of the famous rock star Dave Grohl. Even though she comes from a family filled with musical talent, Ophelia has made a name for herself in the music world.

This article is everything about Ophelia Saint Grohl; we’ll discuss her background, some intriguing facts you might not know about her, her age, the year she was born, the people in her family, her friends, and even some personal information. It resembles a small window into her world and what makes her unique.

Ophelia Saint Grohl Profile’s Summary

Full NameOphelia Saint Grohl
NicknameSaint Grohl
Age10 years old, as of 2023
Date of BirthAugust 1, 2014
Place of BirthLos Angeles, California, United States
Famous forBeing the daughter of Dave Grohl
ParentsDave Grohl and Jordyn Blum
SiblingsViolet Grohl and Harper Willow Grohl
GrandparentsJames Grohl and Virginia Grohl
Zodiac SignLeo

Early Life and Education of Ophelia Saint Grohl

Ophelia Saint Grohl was born on August 1, 2014, in Los Angeles, California, to Dave Grohl and Jordyn Blum. She grew up surrounded by music because her dad was a member of the renowned band Foo Fighters and her mom was interested in producing TV shows.

In Los Angeles, Ophelia attended a special school, where she initially displayed her love of music. She began taking drum lessons and piano lessons when she was just 8 years old. She seems to have been destined to be a musician from the beginning.

Personal Life Ophelia Saint Grohl

Ophelia Grohl is someone who likes to keep her personal life private, so we don’t know too much about it. What we do know is that her family lives in a place called Encino in California. She’s got two older sisters named Violet Maye and Harper Willow – sounds like a fun family!

Open saint grohl family

Family Legacy

Ophelia has a pretty cool family background. Her grandpa is James Grohl, and her dad is the famous Dave Grohl, who’s known all over the world. You might have heard of him – he was the drummer for a band called Nirvana and then started his own amazing band called the Foo Fighters.

Her mom, Jordyn Blum, is also super successful as a television producer. It seems like Ophelia got a big dose of talent and creativity from her family. It’s like they all have something special to share!

Future Plans

Ophelia Grohl is just 18 years old, but her career is already headed in a very interesting direction. She has accomplished a lot and demonstrated that she has a lot of promise. It will be fascinating to see what kinds of singing and acting opportunities she accepts as her career develops.

Ophelia’s future appears to be quite promising given the stellar history of her family and all of her aptitude. It seems as though she has a vast array of incredible opportunities in front of her!

Ophelia Saint Grohl’s Net Worth

While we don’t have exact details about Ophelia Saint Grohl’s net worth, we do have some information about her dad, Dave Grohl. Some sources estimate that he’s worth around $320 million. That’s a lot of money!


Even though she’s still young, Ophelia Grohl is an incredibly talented musician who has already made a name for herself in the music industry. Her love of music and her commitment to philanthropy will undoubtedly continue to have a beneficial impact on the world. There is definitely reason to be excited about her future.

Most Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. When was Ophelia Grohl born?

Ans: Ophelia Saint Grohl into the world on August 1, 2014, in Los Angeles, California.

Q. How old is Ophelia Grohl?

Ans: 9 Years old as of 2023.

Q. Who is Dave Grohl’s ex-wife?

Ans: Jennifer Youngblood

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