“Randy Farkus” Film: A Skateboarding Masterpiece Directed by Benny Maglinao

Skateboarding is an art form that needs tremendous talent, tenacity, and passion. It is not just a sport. Aidan Mackey, as “Randy Farkus” in the film, is a legend in the skateboarding world. This skateboarding hero is honored in Benny Maglinao’s newest film, “Randy Farkus.”

The film follows Randy Farkus as he navigates through the skateboard world, pushing the limits of what is possible on four wheels.

The brilliant camera crew, which included Johnathan Flechas, Cody Green, and Ben Chadourne, captured gorgeous images that transported viewers through the streets and skateparks of some of the most well-known skating sites in the world.

randy farkus

Guests in Randy Farkus

The movie, however, is not just about Randy Farkus; it also includes cameos from some of the most respected skateboarders, like ANDREW ALLEN, AVE, ROWAN ZORILLA, JOE CAMPUS, KEVIN RODRIGUES, and BAG.

Each guest contributes their distinct viewpoint to the movie, giving the skateboarding world more depth and dimension.

Photography and Artwork in the Movie

The photography and artwork for the movie were done by Jared Sherbert and Jonathan Flechas and perfectly complement the skate footage to give spectators a visually appealing experience.

randy farkus

Behind the Scenes in Randy Farkus

Behind the scenes, the crew worked tirelessly to bring the film to life. FLECHAS served as the gaffer, JOHN as the key grip, and ANDREW as the technical supervisor.

But perhaps the most memorable credit goes to BAG, who was listed as the Best Little Bitch, adding a touch of humor to the credits.

Craft services are essential to any film set, and GRADY ensured that the cast and visitors were fed and energized throughout the filming process.


In conclusion, “Randy Farkus” is a masterpiece of skateboarding cinematography. It celebrates the skateboarding culture and pays tribute to the sport’s legends, including Randy Farkus.

This movie is a must-watch for everyone who enjoys the art of skateboarding because it has impressive visuals, a great guest list, and a professional crew.

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