Sebastian Rulli Net Worth (2023): How Much Is the Mexican Actor Worth?

Sebastian Rulli net worth is estimated to be around $8 million. His successful acting career, endorsement deals, and contracts for modeling have contributed significantly to his wealth.

Rulli runs a restaurant business in Mexico and is also a successful businessman. If he continues to secure more acting jobs and business opportunities, his net worth is anticipated to rise.

Who is Sebastian Rulli?

Sebastian Rulli is a Mexican actor and model who has gained international fame for his roles in telenovelas such as “Teresa,” “Lo que la vida me robó,” and “Papá a toda madre.” He is known for his good looks, talent, and charisma on screen.

Sebastian Rulli was born on July 6, 1975, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was raised in a family of Italian and Spanish descent.

His family is of Italian and Spanish ancestry. Rulli began his career as a model, working in countries like France, Spain, and Italy before relocating to Mexico to pursue acting. He made his acting debut in the telenovela “Clase 406” in 2002, and since then, he has taken the lead roles in many popular shows.

Sebastian Rulli’s Career

As a model in Europe, Sebastian Rulli began his career by working for prestigious companies like Giorgio Armani, Versace, and Hugo Boss. Later, after relocating to Mexico to pursue acting, he was chosen to be in the popular telenovela “Clase 406.”

He has since made appearances in a number of popular telenovelas, such as “Rub,” “Teresa,” and “Lo que la vida me robó.” In addition, Rulli has acted in a number of movies, such as “Ladrones” and “El Elegido.”

How Sebastian Rulli Spends His Money

Sebastian Rulli is well known for leading a lavish lifestyle, and he is not shy about flaunting it. He enjoys driving and has several expensive vehicles, including a Ferrari and a Mercedes-Benz.

sebastian rulli net worth

Rulli also likes to travel, and he has been seen taking vacations in far-off places like the Maldives and the French Riviera. He has contributed to several humanitarian projects, such as cancer research and education, as a philanthropist as well.

Sebastian Rulli’s Future

Given that he keeps getting prominent roles in movies and telenovelas, Sebastian Rulli’s future appears promising. He has established his acting ability and amassed a devoted following in Mexico and elsewhere.

Rulli is extending his business ventures as well, and additional initiatives are anticipated from him in the future. Sebastian Rulli is poised to leave a lasting impression on the entertainment business thanks to his talent, charm, and entrepreneurial energy.


Sebastian Rulli is an accomplished actor, model, and businessperson who has made a name for himself in the entertainment sector.

His success in business and commitment to his craft is reflected in his net worth. There is no doubt that he will continue to build a name for himself in the industry given his attractiveness, talent, and charm.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Sebastian Rulli’s most successful telenovela?

Ans: Sebastian Rulli’s most successful telenovela to date is “Teresa,” which aired in 2010.

Q. Does Sebastian Rulli have any children?

Ans: Yes, Sebastian Rulli has a daughter named Santi, whom he shares with his ex-girlfriend Cecilia Galliano.

Q. What other businesses does Sebastian Rulli own besides restaurants?

Ans: Besides restaurants, Sebastian Rulli also owns a production company called Rulli Films.

Q. What languages does Sebastian Rulli speak?

Ans: Sebastian Rulli is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and French.

Q. What is Sebastian Rulli’s favorite hobby?

Ans: Sebastian Rulli is an avid motorcycle rider and enjoys riding his Ducati on his days off.

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