Tony Balkissoon: The Chicago-Based Attorney Making His Mark Beyond the Shadows Know His Age, Early Life, Career & Net Worth

Tony Balkissoon has distinguished himself as a lawyer in the vibrant city of Chicago, where politics and the law are intricately intertwined. While his wife, Laura Jarrett, is a well-known CNN host and political correspondent and his father, Bas Balkissoon, is a well-known politician, Tony’s successes frequently take a backseat in the public eye.

But Tony Balkissoon, a man whose professional trajectory is as significant as his well-known family connections, will be highlighted in this thorough biography, shedding light on his life, career, and contributions.

Tony’s Wiki Summary

Full NameTony Balkissoon
Nike Name Tony
Age42 years old as of now
Date of Birth1 October, 1981
Place of BirthOntario, Canada
ParentsTahay and Bas Balkissoon
Martial StatusMarried
SpouseLaura Jarrett
ChildJames Anthony Balkissoon
ResidenceNew York City
EthnicitySouth Asian Canadians
Zodiac SignLibra 
Famous for Celebrity Husband
ProfessionFaculty at John Jay College of Criminal Justice
Siblings N/A
Weight76 Kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye Color Grey
Net Worth6 Million Dollars

Early Life of Tony Balkissoon

On November 3, 1980, Anthony “Tony” Balkissoon was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of Tahay Balkissoon, a committed community organizer, and Bas Balkissoon, a well-known politician.

Tony received a strong feeling of civic duty and responsibility as a child since he grew up in a family that valued public service. His parents’ dedication to improving their neighbourhood had a lasting impression on him and served as the inspiration for his future pursuits.

Family Background of Tony Balkissoon

The distinctive fusion of politics and community involvement that pervaded Tony’s upbringing had a profound impact on his growing up. As an alderman and then a state representative, Bas Balkissoon was a well-known figure in Chicago politics.

Tony was motivated to seek a career in law in order to make change within the legal system by Bas’ commitment to public service and his love of fighting for impoverished communities.

Education of Tony Balkissoon

In Canada’s Scarborough, where Tony attended school, Tony’s educational career began. He earned an honors-only Bachelor of Applied Science degree from the University of Ontario in 2007.

Tony then continued his career at Harvard Law School, where he graduated in 2010. His outstanding academic accomplishments culminated in the honor of being named the Dean’s Scholar awardee.

Tony Balkissoon’s Career Journey

After completing his legal studies at Harvard, Tony Balkissoon began an illustrious career in the legal profession. At a prestigious Chicago law firm, he began by specializing in high-stakes patent litigation, honing his legal knowledge and laying the foundation for a successful career.

Notably, Tony didn’t just practice corporate law; he also spent a lot of time working pro gratis, zealously representing clients involved in criminal and immigration matters. This dedication demonstrated his unshakeable commitment to the values of justice and equity.

A Legal Luminary’s Path

After completing his study at Harvard, Tony Balkissoon began his distinguished career in the legal field. His first excursion into the field was handling complex patent litigation cases at a prestigious Chicago legal firm. He was able to hone his legal skills and prepare himself for future success thanks to this experience.

Significantly, Tony didn’t limit himself to corporate litigation; he also used his legal knowledge for pro-bono work, advocating for clients with immigration and criminal cases. This dedication demonstrated his unwavering dedication to upholding the rules of justice and fairness.

A Clerkship and Beyond

When Tony Balkissoon worked as a legal assistant to two eminent federal judges, his legal career soared to unprecedented heights.

He was notable for being the Honorable Manish S. Shah’s first law clerk at the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. He then broadened his legal knowledge while working for the Honorable Ann Claire Williams.

In 2016, Tony took on a new position at the renowned law firm Loevy & Loevy as a Justice Fellow, where his persistent dedication to justice and advocacy kept having a beneficial influence on the legal community.

In 2018, he was elected to the LAF Board as a result of his commitment to tackling legal concerns, further demonstrating his passion for securing justice for all.

Tony Balkissoon’s Personal Life and Marriage

A lovely love tale lies at the centre of Tony Balkissoon’s life path, which is tightly entwined with his career. It all started when he met Laura Jarrett, a fellow Harvard Law School alumna with a solid legal background, while he was still a student there.

Laura, on the other hand, made a different decision, deciding to pursue a career in journalism and working as a Justice reporter at CNN.

Their love story culminated in a spectacular engagement party at the prestigious Paris Club, which was followed by an exquisite wedding in 2012.

The private ceremony was held in Valerie Jarrett’s mother’s Chicago home, and only close relatives and friends were present. Notably, former President Barack Obama was on the guest list, giving the gathering an extra air of importance.

The dedication to secrecy and intimacy was what actually made their wedding unique. The couple chose a private ceremony with strict guidelines about smartphone photography and videography. This choice emphasized their strong desire for a private and intimate event.

After the wedding, an elegant celebration took place on Valerie Jarrett’s mother’s lush lawn beneath a large marquee tent, leaving an everlasting impression on everyone in attendance.

James Anthony Balkissoon, Tony and Laura’s first child, entered the world on July 16, 2019, and it forever altered their lives. James, who arrived weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces, solidified Tony and Laura’s intense love and bond with one another and the ever-growing family he joined.

Laura Jarrett: Tony Balkissoon’s Wife

American journalist and lawyer Laura Jarrett is well-known. She was born on October 29, 1983, and her mother, Valerie Jarrett, a key adviser to former President Barack Obama, is her father. Laura Jarrett established a reputation for herself by working in the legal and media industries.

Jarrett finished her undergraduate studies at Harvard University before pursuing her legal education at the University of Chicago Law School. She then gained significant legal expertise working as a litigation attorney at a private law company in Chicago.

Jarrett began working for CNN in 2016 as a correspondent and legal expert. She has provided intelligent analysis and commentary on a variety of news shows on a wide range of legal and political matters. She is well-respected in the media sector for her legal knowledge and capacity to simplify complex legal topics.

Significant legal cases, constitutional law, and civil rights concerns have been the focus of Jarrett’s reporting. She has reported on prominent occasions like the Supreme Court nomination hearings, significant criminal trials, and the legal ramifications of political developments.

Her reporting is renowned for its profundity and clarity, making legal issues understandable to a broad audience.

Laura Jarrett has a background in journalism as well as public service. She has served on the boards of numerous organizations, including the Chicago Foundation for Women and the Young Alumni Council of the University of Chicago Law School.

Laura Jarrett keeps having a significant impact on the media environment thanks to her skills in law and journalism. Her excellent reporting and analysis help people understand the judicial system and how politics and society are intertwined with it.

Financial Status

Tony Balkissoon, a successful lawyer, has traditionally belonged to the upper classes of society. Although he keeps his salary a secret, his successful legal career and his wife’s financial situation unmistakably attest to his significant financial security.

His net worth is currently estimated to be an astounding 6 million US dollars, and considering the abundance of earning prospects in the legal profession, this number is expected to increase significantly in the near future.

Physical Description

Tony is a towering man, measuring a commanding 6 feet 2 inches (1.88 meters) in height. He weighs about 76 kilos, which is 167.551 pounds. He has jet-black hair that strikingly contrasts his grey eyes. His body is described by measures for his chest, waist, and biceps of 37-29-12 inches each.

Tony’s Health and Fitness

Tony has steadily lost 3 kg of weight over the past month, demonstrating his commitment to leading a healthy lifestyle. He purposefully performs periodic exercise exercises to maintain his general well-being. His health is still in a good place as of right now.

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

Tony and Laura faced difficulties balancing the responsibilities of a law job with the public nature of their private lives. Nevertheless, the couple handled these difficulties with composure and grace.

Their mutual dedication to serving the public and their separate positions within their disciplines solidified their relationship and forged a potent alliance aimed at having a good impact on society.


In the thriving city of Chicago, Tony Balkissoon has distinguished himself as a legal authority. While Tony’s father, Bas Balkissoon, and his wife, Laura Jarrett, frequently receive the most of the media attention, Tony’s path as a determined lawyer who is committed to advancing justice deserves recognition and respect.

His exposure to public service from an early age, his dedication to public interest law, and the creation of the Balkissoon Law Group are all examples of his steadfast commitment to having a beneficial impact on society.

Without a doubt, Tony’s impact will live on, having a profound impression on the Chicago legal community and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who is Laura Jarrett married to?

Ans: Tony Balkissoon

Q. Who is Laura Jarrett’s mother?

Ans: Valerie Jarrett

Q. How old is Valerie Jarrett?

Ans: 66 Years old.

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