British Stunt Driver Swift Paul Breaks Parallel Parking World Record

At the British Motor Show, a stunt driver broke two Guinness World Record

One for parallel parking and one for performing donuts while maneuvering a motorcycle.

At two separate times during the British Motor Show in Farnborough, England, Paul Swift attempted to break the Guinness World Record for the closest parallel parking in an electric vehicle.

On the first day of the competition, Swift's initial attempt, successfully broke the record with 13.8 inches to spare.

On the fourth day of the show, he beat his own record by parking with 11.8 inches to spare.

Swift also broke the record for the most wheelies (donuts) performed while riding a motorcycle in a minute. 

Swift drove a Ford Mustang in tight circles around motorcycle stuntman JD Stunts. 

On his first effort, he broke the record by making eight precise circles around the motorcycle, and on his second try, he increased his total to ten donuts.