Chicago Bears defeated the Cleveland Browns with 21-20 in the preseason finale

In the final preseason game, Justin Fields inspired the Chicago Bears to a 21-20 victory over the Cleveland Browns 

The first-team offence, led by quarterback Justin Fields, put on a spectacular performance against the Browns on Saturday in Cleveland, scoring 21 straight points 

With 14 of 16 completions for 156 yards and three touchdowns, Fields had a stellar individual outing  

In his longest preseason game, Justin Fields received a rating of 146.9 

Fields said he was eager to witness his unit's turning point in learning and executing the offence. He stated he felt good and confident going into the game  

Fields opined, "I believe it's just execution on all sides. "I told them several times that I thought the o-line did a terrific job protecting today   

Praising the team efforts, he said “The receivers performed admirably throughout the scramble drill by running the proper routes, at the proper depth, and other such things”