Electronic Arts, bans players named “Andrew Tate” in Apex Legends.


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Several accounts in Apex Legends who were using the name "Andrew Tate," Electronic Arts suspended those accounts 

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A Reddit user claimed that he was removed from the Battle Royale because he had named his character after the powerful British-American.

However, it appears that other players with the same identity have also been temporarily suspended.

Andrew Tate’s accounts have already been removed from several social media.

Moreover, Tate looks to have been removed from Apex Legends as well.

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Despite the backlisting from all major social media platforms, Rumble star, Andrew Tate, appears to still have a high level of online popularity

The notorious "King of Toxic Masculinity," has been widely criticized for his contentious views on a range of delicate topics..

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Notably, the activity of using polarrising Internet celebrity names, falls under the policy infringement category of hateful conduct.

This has been stated by the Electronic Arts Rules and Regulation

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