Gabbie Hanna fans are concerned about her mental health after she posted over 100 TikTok videos in single day

Many of her supporters have pleaded with her to "get help" and have requested that a loved one do a wellness check on her 

Since then, she has posted TikTok videos practically nonstop, with the exception of a four-hour break 

In a livestream on Tuesday, she also made some dubious and bigoted remarks against Black and Indigenous people 

Hanna previously disclosed that the Mayo Clinic had determined she had bipolar disorder, which is characterized by significant mood swings 

Fans were upset by the overwhelming quantity of video 

Additionally, several of the videos appeared to be religious  

Later, Hanna confirmed that police did arrive and left her a “wellness card” before departing   

She came back after that sabbatical and declared, "I'm OK."