Google Doodle celebrates Coccinelle’s Birthday

The theme of Tuesday's Google Doodle was a French actress and entertainer named Jacqueline Charlotte Dufresnoy.

The renowned club singer, whose birthday was August 23, 1931, sang under the moniker Coccinelle.

In 1958, Coccinelle made the decision to have sex-reassignment surgery, which was carried out in Casablanca by Dr. Georges Burou. . 

Before the age of 30, she married to French journalist Francis Bonnet, which created history.

Their marriage was the first transgender union recognised by the French authorities.

Despite the fact that Coccinelle got married twice more, this historical event established the precedent for the legal right to marriage for trans-people in France.

She also played significant role in activism. She formed Devenir Femme, an organisation that stands for "To Become Woman."

The Center for Aid, Research, and Information on Transsexuality and Gender Identity was also founded with her assistance.

The first movie Coccinelle made after returning to France was Europa di Notte by Alessandro Blasetti.

Due to a stroke in the summer of 2006, Coccinelle, on October 9 in Marseille, passed away shortly after.