Five Animated Fun Mini –Adventures Shorts are now being  Showcased on Disney+,

It is expanded to make mild distraction of waiting between Ms. Marvel’s finale & She-Hulk: Attorney at Law feel  

Vin Diesel Voiced for Baby Goot’s and the work commitment is commendable- praised by film’s director Kristen Lepore  

Groot’s First Steps” the first short, where Groot is sitting in a cup, and will make his first steps. Groot stretching and squashing to get to the tree, as he feels he deserves more attention.

Photorealistic animation makes like a live-action film. In this short, the confrontation between standstill tree & Groot is really exciting.

The Little Guy, in second Short, he is being playful with tiny Aliens, but turns into attack by Aliens,

Trying to help the Aliens, Groot Smashed them with his Foot. The voice of Vin Diesel gives life to the animated Little Groot. 

Groot’s Pursuit”- in the third Short, Groot hears a haunting noise amongst the quadrant, and went to investigates

Groot finds shape-shifting alien, which leads to intense dance-off, the short is of course enticing for the audience.  

Groot Takes a Bath”: MCU impressively showcase the funny Groots. Here, he goes for bath and discovers magical mud

“Due to mud, leaves grow out of him and he tries different styles. When a funny creature makes laugh of him, Groot trims his hair and carries it around as a scarf . 

““Magnum Opus”- Groot blows up part of the Quadrant to draw the Guardian of the Galaxy  . 

Bradley Cooper appears as Rocket in latter half of the shorts and a funny exchange happens between them.