New York Declares Emergency


The Gov of the state of NY, Kathy Hochul has declared a statewide emergency .

It is so because, water samples tested in New York City and four adjacent counties found positive for poliovirus..

First polio case Confirmed in the United States in a decade, it could be just tip of the iceberg .

The polio victim is a guy who resides in Rockland County, New York, and is unvaccinated.

According to the health department, efforts are being made to increase immunisation rates from 79% to 90%..

According to The New York Times, a CDC laboratory examined sewage gathered in April in Orange County, which is close to Rockland, and discovered the polio virus .

Later, it was discovered in samples obtained directly from New York City..

More persons infected with polio are believed to exist in the state of New York, but they are most likely asymptomatic, according to health experts..