Panic Causing the End of Wiz Khalifa Concert Prematurely, and even three injured in the Stamped 


A Wiz Khalifa performance south of Indianapolis was interrupted by rumors of gunfire on Friday night,  

It was causing panic to the exits, due to which three injured 

Khalifa was compelled to end his performance early at Noblesville, Indiana's Ruoff Music Center. 

PC-Rolling Stone

With lawn and reserved seating, the Ruoff Music Center is an outdoor arena with an approximately 25,000-person capacity. 

Many people in the vast audience panicked as fans to the left of the stage started to flee for the exits.  

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office reported that three concertgoers were taken to the hospital with minor wounds. 

Since around early Saturday morning, it was still unclear what caused their injuries. Police were unable to locate a weapon at the venue.