Queen Elizabeth II has died


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Queen Elizabeth II, the United Kingdom's longest-serving monarch, has died at Balmoral 

She was 96 years old, and she ruled for 70 years.

It was a great sadness for her family, King Charles III said on the death of his beloved mother

The Queen came to the throne in 1952 and witnessed enormous social change.

Prince Charles will be as the new King and head of state for 14 Commonwealth realms. 

15 prime ministers served during her time in office, including Ms. Truss, who was born 101 years after Winston Churchill, in 1874.

The Queen was born Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor, in Mayfair, London, on 21 April 1926.

Elizabeth's father became King George VI and, at age 10, Lilibet, as she was known in the family, became heir to the throne. 

Britain was at war with Nazi Germany during that period. 

On that time, romance blossomed between Queen and her third cousin Philip. 

They got married at Westminster Abbey on 20 November 1947. 

However, Duke of Edinburgh, Philip had died on 2021, at the age of 99 years.

With their wed lock, their first son, Charles, was born in 1948, 

Then after Princess Anne, in 1950, was born  

Following by Prince Andrew, in 1960, come into this beautiful world.

Then after Prince Edward, in 1964, was born

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