R. Kelly victim testifies 20 years later about sexual abuse, she was 14 years of age when the abuse began.

Shockingly, he had already been questioned since 2008 & 2002 for allegedly involved in Child pornography.

Sex tape of (Jane & Kelly) had brought Kelly’s 2008 child pornography trial in state court. Surprisingly, the video had been leaked to the public in 2002, which became the centerpiece of the 2008 trial.

But at that time, she denied any allegation against the singer R. Kelly, which led the Court to acquit him.

The artist allegedly begged the girl's father for forgiveness during a meeting at a hotel in her hometown of Oak Park, which was organised by Derrel McDavid, Kelly's current co-defendant.

Shortly after the hotel encounter, Jane and her parents sent them to the Bahamas and Cancun, so that they can stay away from the Chicago media and law enforcement.

By Kelly’s orders, she persuaded her parents to support the artist, and lied to the Court.

On Thursday, she testified that she and her family lied to investigators and Grand Jury about Kelly was having Sex with the Jane

Jane detailed years of sexual abuse that reportedly persisted while the artist was on trial in state court for child pornography and started when she was 13 or 14.

Sex Tape of Jane and Kelly is the key evidence against Kelly and Co-defendants McDavid and former assistant Milton “June” Brown, who were accused in the scandal.

After 20 years, Jane, now 37 years old garnered courage, and brought Kelly to the Court.

Kelly was found guilty of racketeering and pornography charges in federal court