Steroid May Change The Shape of Brain  


As steroids "alter the shape of the brain," they may lead to depression. 

According to a significant study, steroids are associated with an increased risk of depression, fatigue, and other health issues. 

glucocorticoids  is frequently used to treat autoimmune and inflammatory skin conditions. 

However, a new study has discovered that glucocorticoids may actually alter the form and structure of a patient's brain 

Prolonged systemic glucocorticoid administration has been associated with potential long-term negative effects.  

Researchers from the Netherlands' Leiden University examined how systemic (via injection or pill) and inhaled glucocorticoids affected people over time. 

According to the results, those who use systemic steroids are also 90% more likely to experience tiredness and 76% more likely to have depressive symptoms. 

Glucocorticoids can significantly affect the mental health of the patients.