Vanished Kiely Rodni Found Near Last Location of Missing

The SUV was pulled from the water reservoir near the campground where Rodni vanished from about two weeks ago

However, the officials did not confirm still whether the car found belongs to Rodni.

According to “Adventures with Purpose”, a well-known YouTube site that helps with missing person investigations, discovered the car along with girl.

She was vanished on August 06, while she was driving home from a Party at Campground in Truckee.

The authorities spent weeks in searching the Kiely Rodni, but could not trace the exact location of her.

The authorities questioned their friends, boyfriends and other party attendees about any clue, but hardly get anything

Tate had total 4.7 million followers, 2 million of whom he acquired in the last 30 days.

Now she has been found in Prosser Creek Reservoir where Kiely Rodni was last seen