Why a Man was Arrested during Mecca Pilgrimage for Queen


A man who claimed to have travelled to the Muslim holy city of Mecca to do an Umrah Pilgrimage on behalf of the late Queen Elizabeth II  

Now Saudi officials has detained him for this as video clipping is circulating over social media around the Saudi Arabia    

The guy is a Yemeni national who posted a video recording of himself on social media on Monday while at the Grand Mosque in Mecca    

The place where he was recording the video is the most sacred place in Islam, which is forbidden to non-Muslims.    

Umrah pilgrimage is quite different hajj. While Umrah can be done at any time, hajj is allowed once in year.     

Umhrah pilgrimage is generally performed on behalf of only deceased Muslims.     

However, Queen was the supreme governor of the Church of England, an Anglican communion.     

The man has been detained and the legal measures were taken against him