Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II

William is thrust into the limelight as his father's heir upon the passing of the Queen.

With the passing of the queen, Prince William now holds the pressure-cooker position of heir to the British throne.

Like his father and grandmother before him, Prince William has jumped right into the traditional royal duty of supporting British interests abroad through public appearances, charitable endeavours, and ceremonies.

At a time when Britain's influence in its former colonies is continuing to wane and, in some cases, is being overtaken by a groundswell toward becoming republics, Prince William's popularity as the heir could be crucial for the royal family as it navigates the end of the widely respected Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

Charles will probably have to wait less time than his father to become king because he ascends to the throne at the age of 73.

Prince Charles may have completed the longest apprenticeship in history after waiting for 70 years, but in actuality, he won't reign for very long, predicted Duncan Larcombe, a former royal editor of Britain's the Sun newspaper.