The Jobpreneur101 is about chronicling life & works of all those, who chose NOT to confine themselves in a 9 to 5 Cubicle of Jobs.

You would agree, cubicles are mundane, non- creative and limiting your hidden talents for the most part and the growth comes to a halt through a crawling course.

From that stand point, everyone who Broke off the limiting walls and chose to embrace the uncertainty, deserve our sincere praises.

Some brainy on this planet tried to expand the JOB something like: “Just Obey Boss”. When the team jobpreneur101 carefully tried to decipher the life of a 9 to 5, it found a lot of value in the expanded form of the SAID acronym.

Sticking to Boss’s diktat and living the dream of Boss is the great irony, that you can never deny. More frustrating it gets when you have world changing ideas and an inner drive to fly, but it finds no place in the eyes of your Boss.

We do not criticize the job doers as it’s the most popular way to bring food on table but if you wish a life style for yourself and a life on your own terms, the Job falls miserably short of helping you.

So, the team Jobpreneur101 decided to dedicate the entire blog to the movers and shakers of this planet who opted to become master of their own.

In its ambit the blog encompasses an independent professional, consultant, Actor, freelancer and entrepreneur.

It pens down on the one who did something alongside the job (a side hustle) and made it really big in life.

The blog aims covering the one who started career with a job and turned to an entrepreneur eventually.

It covers on the top-notch professionals / Consultants who carved niche for them and left trails for other to follow.

We aim jotting down life and works of Poets, Authors, sportsmen, Actors, Industrialists Social reformers and the likes.

The awareness posts and News on diverse Industry where these inspirations work/worked for, would also form part of the blog.

Should you need approaching us at any point of time, please write at [email protected]

Stay Tuned!