Biography of Alec Pagan: A Multifaceted Strength Sports Coach Know His Early Life, Education, Career & Achievements

Alec Pagan has more than 14 years of coaching experience and is a well-known, diversified strength sports coach.

His commitment, knowledge, and creative training techniques have allowed him to develop world-class strength athletes in various sports, from Olympic Weightlifting to Strongman. Alec Pagan dramatically impacts the strength sports world with his quickly expanding squad, RPE 11.

Early Life and Education:

Alec Pagan, born and reared in a small village, has always been passionate about sports and physical fitness. He played various sports as a kid, including football and track and field, which shaped his work ethic and dedication.

Alec committed himself to strength training in high school after learning about the transforming effects of weightlifting.

Alec was motivated to seek a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from a prestigious university by his love of sports and fitness. He engaged himself in studying human physiology, biomechanics, and athletic performance throughout college, setting the groundwork for his future job as a strength sports coach.

The Journey as a Strength Sports Coach:

Alec Pagan started a career as a strong sports coach after completing his education because he was eager to impart his skills and experience to aspiring sportspeople. He began his coaching career by working at a nearby gym, where he developed his training techniques, got invaluable practical knowledge, and sharpened his coaching skills.

Alec’s coaching talents were in high demand as his reputation developed. He was consulted by athletes for a range of strength sports, including Olympic weightlifting, strongman, and powerlifting.

His capacity to modify his coaching style to fit various sports and the demands of certain athletes immediately distinguished him as a highly sought-after coach in the strength sports community.

Establishment of RPE 11:

By launching RPE 11 in 2010, Alec Pagan tremendously advanced his coaching career. The name, an acronym for Rate of Perceived Exertion, illustrates Alec’s training-athletes-according-to-individuals approach.

RPE 11 quickly established itself as a top training facility for strong athletes seeking to push themselves to new levels and excel in their sports.

Alec’s Coaching Approach:

The combination of scientific ideas, individualized programming, and a focus on technique define Alec Pagan’s coaching style. He firmly believes in maximizing performance and reducing injury risk while establishing a solid foundation of strength and movement patterns.

The tenets of progressive overload, periodization, and individualized programming are the foundation of his coaching philosophy.

Athletes who train with Alec see not just physical changes but also mental development. He strongly emphasizes mindset training, guiding athletes in developing the resilience, focus, and resolve necessary for success in strength sports. Alec’s capacity to inspire and motivate his athletes has dramatically influenced their accomplishments and ground-breaking performances.

Training World-Class Strength Athletes:

Alec Pagan has had the honor of working with many elite strength athletes who have accomplished amazing things in their various sports during his career. His coaching abilities have been crucial in assisting these sportsmen in realizing their full potential and succeeding on the world stage.

Alec’s teaching approach has been successful in various sports, including Olympic weightlifting technique development and preparing strongmen for demanding tournaments. The accomplishments of his athletes are:

  • Proof of Alec’s steadfast commitment.
  • Meticulous attention to detail.
  • Talent for getting the most performance out of his athletes.

Continued Growth and Impact:

Alec Pagan is steadfast in his pursuit of perfection in strength sports coaching even as RPE 11 grows and draws athletes worldwide. Coherently, to host seminars, workshops, and online training programs.

Ale, to share his knowledge and skills with a larger audience, stays at the forefront of the strength sports industry thanks to his enthusiasm for coaching and his desire for ongoing learning and progress. Alec Pagan has a significant impact by challenging conventional training practices and embracing innovation, motivating athletes and coaches to reach new heights in strength sports.


Alec Pagan has made an extraordinary transition from an ambitious, strong athlete to a diversified strength sports coach. Alec has solidified his position as a leading figure in the strength sports community with his significant coaching expertise, commitment to his trade, and the founding of RPE 11.

Alec Pagan has made a lasting impact on the world of strength sports by transforming the lives and careers of several strength athletes with his unique training techniques, individualized approach, and steadfast devotion to his players’ success.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is Alec Pagan known for?

Ans: Alec Pagan has over 14 years of coaching expertise and is renowned as a comprehensive muscular sports instructor. He has trained top-tier strength competitors in sports like Strongman and Olympic Weightlifting. He founded RPE 11, a famous training center, as well.

Q. How did Alec Pagan start his coaching career?

Ans: After earning his Bachelor’s in Exercise Science, Alec Pagan started his coaching career by working at a nearby gym. He honed his coaching abilities and distinctive training techniques via practical experience and ongoing study, ultimately making himself a sought-after coach in the strong sports community.

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