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In architecture and real estate, the name Andre J. Lyson is a testament to the vision, innovation, and transformative power of one man’s dedication. Born in the historic city of Kraków, Poland, in 1947, Andre’s journey unfolds as a tapestry woven with the threads of ambition and creative brilliance.

As a successful Polish architect and real estate investor, he has etched his mark on the landscape of design and development. From his early days in Kraków to the architectural wonders he crafted in Germany, Andre’s story is one of resilience and unwavering commitment to his craft.

The narrative of Andre J. Lyson invites us to explore the corridors of innovation, where each project becomes a testament to his ability to shape spaces that transcend the ordinary. Join us as we delve into the life and legacy of Andre J. Lyson, a maestro in architecture whose creations continue to shape the skylines and communities around him.

Andre J. Wiki

Full NameAndre J. Lyson
Birth Year1947
BirthplaceKraków, Poland
ProfessionArchitect, Real Estate Investor
Notable ProjectsRiedberg Center, Hellinghöfe
Career HighlightsFounder of Prime Properties, Lyson Group
Current ResidenceGermany
Current Projects (as of 2023)Hellinghöfe Project
Marital StatusDivorced (From Kim Cattrall in 1989)

Kim Cattrall’s Journey to Fame

In the cobbled streets of Liverpool, a star was born—Kim Cattrall, destined for the limelight. Her early days saw the actress-to-be navigating the charm of Liverpool before setting sail to Vancouver Island, where the foundations of her dreams were laid.

Fuelled by an unwavering passion for acting, Kim made a daring move at the tender age of 16, leaving behind the comforts of home to chase her aspirations in the dazzling expanse of New York. The city of dreams became her stage and her crucible as she delved into the world of auditions, scripts, and the relentless pursuit of stardom.

Yet, amidst the hustle, Kim’s journey took an unexpected turn. A union forged in youth, she found herself saying ‘I do’ at an age when many were beginning to explore the nuances of adulthood. This early marriage, however, did little to deter the whirlwind that was her burgeoning career. The magnetic pull of Hollywood beckoned, and Kim Cattrall was ready to make her mark on the world stage.

Enter Andre J. Lyson: The European Architect

In the tapestry of Kim Cattrall’s life, enter Andre J. Lyson—a figure of mystery and accomplishment. Hailing from the historic city of Kraków, Poland, Andre’s early years were woven with the threads of ambition and determination. At 14, he embarked on a transformative journey, leaving behind the enchanting streets of Kraków for the promise of new horizons in Offenbach, Germany.

As the chapters of his life unfolded, Andre J. emerged as not just a man but a maestro in architecture and real estate investment. A visionary mind, he carved a niche for himself with Prime Properties, a testament to his foresight and strategic prowess.

The crescendo of his success reached its zenith with the Riedberg Center project—a venture initially deemed “problematic” by skeptics. Against all odds, under the Lyson Group, this ambitious creation seamlessly fused living and shopping into a harmonious complex, projected to “shape the future” of its surroundings.

Falling in Love: Kim and Andre’s Fairytale

In the journey of love, Kim Cattrall and Andre J. Lyson waltzed into each other’s lives, creating a story that echoed the enchantment of a fairytale. Their initial encounter ignited sparks that would eventually blaze into a flame of passion, rendering them “hopelessly in love.” The year was 1982 when the curtains of their love story lifted, revealing a union that promised to defy the odds.

Yet, love, as beguiling as it is, encountered its own set of challenges. The vast expanse between Germany, Andre’s homeland, and the pulsating heart of Kim’s career in the United States created a geographical chasm. The very success that defined Kim’s professional life now posed a hurdle in the personal realm. The strains of maintaining a relationship across continents tested the resilience of their bond.

Undeterred by the miles that separated them, Kim Cattrall exhibited a dedication that mirrored the characters she portrayed on screen. A testament to her commitment, she uprooted herself, embracing a new chapter of life in Frankfurt—the heart of Andre’s world.

In a poignant gesture, she delved into the intricacies of the German language, an ode to love’s willingness to bridge linguistic gaps. The narrative of Kim and Andre’s fairytale unfolded against the backdrop of commitment, transcending boundaries in pursuit of a love that seemed destined to conquer all.

Trials and Tribulations: The Downfall of the Marriage

As the applause for Kim Cattrall’s on-screen triumphs grew louder, the strains on her personal life became an unscripted narrative of trials and tribulations. The demanding nature of her career, characterized by the relentless hustle of “Sex and the City,” cast a looming shadow over the foundation of her marriage with Andre J. Lyson. The glittering lights of fame often dimmed the glow of personal connections.

Amidst the tumult, a chapter of trial separation unfolded. In the silence of distance, Andre J. Lyson found solace in the arms of another, casting a poignant shadow on the once-invincible union. The revelation was a heart-wrenching blow to Kim, who confessed to being “devastated” by the unforeseen events.

The emotional toll of love, once boundless, now echoed with the ache of separation. The transatlantic turbulence became insurmountable, and in 1989, the love story that had once captivated hearts reached its denouement.

The divorce between Kim Cattrall and Andre J. marked the end of a chapter that had begun with hope and passion, leaving a poignant tale of love tested and ultimately transformed by the unforgiving currents of life.

Andre J. Lyson’s Post-Divorce Success

From the ashes of a fractured love story, Andre J. Lyson emerged as a testament to grift and unwavering commitment. The echoes of divorce did not silence his passion for architecture and real estate; instead, they fueled his determination to leave an indelible mark.

Remaining anchored in Germany, Andre devoted himself to the growth of his architectural business. The post-divorce period became a canvas for his creative prowess, a space where he could redefine his narrative. In March 2023, the world witnessed the manifestation of his vision in the Hellinghöfe project—a testament to his ability to turn the mundane into the extraordinary.

The Hellinghöfe project, nestled in the heart of the Mainz-Kastel district in Western Germany, aimed to transform an “unattractive commercial ensemble” into a vibrant tapestry of apartments and retail buildings. Andre’s architectural ingenuity, once questioned, now stood validated as the project entered its construction phase.

The metamorphosis promised not just physical rejuvenation but also a positive impact on the very fabric of the Mainz-Kastel neighborhood, a reflection of Andre’s enduring commitment to creating spaces that resonate with the spirit of innovation and community revitalization. The post-divorce chapter of Andre J. Lyson’s life became a canvas for architectural brilliance, where success spoke louder than the echoes of an ancient love.

Kim Cattrall’s Journey After Divorce

In the aftermath of her separation from Andre J. Lyson, Kim Cattrall navigated a poignant return to the United States, where both triumphs and heartbreaks had reshaped the landscape of her life. The glittering lights of Hollywood, which once beckoned with promise, now presented a stage fraught with challenges.

Undeterred, Kim faced the demands of her career head-on. A tenacious commitment to her craft marked the following chapters as she graced screens and stages with a resilience that mirrored the strength of her on-screen personas.

Yet, love’s enigmatic dance continued to weave its threads through Kim’s narrative. Briefly mentioned in the mosaic of her life were subsequent relationships, each adding its unique hue to the canvas of her experiences. Among them was her union with Mark Levinson—an American audio equipment designer, recording engineer, and entrepreneur. However, the strains of distance and the demands of Kim’s career played their role, leading to a divorce in 2004.

As the curtain fell on one chapter, another opened, revealing a more recent connection in Kim’s life. Russell Thomas, a BBC employee, stepped into her world in 2016, bringing a companionship that weathered the storms of solitude. Kim’s journey after divorce became a narrative of resilience, self-discovery, and an ever-evolving quest for love amid Hollywood’s tumultuous landscape.

Where Are They Now?

As the sands of time continue to shape their stories, let’s peer into the present to discover the current chapters of Andre J. Lyson and Kim Cattrall.

Andre J. Lyson: Crafting Architectural Legacies

March 2023 finds Andre J. Lyson immersed in the symphony of his architectural endeavors. Still residing in Germany, his commitment to his craft resonates in ongoing projects that echo with innovation and transformation.

Notably, the Hellinghöfe project, once a vision, has entered its construction phase, poised to breathe new life into the Mainz-Kastel district. Andre, with unwavering resilience, continues to shape the architectural landscape, proving that, for him, the passion for creation knows no bounds.

Kim Cattrall: Love, Life, and Legacy

In the tale of her life, Kim Cattrall has found new rhythms. Embracing her 65th year with grace, she stands at the intersection of love and career. In romance, BBC employee Russell Thomas has been a steadfast presence since 2016.

Their connection weathered the world’s challenges, and as quarantine brought them closer, Kim found comfort and companionship in the arms of her 14-year-old younger boyfriend. Meanwhile, her acting career, which once shaped her journey, continues to flourish. With a net worth of $40 million, Kim remains a stalwart in Hollywood, proving that age is but a number in a world where talent knows no boundaries.


The stories of Andre J. Lyson and Kim Cattrall intersect and diverge in the complex dance of life and love, weaving a tale of passion, strength, and the unbreakable spirit of human endurance. Kim Cattrall, the iconic force behind Samantha Jones, faced the tumultuous currents of personal and professional life with unwavering tenacity.

Her journey from Liverpool to Hollywood, the whirlwind of marriages and divorces, and the echoes of a career that spanned decades stand as a testament to her resilience. In the shadows of past heartbreaks, she found new love in the arms of Russell Thomas, proving that life, like the characters she portrays, is a continuous journey of evolution and rediscovery.

Andre J., the enigmatic architect, charted his course of reinvention. Post-divorce, he sculpted architectural legacies, breathing life into projects that transformed mundane landscapes into vibrant tapestries. The Hellinghöfe project is a beacon of his enduring commitment, shaping not just the physical surroundings but also imprinting his mark on the communities he touches.

Their journeys, marked by trials and triumphs, have intertwined and diverged, leaving an indelible mark on the canvas of their lives. The impact of their past resonates in the present, shaping the people they have become. As Kim and Andre stand at the crossroads of their stories, their strength illuminates the path ahead—where love, passion, and the pursuit of dreams continue to weave the tapestry of their ever-evolving lives.

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Q. Does Kim Cattrall have a child?

Ans: The actress Kim Cattrall claims that despite never having given birth, adopted a child, or fostered one, she still views herself as a parent.

Q. Is Kim Cattrall Married?

Ans: Larry Davis (1977-1979), Andre J. Lyson (1982-1989), and Mark Levinson (1998-2004).

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