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The melody of Brita Ingegerd Olaisson was a profound and poignant part of Gordon Lightfoot’s life’s symphony. Born on November 17, 1939, in the picturesque landscapes of Ontario, Canada, Brita emerged as the first movement in the love story that would shape the renowned songwriter’s narrative. Her union with Gordon Lightfoot, a musical luminary, transcended the ordinary, marking a chapter in the annals of personal triumph and tribulation.

This introduction unveils the enigmatic presence of Brita Ingegerd Olaisson, delving into the timeline of her existence and setting the stage for a deeper exploration into the intricacies of her connection with the iconic Gordon Lightfoot.

Brita Ingegerd Olaisson’s Wiki

BirthdateNovember 17, 1939
BirthplaceOntario, Canada
Marriage to Gordon LightfootApril 1963
Children with LightfootFred and Ingrid
Post-Divorce LifeGardening, cooking, antiques
PassingJune 8, 2005 (complications from a stroke)
Age at Passing69 years old
LegacyVibrant spirit, dedicated mother, lasting impact

The Love Story

The story of Brita Ingegerd Olaisson and Gordon Lightfoot’s love story began in 1962 when they happened to meet by chance. Their paths crossed at the beginning of Lightfoot’s rising career, and fate twisted its web. Beautiful and sensual, Brita was from the magical country of Sweden. Her rich cultural background gave their relationship a particular depth.

As a Swedish beauty, Brita brought her captivating exterior and a tapestry of traditions and stories that painted a vivid backdrop to their romance. Their love, nurtured in the vibrant neighborhood of Toronto, transcended geographical boundaries and resonated with the harmony of two souls finding each other amid the complexities of life.

Brita Ingegerd Olaisson

In April of 1963, against the backdrop of blooming spring, Brita Ingegerd Olaisson and Gordon Lightfoot embarked on a journey of matrimony. Their union was a testament to the romantic crescendo building since that fateful meeting in 1962. As vows were exchanged and promises made, the pages of their love story turned, encapsulating the essence of a connection that would later be immortalized in the poignant verses of Lightfoot’s compositions.

Challenges in Marriage

There was some dissonance in the love story of Brita Ingegerd Olaisson and Gordon Lightfoot as the first notes of marital bliss were struck. The eerie recurrence of Lightfoot’s frequent absences during their early marriage resulted from his rapidly advancing music career, which required him to perform on far-off stages. Their daily routine was upended, and a distant relationship’s stresses started reverberating through the hallways of their everyday life.

The crescendo of Lightfoot’s music career, though a symphony to the world, played a contrasting tune within the walls of their home. The demanding notes of tours and studio commitments took center stage, often leaving Brita to navigate the harmonies of family life alone. As the leading provider for their growing family, Lightfoot’s dedication to his craft created a dynamic where the melodies of his music overshadowed the domestic harmonies they had envisioned.

This melodic dissonance took an emotional toll on Brita Ingegerd Olaisson. The strains of loneliness and the weight of single-handedly shouldering the responsibilities of their children created a discordant backdrop. The bond they once shared faced the challenge of competing with the demands of Lightfoot’s career, leading to an intricate interplay of emotions that resonated within the heart of their relationship.

Troubled Times and Separation

Brita Ingegerd Olaisson and Gordon Lightfoot’s marriage became entangled in a discordant cadence amidst the melodic notes of their love. As Lightfoot struggled with the demands of his profession and found comfort in the discordant notes of drinking and adultery, the tensions became more apparent. Once their union was harmonious, temptation’s shadows cast a pall over it, and the lyrics of their relationship began to sound like the strains of a troubled melody.

Brita Ingegerd Olaisson

The nadir of their shared journey reached its crescendo during a poignant incident that etched itself into the annals of their history. Lightfoot’s temper flared to a crescendo in a moment of anger, leading him to unleash his frustration on an inanimate door. The sound of that impact echoed through the corridors of their shared life, symbolizing the fractures that had formed within the foundation of their marriage. The incident resonated with a profound realization—they had reached an impasse.

Despite Lightfoot’s earnest attempts to reconcile with Brita and salvage the fragments of their love, the strains proved insurmountable. The echoes of their failed reconciliation attempts reverberated through the spaces once filled with laughter and shared dreams. The painful decision to part ways became inevitable, and in 1973, the final notes of their marriage were played out in the sad chords of divorce.

Brita’s Life After Divorce

The echoes of divorce brought with them a new movement in Brita Ingegerd Olaisson’s life—a composition of resilience and determination. In the aftermath of their marital dissonance, the legal notes of the court ruling struck a chord that would redefine the dynamics of her existence.

Brita was awarded custody of their children, Fred and Ingrid, and received monthly support of $4,500 and a settlement of $150,000 for a new house. These financial arrangements provided a foundation for her to build a life beyond the echoes of her failed marriage.

Post-divorce, Brita dedicated herself to the unwavering melody of motherhood. Her focus remained steadfast on nurturing and providing for her two children, crafting a haven of stability amid the repercussions of change. Opting not to pursue romantic relationships, Brita chose the path of self-sufficiency, finding fulfillment in the harmonies of familial bonds rather than the complexities of romantic entanglements.

Her choice to forgo finding comfort in a new relationship clearly indicates her dedication to fostering harmony in her children’s upbringing. Brita’s life following her divorce was evidence of her tenacity and the intensity of her mother’s love. Her commitment to keeping her kids’ lives regular throughout the difficulties of being a single parent developed into the overriding theme throughout her post-divorce story.

Gordon Lightfoot’s Journey

Following the discordant notes that signified the dissolution of his union with Brita Ingegerd Olaisson, Gordon Lightfoot encountered a terrain of psychological turmoil. Their parting echoed through his heart’s chambers, leaving a sad, reflective melody. Following the divorce, Lightfoot wrote a moving chapter in his autobiographical works, evoking feelings that reverberated throughout the lyrics of his melancholic ballads.

Brita Ingegerd Olaisson

Undeterred by the echoes of heartache, Lightfoot embarked on a journey that saw him waltzing through the realms of remarriage. His second act of matrimony, with Elizabeth Moon in 1989, presented new challenges and harmonies.

The strains of relationships past lingered, and the melody of love played out against the backdrop of an evolving personal narrative. Elizabeth and Gordon welcomed Meredith Moon and Miles Lightfoot into their shared symphony, creating a familial ensemble that added new dimensions to Lightfoot’s life.

However, the journey of love needed to tread a smoother path for Lightfoot. The chords of separation struck again in 2011 as he and Elizabeth divorced, having been separated for nine years before the official split. The echoes of challenges and the tempo of life’s complexities continued to shape Lightfoot’s melody.

Brita’s Passing

Brita Ingegerd Olaisson created a life of understated beauty in the years that followed the echoes of divorce. Despite the strains of an unsuccessful marriage, she immersed herself in the gentle notes of her hobbies, which included cooking, gardening, and antique study. Brita defied the usual rhythms of aging, looking much younger than her 69 years of age, as evidence of her vibrant spirit.

Her dedication to her grandchildren painted a canvas of warmth and joy. Brita reveled in the role of a lively and reliable presence, sharing moments of laughter and wisdom with the younger generation. Her life post-divorce became a composition of resilience and fulfillment, centered around the harmonies of family and the simple pleasures she held dear.

On June 8, 2005, the melody of Brita’s life reached its final cadence. Complications from a stroke marked the end of her earthly symphony. The news of her passing resonated with a poignant chord, leaving an indelible impact on those who had known the vibrant woman with a heart full of love. Friends, family, and especially her grandchildren were left with the echoes of her lively spirit and the memories of a woman who had faced life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Gordon Lightfoot’s Legacy

Over six decades, Gordon Lightfoot’s legacy is revealed as a symphony of musical genius. His career in the music business is nothing short of legendary, having originated in Canada. Lightfoot is a Canadian country music Hall of Famer who has been nominated for five Grammy Awards and whose songs have been recorded by legendary artists, including Johnny Cash, Barbra Streisand, Jimmy Buffett, Neil Young, and Elvis Presley.

Beyond the glamorous façade, Lightfoot’s personal life added intricate layers to his artistic composition. His marriages beyond Brita Ingegerd Olaisson—Elizabeth Moon in 1989 and Kim Hasse in 2014—contributed to the complex melodies of his existence—the challenges faced in these relationships, including divorces and separations, cast shadows on his lyrical canvas.

Lightfoot’s tribulations, including the impact of his drinking and infidelity, found resonance in the poignant verses of his songs, creating an intimate connection between his life and his music.


The lasting influence of Brita Ingegerd Olaisson is a poignant refrain in the larger picture of Gordon Lightfoot‘s life, a melody that shaped the rhythm of his symphony. Brita’s presence reverberated in the chords of Lightfoot’s love and loss, from their spellbinding meeting in 1962 to the strains that ultimately led to their separation. The intricacies of love and relationships become significant themes in the ballad of their shared life as we follow the harmonies of their journey.

With her Swedish beauty and steadfast dedication, Brita played a role in transcending the confines of a mere marriage. She became a muse, an inspiration, and a chapter in Lightfoot’s musical odyssey. The challenges faced and the eventual separation etched a bittersweet melody into their shared history—a narrative of love, loss, and the indomitable spirit of the human heart.

The enduring impact of Brita Ingegerd Olaisson becomes a testament to the profound influence one person can have on the composition of another’s life. The complexities of their love story echo the universal truths of relationships—moments of harmony interwoven with dissonance and the ever-present ebb and flow of emotions.

In the final notes of this reflection, we acknowledge Brita Ingegerd Olaisson not just as a character in Lightfoot’s ballad but as a woman who, in her own right, contributed to the rich mosaic of his existence. Though no longer tangible, her presence lingers in the spaces between the verses, reminding us of the intricate dance of love and the melodies that endure even when the music fades.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Where was Gordon Lightfoot buried?

Ans: Lightfoot was buried beside his parents at St. Andrew’s and St. Paul’s Cemetery after a private funeral service at St. Paul’s United Church on May 8, 2023.

Q. What caused Gordon Lightfoot’s death?

Ans: He died of natural causes.  

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