Clary Fisher, Ex-wife of Simon Konecki: Know Her Age, Early Life, Childhood, Education, Career, Children & Net Worth

Clary Fisher is a name strongly linked with the chaotic romance between Simon Konecki and the number-one singer Adele. She first came to public attention as the ex-wife of British charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki, whose marriage to Adele captured the interest of the general public.

Beyond the high-profile relationships, Clary Fisher is not just a figure in a celebrity saga; she stands as a prominent figure in the fashion industry. Her work as a fashion stylist is like a creatively painted canvas embellished with the elements of her vision.

But intertwined with her career success are the fascinating facets of her private life, revealing a story that goes beyond celebrity to explore the depths of love, heartache, and flexibility. Come along as we peel back the layers of Clary Fisher’s life to reveal the mystery hiding behind the glitzy exterior of fashion awards and celebrity affiliations.

Clary’s Wiki

Full NameClary Fisher
OccupationFashion Stylist and Designer
Birth MonthFebruary
BirthplaceHove, East Sussex, England
EthnicityMixed British
EducationLondon College of Fashion, University of Arts, London
First MarriageSimon Konecki (married in 2004, divorced in 2010)
ChildrenTwo daughters (Georgie from first marriage, second child from second marriage)
Second MarriagePaul Collicutt (Illustrator and Storyboard Artist)
Net WorthEstimated $50,000 to $1 million (Fashion Stylist average salary)
Social MediaInstagram (approx. 348 followers)
Career HighlightsFashion styling for TV shows, music bands, and fashion shows
Social Media PresenceShares occasional glimpses of personal and professional life on Instagram
Notable RelationshipsSimon Konecki (first husband), Adele (Simon’s subsequent wife)

Early Life and Privacy

Clary Fisher

Even though Clary Fisher is an expert in her field, little is known about her personal life. She has a strong commitment to privacy, which casts doubt on the information that most celebrities are willing to divulge. As opposed to the glamorous attraction of the spotlight, Clary has opted to walk the fame corridors discreetly, protecting the privacy of her personal space.

Born in the heart of February, Clary hails from Hove, a coastal town that witnessed the subtle beginnings of a woman destined for more than just the ordinary. Her mixed British ethnicity adds a layer of diversity to her identity, further enriching the tapestry of her life.

Despite the curiosity that surrounds public figures, Clary Fisher remains a mystery when it comes to family details and background. Her guarded approach to these aspects of her life leaves fans and followers with only fragments to piece together.

The absence of information about her parents’ names, siblings, and early upbringing adds an intriguing allure to Clary’s narrative, making her a rare gem in a world where transparency is often sacrificed for public consumption.

In this era of oversharing, Clary’s dedication to keeping her roots hidden becomes a testament to the value she places on privacy. The only known facts—a birth in February, a childhood in Hove, mixed ethnicity, and British nationality—serve as breadcrumbs in the labyrinth of her life, enticing us to explore the depths of her story.

Education and Career

Clary Fisher

Clary Fisher’s journey into the world of fashion unfolded against the backdrop of esteemed institutions. Her educational odyssey began at the prestigious London College of Fashion, where she honed her skills and laid the foundation for a future as a style maven. Subsequently, she continued her pursuit of sartorial excellence at the University of Arts, London, earning a degree in fashion design.

Armed with a formidable education, Clary emerged not just as a fashion enthusiast but as a curator of style, with an innate ability to harmonize details and colours in a way that transcends the ordinary. Her eye for intricacies and colour matching sets her apart in a realm where precision is paramount. Whether dressing celebrities for TV programs, music bands, or fashion shows, Clary’s creations are a testament to her artistic finesse.

Beyond the glamour of runways and red carpets, Clary Fisher extends her influence into realms of holistic living. A practitioner of yoga, she weaves mindfulness into the fabric of her lifestyle, finding balance amidst the whirlwind of her career.

Notably, Clary champions environmental sustainability, infusing her ethos into the tapestry of her professional endeavours. In a world where fashion is often criticized for its ecological footprint, Clary’s commitment to sustainability becomes a noteworthy chapter in her narrative, adding depth to the persona of this multifaceted stylist.

Marital Journey with Simon Konecki

Clary Fisher

The origins of Clary Fisher’s love story can be found in a childhood bond that developed into a close friendship. Clary and Simon were born and raised in the same neighbourhood in the quaint English city of Hove in East Sussex. They were also surrounded by a group of friends who helped them form a bond that would last a lifetime.

The echoes of their enduring friendship materialized into vows of matrimony in the summer of 2004. Clary Fisher and Simon Konecki, the CEO of Drop4Drop and a successful businessman, embarked on a journey that initially mirrored the perfect love story. The union was blessed with the arrival of their first child in 2006, a daughter named Georgie, a testament to the joyous moments that graced the early years of their marriage.

However, the fairytale took an unforeseen turn as Simon’s career path led him away from the city, delving into the world of business and philanthropy. The challenges of frequent moves and the demands of his burgeoning career created fissures in their relationship. Whispers of rumours circulated, linking Simon to the Grammy-winning singer Adele.

The proximity of his business dealings with Adele, coupled with the strain on their family time, became the crucible that tested the strength of Clary and Simon’s bond. The narrative became tinged with complexities, mirroring the intricate nature of love, ambition, and the unavoidable gaze of public scrutiny.

Divorce and Second Marriage

The echoes of love that once resonated through Clary Fisher’s marriage with Simon Konecki faded into the background, eventually culminating in the sombre notes of separation in 2010. The year marked the unravelling of the once unbreakable bond, as the strains of Simon’s burgeoning career and the whispers of rumoured connections cast shadows over their union.

In the aftermath of the marital dissolution, Clary emerged not as a victim of circumstance but as a beacon of resilience. Choosing to navigate the intricate landscape of love once again, she found solace in the arms of Paul Collicutt, an illustrator and storyboard artist. The details of their courtship remain veiled, a testament to Clary’s guarded approach to her personal life.

Family and Children

Clary Fisher

Nestled within the chapters of Clary Fisher’s life are the tender tales of motherhood, woven with threads from two distinct unions. Her firstborn, a daughter named Georgie, arrived in 2006 during her marriage to Simon Konecki.

The identity of this teenage daughter remains a well-guarded secret, a testament to Clary’s commitment to shielding her loved ones from the prying eyes of the public. From her second marriage to Paul Collicutt, Clary welcomed a second daughter, whose name remains a cherished mystery.

In the delicate dance of co-parenting, Clary Fisher gracefully navigates the complexities of raising children from different chapters of her life. Despite the shadows of past relationships, she endeavours to cultivate strong and nurturing connections with both of her daughters. The privacy surrounding their identities serves as a shield, preserving the innocence and autonomy of her children amidst the tumultuous currents of fame.

Occasionally, Clary offers fleeting glimpses into her family life through the digital windows of social media. With deliberate selectivity, she shares snippets of moments that capture the essence of her bond with her daughters and her second husband, Paul Collicutt. These curated peeks into her world provide a rare and curated mosaic of family warmth, a testament to Clary’s delicate balance between public fascination and the sanctuary of her private life.

Career Achievements

Clary Fisher

Clary Fisher’s journey in the realm of fashion is not merely a vocation; it is an odyssey of creativity and style. As a seasoned fashion stylist, she has carved a niche for herself in an industry that demands innovation and flair. From TV programs to music bands and fashion shows, Clary’s touch transforms ordinary moments into visual spectacles. Her success lies not just in the garments she chooses but in the stories she weaves with every thread.

The tapestry of Clary’s career is adorned with collaborations that resonate with musical notes and cultural beats. Her artistic fingerprint can be traced through partnerships with notable musicians, each collaboration a testament to her ability to capture and complement the essence of diverse genres.

On the digital canvas of Instagram, Clary unfurls her creative displays, showcasing her designs and stylistic endeavours. Her profile is a curated gallery where each post is a brushstroke, contributing to the vibrant portrait of her artistic prowess.

The echo of success reverberates in the financial realm of Clary Fisher’s career. As a fashion stylist, her income transcends the conventional boundaries, with estimates placing her net worth in the realm of hundreds of thousands of dollars. This impressive financial stature positions her as not just a trendsetter but as a businesswoman whose acumen navigates the intersection of creativity and commerce.

Social Media Presence

Clary Fisher

Clary Fisher’s digital footprint is defined by exclusivity, with Instagram being her sole canvas for sharing glimpses of her life. In the vast landscape of social media platforms, she has chosen the curated intimacy of Instagram, creating a space where authenticity meets aesthetic finesse. Despite the allure of other platforms, Clary’s deliberate choice underscores her preference for a more controlled narrative.

Within the confines of her Instagram haven, Clary shares a mosaic of content that blurs the lines between the personal and the professional. Her follower count, though modest in comparison to the colossal numbers of social media influencers, stands as a testament to the discerning audience who seeks a genuine connection with her.

Insights into her personal life, occasional family snapshots, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into her professional endeavours paint a multifaceted portrait of Clary Fisher. Her posts are not mere snapshots; they are carefully curated chapters that invite followers into the nuanced tapestry of her world, striking a balance between the allure of celebrity and the authenticity of a private individual.

Comparison with Adele and Simon’s Relationship

While Clary Fisher’s narrative unfolds against the backdrop of her own intricate love story, it is impossible to overlook the parallel chapters that Adele and Simon Konecki penned. Adele, the globally renowned songstress, and Simon’s union began in 2011, a connection initiated through the chords of mutual acquaintances, notably English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran.

Their relationship, marked by a secret wedding in 2016, embraced both triumphs and tribulations, ultimately concluding in a publicized separation in 2019.

In a world where celebrity love stories often defy the conventions of the time, Clary’s four-year marriage to Simon Konecki stands as a brief yet impactful chapter in the book of celebrity relationships. As statistics suggest a 40% chance of celebrity divorces within a decade, Clary’s journey takes a distinctive turn, offering a narrative that challenges the norm.

Her almost ephemeral love story prompts reflection on the fleeting nature of relationships in the public eye, questioning the intricacies that define the intersection between fame, love, and the complexities that lie within.

Simon Konecki

British philanthropist and former investment banker Simon Konecki is most known for his relationship with Grammy-winning singer Adele. Konecki was born in New York on April 17, 1974, but he lived his early years in London, where he attended school and eventually started working in finance.

Clary Fisher

As part of his professional background, Konecki worked in investment banking, where he was successful and picked up useful experience in the banking industry. But in due course, he made the move into the realm of philanthropy, exhibiting an unwavering dedication to improving society.

When Konecki and Adele’s relationship was made public in 2012, it garnered a lot of media attention. Despite Adele’s enormous fame as a chart-topping artist, Konecki kept a low profile, and the couple’s private life stayed mostly hidden from the public eye.

In addition to his private life, Konecki is well-known for his charitable work. In order to help underdeveloped nations have access to clean water, he co-founded the nonprofit organization Drop4Drop. Konecki has committed himself to resolving global water issues and enhancing the lives of those in need through his work with Drop4Drop.

After spending several years together, Konecki and Adele were rumoured to have split up in 2019. They have an amicable relationship and have remained committed to co-parenting their son even after their romantic relationship ended.


Clary Fisher, once a private individual in the enigmatic city of Hove, has traversed a transformative journey that transcends the boundaries of privacy. From the quiet streets of her childhood to the glimmering runways of the fashion world, she has evolved into a global fashion icon, leaving an indelible mark on the industry she navigates with grace and creativity.

As we close the curtain on this glimpse into Clary’s life, the story remains open-ended, a canvas that continues to absorb the strokes of her experiences. The tale of her loves, losses, and triumphs are but a snapshot, and the chapters that await are yet to be written.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who is Clary Fisher?

Ans: Clary Fisher is a renowned fashion stylist and designer, widely recognized as the ex-wife of British charity entrepreneur Simon Konecki.

Q. How did Clary and Simon Konecki meet?

Ans: Clary and Simon grew up as childhood neighbours in Hove, East Sussex, England, and their friendship evolved into a romantic relationship.

Q. When did Clary and Simon get married, and how long were they married?

Ans: Clary and Simon married in the summer of 2004 and were together for approximately six years before divorcing in 2010

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