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The McCoy family is a testament to triumph and tragedy, weaving a compelling narrative that has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. At its heart, this family’s story is one of talent, ambition, and resilience, featuring David Ray McCoy as its patriarch and two remarkably accomplished children, LisaRaye McCoy and Da Brat.

In a world where fame often intertwines with misfortune, the McCoy family’s journey is a captivating tale worth exploring. This narrative highlights the individual achievements of LisaRaye McCoy and Da Brat and delves into the tragic events surrounding their father, David Ray McCoy.

Join us as we delve into the lives of these remarkable individuals, tracing their paths through the ever-evolving landscape of the entertainment industry and the adversities they faced along the way.

David Ray McCoy Wiki

NameDavid Ray McCoy
Date of Birth6 March 1935
Famous asLisaRaye McCoy’s father, Da Brat’s father
ChildrenDa Brat and LisaRaye McCoy
Died13 November 1988 (aged 53)
BirthplaceHenleyfield, Pearl River, Mississippi, USA
ParentsJesse McCoy and Violee Byrd McCoy
CareerOwner of several hotels and nightclubs
FamilyDaughter Da Brat with Nadine Brewer
Family (continued)Daughter LisaRaye McCoy with Katie McCoy
Marital StatusDavid and Beverly Calloway, never married
LegacyChildren Da Brat and LisaRaye McCoy’s success
Tragic DeathKilled in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, USA
CircumstancesMurdered by girlfriend Sheila Daniels and her brother Tyrone
Reason for MurderArgument over a high electric bill

David Ray McCoy – A Life Cut Short

Early Life and Mississippi Roots

The story of David Ray McCoy begins in Henleyfield, Pearl River, Mississippi, where he was born in 1935. Growing up in the heart of the Deep South, David’s early years were shaped by the cultural tapestry of Mississippi. Though his upbringing may not have foreshadowed the significant role he would later play in his children’s lives, his roots were deeply embedded in the rich Southern traditions of the region.

The Rise of a Businessman

David Ray McCoy’s journey took an unexpected turn as he ventured into the business world. With an entrepreneurial spirit, he became a prominent figure in hospitality and entertainment. McCoy’s business ventures included ownership of several hotels and nightclubs, showcasing his insight into the competitive industry. This phase of his life laid the foundation for the prosperity of his family and contributed to their financial stability.

A Family’s Ties

The family was at the core of David Ray McCoy’s life. He was the proud father of two accomplished children: LisaRaye McCoy and Da Brat. LisaRaye, best known for her role as Diamond in “The Players Club” and her contributions to the fashion industry, and Da Brat, a platinum-selling rapper and actress, shared a deep bond with their father. Despite challenges in their family dynamics, David’s support and guidance played a pivotal role in the success of LisaRaye and Da Brat.

Tragedy Strikes

David Ray McCoy

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the life of David Ray McCoy was cut short by a tragedy that shook his family and the community. In 1988, on a fateful November day in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, David Ray McCoy’s life took a horrifying turn. He was found brutally killed, his body riddled with gunshot wounds, in the back seat of his Cadillac. The shocking circumstances surrounding his death sent shockwaves through those who knew him.

The Dark Story Unfolds

The investigation into David Ray McCoy’s murder revealed a distressing narrative. It was discovered that the perpetrators of this heinous act were his girlfriend, Sheila Daniels, and her brother, Tyrone. Sheila Daniels was sentenced to 80 years in prison, while her brother Tyrone received a 60-year sentence. The motive behind this gruesome act was, incredibly, a dispute over a high electric bill, further underscoring the unpredictability of life’s tragedies.

The disturbing details surrounding David Ray McCoy’s murder and the subsequent legal proceedings cast a long shadow over the McCoy family. It is a stark reminder of how life can take unexpected and tragic turns, even for individuals who have achieved considerable success and recognition in their respective fields.

LisaRaye McCoy – Rising Star and Fashion Mogul

Introducing LisaRaye McCoy

LisaRaye McCoy, an iconic figure in the world of entertainment, embarked on her journey in the spotlight with remarkable talent and resilience. Born into the McCoy family, her father, David Ray McCoy’s legacy, cast a long shadow that she was determined to leave. LisaRaye’s story is a testament to her ability to transcend expectations and create a name for herself in the fiercely competitive entertainment industry.

The Breakthrough Role: Diamond in “The Players Club”

LisaRaye McCoy’s rise to stardom was ignited by her unforgettable portrayal of Diamond in the 1998 film “The Players Club.” Directed by Ice Cube, the film introduced her to a broader audience and cemented her status as a rising star. Her compelling performance in this cult classic garnered her recognition and acclaim in entertainment.

A Versatile Career in Film and Television

Beyond her breakthrough role, LisaRaye continued to make her mark on the entertainment scene with various projects. Her acting talents graced both the big screen and the television screen. She contributed to projects like “The Wood” and was a pivotal part of the cast in the TV series “All of Us.”

Venturing into the Fashion Industry

LisaRaye McCoy’s artistic flair extended beyond acting and into the fashion world. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to create her fashion lines, including “Luxe & Romance.” Her lingerie line debuted during New York’s prestigious Fashion Week, showcasing her vision for modern, empowered women.

Collaboration with PZI Jeans

LisaRaye’s influence in the fashion industry extended to a groundbreaking collaboration with PZI Jeans. This collaboration highlighted her fashion-forward approach and emphasized her commitment to designing clothing that celebrated women’s bodies in all their diversity.

Community Engagement and Leadership

LisaRaye McCoy’s impact went beyond her career achievements. She actively participated in community events and took on leadership roles, exemplified by her position as Ambassador/Grand Marshal for the 70th Magic City Classic parade and football game in Birmingham, Alabama. Her commitment to her community was not only a testament to her talent but also her character.

Da Brat – The Platinum-Selling Rapper and Actress

Embarking on a Hip-Hop Odyssey

Da Brat, born Shawntae Harris, emerged as a dynamic force in the music industry with an unwavering passion for hip-hop. Her journey as a professional rapper took her through a remarkable odyssey, characterized by her distinct style, lyrical prowess, and a determination to make her mark in a male-dominated genre.

Debut Album “Funkdafied” – A Game Changer

Da Brat’s entrance into hip-hop was nothing short of groundbreaking. Her debut album, “Funkdafied,” released in 1994, instantly catapulted her to stardom. The album achieved a remarkable feat – it sold one million copies, securing Da Brat’s status as the first female solo rap artist to receive platinum certification. She became only the second female rap act, solo or group, to reach this milestone, following in the footsteps of Salt-N-Pepa.

Chart-Topping Hits and Musical Brilliance

Da Brat’s career was punctuated by chart-topping hits that left an indelible mark on the rap scene. Tracks like “Funkdafied” and “Not Tonight” became anthems of their era, showcasing her lyrical dexterity and musical brilliance. Her contribution to “I Think They Like Me,” a remix of Mariah Carey’s “Loverboy,” and “In Love wit Chu” further solidified her place in the music industry.

A Versatile Star in the Entertainment World

Da Brat’s talent transcended the boundaries of music and extended into the world of television. She ventured into acting and made notable appearances in TV shows, proving her versatility as an entertainer. Her presence in shows like “Brat Loves Judy” and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” demonstrated her adaptability and ability to shine in diverse aspects of the entertainment world.

Reality TV and Beyond

Da Brat’s foray into reality TV with shows like “Brat Loves Judy” and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” showcased her personal life and gave fans an intimate glimpse into her world. These appearances allowed her to connect with audiences more personally while maintaining her presence in the entertainment industry.

The Legal Battle and Trial of Tyrone Daniels

Unraveling the Legal Maze

In the wake of the tragic murder of David Ray McCoy, the legal system swung into action to unravel the complex web of events surrounding this shocking crime. The accused, Tyrone Daniels, faced a series of serious charges, and the ensuing legal battle would determine his fate. Pursuing justice hinged on meticulous legal proceedings, ensuring that all involved parties received a fair and impartial trial.

Charges Laid and Evidence Presented

Tyrone Daniels found himself at the center of a high-stakes legal battle, facing multiple charges related to the murder of David Ray McCoy. These charges included first-degree murder, armed robbery, and concealment of a homicidal death. The evidence presented during the trial was critical in building the case against him.

During the trial, key evidence included the testimony of Michael Cummings, the Chicago police detective assigned to investigate McCoy’s murder. Cummings provided crucial information linking Sheila Daniels and Tyrone Daniels to the crime. Sheila Daniels, Tyrone’s sister, and David Ray McCoy’s girlfriend, had told the police that Tyrone was the one responsible for McCoy’s murder. Additionally, Tyrone led the police to crucial evidence, which further implicated him in the crime.

The medical examiner, Dr. Mitra Kalelkar, testified about the nature of McCoy’s injuries, shedding light on the sequence of events that took place during the murder. Her expert testimony was instrumental in understanding the circumstances surrounding McCoy’s death.

The Role of Effective Legal Representation

Tyrone Daniels’ trial hinged on the principle of receiving a fair and unbiased legal process. His defense was allowed to challenge the evidence presented by the prosecution, cross-examine witnesses, and advocate for his rights. Effective legal representation was vital in ensuring that the accused received a just trial, as guaranteed by the legal system.

Tyrone’s attorney played a pivotal role in navigating the complexities of the case. The defense counsel was responsible for presenting Tyrone’s side of the story, challenging the prosecution’s evidence, and advocating for his client’s rights throughout the trial. The ability of the defense to provide competent legal representation was essential in upholding the principles of justice.

The legal battle and trial of Tyrone Daniels exemplified the intricate interplay of evidence, legal representation, and the pursuit of justice in the aftermath of a tragic crime. The outcome of this trial would ultimately determine the fate of a man accused of playing a role in the shocking murder of David Ray McCoy, emphasizing the significance of a fair and impartial legal process.


David Ray McCoy

The life of David Ray McCoy cut tragically short, serves as a poignant reminder of the unpredictability of fate. Born in Mississippi in 1935, David Ray McCoy ventured into the business world, becoming the owner of hotels and nightclubs. He was a devoted father to his two accomplished children, LisaRaye McCoy and Da Brat. However, his life took a horrifying turn when he met an untimely demise in 1988, victim to a shocking murder involving his girlfriend Sheila Daniels and her brother Tyrone.

In stark contrast to this tragedy, the bright lights of the entertainment industry have shone upon David’s children, LisaRaye McCoy and Da Brat. LisaRaye’s journey from her breakthrough role as Diamond in “The Players Club” to her flourishing fashion ventures with “Luxe & Romance” and “Xraye,” as well as her collaboration with PZI Jeans, underscores her remarkable success as an actress and fashion mogul. Her active involvement in community events, such as her role as Ambassador/Grand Marshal for the Magic City Classic parade, reflects her commitment to making a positive impact beyond her career.

Da Brat’s emergence as a platinum-selling rapper and her dynamic career is a testament to her musical brilliance. Her debut album, “Funkdafied,” and chart-topping hits like “Funkdafied” and “Not Tonight” catapulted her to stardom, solidifying her status in the hip-hop world. Beyond music, her presence in TV shows and reality TV, including “Brat Loves Judy” and “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” demonstrates her versatility as an entertainer.

Amidst the achievements of LisaRaye and Da Brat, the legal battle and trial of Tyrone Daniels stands as a testament to the importance of effective legal representation. Tyrone faced severe charges related to David Ray McCoy’s murder, and the legal proceedings were crucial in ensuring that justice was served. The trial underscored the significance of upholding the principles of justice and providing a fair and unbiased legal process to all individuals involved.

In the tragic narrative of David Ray McCoy’s life and untimely death, the successes of LisaRaye McCoy and Da Brat shine brightly, demonstrating resilience, talent, and determination. The legal proceedings surrounding the murder case serve as a sobering reminder of the crucial role of effective legal representation in upholding justice and ensuring a fair legal process for all.

The legacy of David Ray McCoy lives on not only in the hearts of his children but also in the ongoing pursuit of justice and the enduring impact of his family in the entertainment world.

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