DFO Full Form- Who can Become DFO Officer?

DFO Full Form: In this article, we will learn about DFO in detail. In this post, I will tell you what DFO is? DFO Full Form in Hindi, what are the functions of DFO? How to become a DFO? What should be the qualification to become a DFO?, etc. I am going to answer the questions related to DFO, so you must read our article till the end.

DFO Full Form in Hindi

DFO का full form “Divisional Forest Officer (डिविशनल फॉरेस्ट ऑफिसर) ” होता है। हिंदी में डीएफओ को प्रभागीय वन अधिकारी भी कहते है। DFO भारतीय वन सेवा का बहुत ही जिम्मेदारी वाला पद है। डीएफओ को कई राज्यों में DCF भी कहा जाता है।

DCF का फुल फॉर्म  Deputy Conservator of Forest (उप वन संरक्षक ) होता है।

Significant Information about DFO

Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) or Deputy Conservator of Forests are both the same post. When an IFS officer gets this post, then he is called Deputy Conservator of Forests. Divisional Forest Officer is also known as Management of Natural Resources. The Divisional Forest Officer is mainly responsible for conserving the forest resources and the animals present in the forest. Besides, it is also the responsibility of the DFO to lead and control the employees working in the Forest Division.

The Divisional Forest Officer plays an important role in managing any environmental work related to wildlife conservation. The grade of DFO and DCF officers is equal to that of the Superintendent of Police and District Magistrate of the district.

Just as the Superintendent of Police is responsible for maintaining law and order in the district and maintaining peace, similarly, the Divisional Forest Officers are responsible for preserving the forests and wildlife. Apart from this, the responsibility of the Divisional Forest Officer increases even more if the forest area is large and most of the tribes depend on the forests.

Responsibilities and Duties of DFO Officer

A Divisional Forest Officer is vested with powers under the Indian Forest Act 1927. Under this, a DFO officer can also take strict steps. Following are the functions of DFO, which are as follows

(a) The DFO officer can take action against any person in his forest division for not following the Forest Act and can also confiscate the vehicles. The DFO officer also works to prevent crime against wildlife.

DFO also works to prevent the illegal cutting of trees in its forest division and protect forest wealth.

(b) The DFO is a member of the District Level Committee under the Forest Act. He also responsibly monitors the transfer process of forest land to government departments.

(c) The DFO can also pronounce a decision on a case under the Forest Act as a quasi-judicial officer, and this decision can be challenged only in the Court of Session.

(d) If a person keeps illegal things related to forest produce in his house, then the DFO can also issue a search warrant against that person.

(e) The DFO can also issue transit permits for carrying wild material from its forest division.

(f) If any person is harmed by wild animals, then, in that case, DFO can also release the amount of compensation.

This is the main function of the DFO. Apart from this, there are many other responsibilities of the DFO.

How to become a Divisional Forest Officer?

To become a Divisional Forest Officer, you have to appear in the IFS exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The IFS exam is conducted in three phases, out of which the first two phases are written, and the last phase is of interview. The candidates who succeed in all three stages are given training for two years. After completing the training, you become an IFS officer. After that, you can become an officer in the forest department.

What are the Eligibility Criteria to become a Forest Officer?

(a) To become a forest officer, you have to pass class XII from the science stream. After that, you have to complete graduation.

(b) To become a forest officer, the candidate’s age should be in between 21-30 years. Apart from this, there is an age relaxation of five years for the reserved category ST / SC and three years for OBC and other categories.

Concluding Words on DFO Full Form

DFO is a very responsible post. You have to work hard to become an officer in this post.

In this article, we have given you detailed information related to DFO, including DFO Full Form, the functions of DFO, and how to become a DFO officer. After reading this article, I hope you must have got the answers to the questions related to Divisional Forest Officer (DFO).

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