George Foreman Spouse: Martial Journey of Foreman, Adrienne Calhoun, Cynthia Lewis, Sharon Goodson, Andrea Skeete, Mary J. Martelly

George Foreman, a legendary boxer known for his remarkable record of 76 wins and 5 losses, has not only made a name for himself in the sporting world but has also garnered attention for his complex marital history. Having been married five times to four different women, Foreman’s journey through matrimony is as captivating as his time in the ring.

Aside from his boxing achievements, George Foreman’s personal life has been a subject of significant interest due to his multiple marriages. These unions have shed light on various aspects of his character and fueled public curiosity about his relationships.

Foreman’s marital journey introduces us to five remarkable women who played pivotal roles in his life. Let’s take a closer look at each of George Foreman Spouse:

Adrienne CalhounGeorge Jr., Michi
Cynthia LewisGeorge III
Sharon GoodsonNone
Andrea SkeeteGeorge IV, Freeda
Mary J. MartellyGeorge V, VI, Leola, Natalie, Isabella

Adrienne Calhoun (George Foreman Spouse)

Adrienne Calhoun

Foreman’s first foray into marriage was with Adrienne Calhoun. They met on a blind date in 1970 and tied the knot in 1971. Although they were blessed with two children, George Jr. and Michi, their marriage came to an end in 1974.

Cynthia Lewis (George Foreman Wife)

Cynthia Lewis

Following his first divorce, Foreman married Cynthia Lewis, a singer, in 1977. They welcomed a son, George III, before parting ways in 1979.

Sharon Goodson (George Forman’s Spouse)

Sharon Goodson

In 1981, Foreman married Sharon Goodson, a model. Unfortunately, their marriage lasted only a year, and they did not have children together.

Andrea Skeete (George Foreman’s Wife)

In 1982, Foreman tied the knot with Andrea Skeete, a Jamaican woman. They became parents to two children, George IV and Freeda. Tragically, Freeda passed away in 2019 at the age of 42. Their marriage concluded in 1985.

Mary J. Martelly (George Foreman Spouse)

Mary Joan Martelly is George Foreman’s fifth and current spouse. They got married in 1985 and have remained together ever since. With Mary, George has fathered five children. Mary also has three stepdaughters and two stepsons from George’s previous marriages. Additionally, George has two adopted daughters.

Interestingly, all of his sons have been named “George Edward Foreman.” Mary and George have appeared on a reality show dedicated exclusively to George’s life and have actively volunteered for campaigns raising awareness about pediatric AIDS diagnosis. They have made significant contributions to the cause in Houston and St. Lucia, and their efforts were recognized at an event in 2007.

Mary J. Martelly

Mary, who grew up in St. Lucia, married George on March 27, 1985, after dating for about a year. Together, they have five children named Leola, Natalie, George IV, George V, and George VI. George and his children affectionately call Mary “Joan.”

George has five more children from his previous marriages. His first marriage was to Adrienne Calhoun in 1971, which ended in divorce in 1974. His second marriage, to beauty queen Cynthia Lewis, lasted from 1977 to 1979. George then married Sharon Goodson in 1981, but their marriage lasted only a year. His fourth marriage was to Andrea Skeete in 1982, which ended in 1985.

Mary has three stepdaughters, Michi, Freeda, and Georgetta, and two stepsons, George Jr. and George III. George also has two adopted daughters, Isabella Brenda Lilja (Foreman) and Courtney Isaac (Foreman), whom he adopted in 2009 and 2012, respectively. Currently, Mary and George reside in Houston.

Mary and George lead a relatively low-key life, preferring to keep their private life away from the media spotlight. They rarely make public appearances together. However, on July 16, 2008, Mary, George, and their children appeared on the family-based reality show “Family Foreman” on TV Land. The show ran for six episodes and provided a glimpse into George’s life as a boxer and a father.

Philanthropic Work

Both Mary and George have actively participated in various AIDS awareness campaigns, particularly those focused on preventing pediatric AIDS. They have dedicated extensive efforts to raising awareness about AIDS in children, both in Houston and St. Lucia. In 2007, Mary and George were jointly honored at an event called “A World of Friends Fighting AIDS” for their significant contributions to the campaign.


The intricate tapestry of George Foreman’s marital history has sparked discussions on various aspects of his life. While some view his multiple marriages as a sign of personal instability, others argue that his capacity to love is simply boundless.

George Foreman’s journey through marriage is as dynamic and multifaceted as his career in the boxing ring. Despite the challenges and changes in his marital life, he has consistently embraced his role as a dedicated father to his children. As he continues to inspire us with his resilience and success, Foreman’s story serves as a testament to the enduring pursuit of love and happiness.

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