Heather Hawkins: Supporting Her Husband’s Comedy Career and Making Her Own Mark Know Her Career & Charitable Work

Heather Hawkins is well-known for being the spouse of Tim Hawkins, a famous American comedian, musician, and performer. Tim Hawkins is renowned for his healthy, family-friendly comedies that frequently emphasize everyday occurrences and ideas.

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Early Life and Education

Heather Hawkins was born in California, America, on December 28, 1974. Although nothing is known about her early years and family, it is believed that she was raised in a Christian home. Heather graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Azusa Pacific University.


Heather Hawkins pursued a career as a marketing manager after completing her education. She also served as a conference planner for the Women of Faith organization, which is recognized for planning Christian events for women.

Personal Life

During their college years in the early 1990s, Heather and well-known comedian Tim Hawkins became friends. They began dating and were wed in 1998. Three sons and a daughter are among the couple’s four children. They currently call Missouri, USA, home.

Heather’s Role in Tim Hawkins’ Career

In Tim’s development as a comic, Heather has been crucial. She and Tim frequently work together on his comedy tours and oversee his merchandising sales. The business that manages Tim Hawkins’ career, Tim Hawkins Productions, also employs Heather as its chief financial officer.

Charitable Work

Heather Hawkins participates and engages in some charitable endeavours. She and Tim give financial support to Compassion International, a Christian organization that works to free children from poverty. They also provide money to the “I’m Me” charity, which helps Haitian orphans.

Heather’s Role in Tim Hawkins’ Career

Heather’s commitment to Tim’s profession is in addition to her pursuit of her interests. She enjoys painting and drawing and is a gifted artist. Tim’s merchandise and social media pages have used some of her artwork.

Heather is a passionate supporter of raising awareness of mental health issues. She has been transparent about her battles with depression and anxiety and has urged people to get assistance and help.

The Hawkins family prioritizes their faith daily and participates actively in their local church. They frequently talk about their beliefs and ideals through their social media pages and Tim’s comedy appearances.

Heather and Tim prioritize their privacy and work to maintain a healthy work-life balance despite having public identities. They have discussed how important it is to take pauses and spend time with your family.

Artistic Pursuits

Heather Hawkins is not just involved with Tim’s career, but she is also a skilled artist. She loves to paint and draw and frequently posts examples of her work on social media. Even Tim’s stuff has included some of her artwork.

Advocacy for Mental Health Awareness

Heather is a fervent supporter of mental health education. She has been transparent about her battles with depression and anxiety and has urged people to get assistance and help. Heather thinks it’s critical to put one’s own needs and mental health first.

Faith and Family

The Hawkins family places high importance on its beliefs and principles. They frequently discuss their spiritual journey on social media and are involved in their local church. Tim and Heather place a high value on family time and taking breaks from their hectic schedules.


In addition to being a loving wife, mother, and gifted artist, Heather Hawkins is a fervent supporter of mental health awareness. She has been actively helping many philanthropic organizations and has played a vital part in her husband’s career as a comedian. 

Heather tries to live a balanced, satisfying life and highly emphasizes her beliefs and morals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Tim Hawkins retired?

Ans: No

Q. How many children does comedian Tim Hawkins have?

Ans: 4 Children

Q. How long is Tim Hawkins’s show?

Ans: 90 minutes to two hours.

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