Hiyam Khalifa, also known as Hiyam McKelvey, Wife of Miguel McKelvey- Life, Education & Career [2023]

Hiyam Khalifa, or Hiyam McKelvey, is a resigned subsidizing financier and finance manager. She has been in the spotlight because of her husband, Miguel McKelvey, who co-founded WeWork.

WeWork has been one of the fastest-growing and most innovative companies in recent years. The co-founder of WeWork, Miguel McKelvey, has been a crucial part of this success. However, many people do not know much about his personal life, including his wife, Hiyam Khalifa.

In this article, we will delve into the life of Hiyam Khalifa, her relationship with Miguel McKelvey, and her impact on WeWork’s success.

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Hiyam Khalifa Profile’s Summary

Full NameHiyam Khalifa McKelvey
Age 38 years old
Known AsHiyam McKelvey
Artistic FieldFine Arts
SpouseMiguel McKelvey
Artistic StyleThought-provoking, exploring themes of identity, culture, and social justice
ExhibitionsParticipated in various gallery exhibitions and art events
Social ActivismAdvocates for women’s empowerment, education, and environmental sustainability
Personal LifeValues family, creativity, and social impact

Who is Hiyam Khalifa?

Hiyam Khalifa is a multitalented woman well-known for her numerous skills and achievements. She is of Palestinian descent, born and raised in the United States. Growing up, Hiyam was deeply influenced by her family’s values of community, education, and social justice.

After completing her secondary education in Palestine, Hiyam moved to the United States to pursue her higher education. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

She also holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Michigan. Apart from that, she has been practicing yoga for over ten years and is also a certified yoga instructor.

Hiyam started her career as an architect, working for prestigious companies like SOM and Gensler. She developed a wealth of knowledge in developing and overseeing large-scale projects while working as an architect.

In 2015, Hiyam joined WeWork, the global co-working space provider, as the Director of Global Architecture and Design. She was in charge of overseeing the design and construction of WeWork facilities around the world, which helped to create the company’s distinctive look.

Hiyam is not only employed at WeWork, but she is also a co-founder of the wellness brand Haven. Haven provides various services and goods to enhance users’ mental and physical health.

Talking about her interests and hobbies, she enjoys reading, writing, and practicing yoga in her free time. She is also an avid traveler and loves to explore new cultures and cuisines.

How Old Is Hiyam McKelvey? Age Explored

Hiyam McKelvey is 30 years old, although we do not know her precise birthday. Therefore, it is challenging to estimate Hiyam’s age.

Hiyam Khalifa’s Relationship with Miguel McKelvey

Miguel McKelvey and Hiyam McKelvey have been together for over 20 years after meeting at the University of Oregon. They met through mutual friends and were immediately drawn to each other’s intelligence, passion, and shared values.

Soon after they met, Hiyam and Miguel began dating, and they fell in love right away. They felt a strong connection because they shared a dedication to social justice, diversity, and inclusion. During their relationship, long chats, shared experiences, and a passion for changing the world united them.

They have two kids together. Miguel’s success, both professionally and personally, has been dramatically influenced by Hiyam Khalifa. Throughout his career, she has served as a source of motivation, encouragement, and direction, assisting him in overcoming the difficulties of leadership and business.

Artistic Career and Activism

Hiyam Khalifa McKelvey is a talented artist known for her unique and thought-provoking works. Her art often explores themes of identity, culture, and social justice.

Through her creations, Hiyam aims to challenge societal norms and inspire conversations about important issues. Her artwork has been exhibited in galleries and art events, garnering critical acclaim and recognition.

Beyond her artistic pursuits, Hiyam is deeply committed to social activism. She actively supports causes related to women’s empowerment, education, and environmental sustainability.

Hiyam’s dedication to making a positive impact on society aligns with her husband’s vision for WeWork as a platform for collaboration and social change.

Empowering Women

Hiyam McKelvey is a strong advocate for women’s empowerment. She believes in creating spaces and opportunities for women to thrive and succeed.

Hiyam has been involved in initiatives that support female entrepreneurs, providing mentorship and resources to help them achieve their goals. Her commitment to empowering women extends beyond her endeavors, as she actively collaborates with organizations that promote gender equality and women’s rights.

Hiyam McKelvey Net Worth Explored

Hiyam Khalifa or Hiyam McKelvey’s net worth is thought to be around $1 million. However, this estimate is not exact because it is still being determined. Hiyam began her financial career in several banks.


Hiyam McKelvey’s journey involves love, creativity, and empowerment. As an artist, activist, and philanthropist, she has made a significant impact in the realms of art and social change.

Hiyam’s dedication to empowering women, challenging societal norms, and creating positive change exemplifies her commitment to making the world a better place. Her partnership with Miguel McKelvey and their shared vision for creativity and social impact have further amplified their collective efforts.

Hiyam McKelvey’s legacy will continue to inspire and uplift individuals, reminding us of the transformative power of art, activism, and love.

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