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Ididia Serfaty’s life is a tapestry made of complex pieces of romance, hardships, and pursuing one’s own goals. Ididia’s early life details, including his age, date of birth, and family, are unknown even though he was born and reared in the United States. His relationship with the bright American actress, model, and social media influencer Jessica Serfaty brought attention to his path.

The roots of their story dig deep into a chance encounter at a church when Jessica was just 16 and Ididia Serfaty, a 22-year-old property manager from Arkansas. What began as a youthful romance soon evolved into a commitment that would lead to the birth of their son, Roman Serfaty.

The tale takes twists and turns as their union navigates the challenges posed by Jessica’s pursuit of a modeling career, which profoundly impacts their relationship.

In this exploration of Ididia Serfaty’s life, we delve into the complexities of love, marriage, and the subsequent trials faced by the Serfaty family. Join us on this journey as we unravel the narrative threads connecting Ididia to Jessica, revealing a story rich with emotion and pursuing individual destinies.

Ididia Serfaty Wiki

Full NameIdidia Serfaty
Nike Name Ididia Serfaty
Date of Birth1985
Age38 years old as of now.
Place of BirthArkansas, United States of America.
Parents N/A
Spouse Jessica Serfaty
Zodiac SignLibra
Famous for Jessica Serfaty’s Ex-Husband
ProfessionProperty Manager
ChildRoman Serfaty
Siblings N/A
Weight78 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye Color Black
Net Worth800k USD

Early Years and Relationship of Ididia Serfaty with Jessica

The story of Ididia Serfaty and Jessica Serfaty begins in the heartland of the United States, where fate wove their destinies together at a church when Jessica was a tender 16 and Ididia, a 22-year-old property manager from Arkansas. What started as a chance meeting became a relationship that defied age boundaries.

Their love deepened, and life took a significant turn when Jessica was expecting their first child. On September 2, 2008, the Serfaty family welcomed their son, Roman Serfaty, into the world. In the wake of Roman’s arrival, Ididia and Jessica solidified their commitment to marriage, creating a foundation for a family brimming with love and aspirations.

As they embarked on the journey of parenthood, the Serfatys navigated the challenges of early marriages and young parenting. The joys of raising Roman intertwined with the inevitable hurdles, setting the stage for a narrative that would evolve with time.

Marriage and Challenges

In the developing years of their union, Ididia Serfaty and Jessica Serfaty reveled in the warmth of a happy marriage. The laughter of their shared moments echoed through the corridors of their life together. However, the winds of change blew in when Jessica, fueled by dreams of becoming a supermodel, decided to move to Los Angeles.

As Jessica’s career increased, the strain on their marital bonds became palpable. Professional commitments collided with personal aspirations, and the idyllic landscape of their initial happiness began to shift. The glitzy allure of the modeling world pulled Jessica into its orbit, setting the stage for a series of challenges that tested the foundation of their relationship.

Undeterred by the growing rift, Ididia Serfaty, determined to salvage their marriage, extended olive branches of reconciliation. The couple decided to return to the familiar embrace of Arkansas, hoping that a change of scenery might rekindle the flame that had flickered amidst the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Divorce and Custody

The Serfaty love story took an unexpected turn when the siren call of Jessica Serfaty’s modeling career reached a crescendo. Faced with the crossroads of personal aspirations and marital commitment, Jessica made the courageous decision to untangle herself from the marital bonds that once bound her to Ididia Serfaty.

As the legal papers finalized their divorce, a crucial element of their shared history took center stage—the custody of their son, Roman. In the aftermath of the separation, Ididia Serfaty assumed the role of the custodial parent, taking on the responsibilities of raising Roman in the landscape of their Arkansas home.

The post-divorce chapter of their relationship became a complex tapestry woven with differing perspectives and the challenges of co-parenting. While Jessica embarked on her journey in the modeling and acting realms, Ididia, with Roman in tow, navigated the intricate dance of single parenthood.

The emotional echoes of their shared past reverberated through the complexities of coexistence, with each party grappling with the aftermath of a once-unified dream.

Ididia’s Life Post-Divorce

Ididia’s existence is suddenly hidden behind a curtain after the Serfaty split up, leaving information about his age, height, and family history in the dark. These details are not discussed in the public sphere, which creates a gap that makes people wonder about the person who used to be the center of Jessica Serfaty’s universe.

Amidst the enigma surrounding his details, Ididia Serfaty carved a niche for himself in property management. A career marked by overseeing and maintaining real estate, his endeavors in this field provide a window into the pragmatic aspects of his life.

While the specifics of his net worth remain speculative, it is evident that Ididia Serfaty, despite his connection to the glamour of Jessica’s world, has chosen a path that aligns more with a modest lifestyle.

Jessica’s Career and Personal Life Post-Divorce

In the aftermath of the Serfaty saga, Jessica Serfaty emerged as a force to be reckoned with in modeling and acting. Breaking free from the constraints of her past, Jessica’s career soared to new heights. Her footprint in the modeling world expanded, marked by lucrative deals and collaborations with renowned brands such as “Doritos,” “Toyota,” and “McDonald’s.”

As the curtain rose on her acting career, Jessica found herself cast in diverse roles, showcasing her talent in projects ranging from horror films like “Ryde” and “V/H/S: Viral” to the soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” where she portrayed the character Sloan Petersen for 51 episodes from 2022 to 2023. Her journey through the cinematic landscape mirrored her resilience and determination to forge her own path.

The script of Jessica’s personal life underwent revisions post-divorce, with new chapters written in the ink of engagements and relationships. She notably found love anew with Italian billionaire Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio.

Their meeting, marked by a picturesque proposal on Italy’s Amalfi coast, painted a canvas of romance and heralded the beginning of a new chapter.

Del Vecchio, the Chief Strategy Officer for the renowned eyewear group EssilorLuxottica, brought a touch of luxury to Jessica’s life. His association with brands like Ray-Ban Oakley and luxury labels like Chanel and Prada added a layer of glamour to their union. Together, Jessica and Leonardo embarked on a journey that promised both love and a shared future adorned with possibilities.

Ididia Serfaty Son, Roman Serfaty’s Journey

Born on September 2, 2008, in the heart of Arkansas, Roman Serfaty, the offspring of Jessica and Ididia Serfaty, embarked on a journey that intertwined the ordinary with the extraordinary. His childhood unfolded against the Serfaty family’s complexities, marked by the footsteps of a model mother and the quiet resilience of a property manager father.

As Roman navigated the corridors of his formative years, a distinctive facet of his personality emerged—his connection with social media. At a remarkably young age, Roman decided to carve his path in the digital landscape, capturing audiences’ attention with his charismatic presence.

His ascent to social media stardom was marked by a notable presence on Vine, where he amassed a substantial following. With more than 50K followers on the platform, Roman’s uploads, titled ‘Whip,’ ‘Thug,’ and ‘Next Time,’ resonated with the digital generation.

His collaborations with internet celebrities, particularly the renowned Paul brothers, Jake and Logan Paul, further propelled him into the spotlight, creating connections beyond familial ties.

The young Serfaty’s journey is a testament to the power of the digital age, where talent and charisma transcend age barriers.

As we delve into Roman’s digital odyssey, we uncover not just a social media personality but a young star whose presence illuminates the realms of internet fame. Join us as we unravel the layers of Roman Serfaty’s journey—a journey that converges the traditional with the contemporary in the ever-evolving landscape of social media.

Jessica Serfaty: Biography 

American model and actress Jessica Serfaty rose to fame after participating in the “America’s Next Top Model” reality competition in 2010. Serfaty, born on April 4, 1991, in Little Rock, Arkansas, started modeling early and became well-known in the business.

Serfaty went on to work with other prestigious companies and photographers after her time on “America’s Next Top Model,” further confirming her reputation as a prominent model. She has appeared on many magazine covers and walked the runway at fashion events.

Serfaty has pursued an acting career in addition to her modeling career. She has demonstrated her versatility and talent on the big screen by appearing in movies like “Ryde” (2017) and “FML” (2016).

Serfaty is renowned for her enviable appearance, alluring presence, and energetic personality. She has a large social media following and frequently gives her followers glimpses into her personal and professional lives.

Overall, Jessica Serfaty has made a name for herself in the modeling and entertainment worlds, and as she takes on new endeavors and initiatives, her career only grows stronger.


The tale of Ididia Serfaty unfolds as a nuanced narrative, revealing a life interwoven with the threads of love, challenges, and the pursuit of individual destinies. Born and raised in the United States, Ididia’s journey remains enigmatic, with details about his age, height, and family background shrouded in mystery.

As a property manager, his career choices reflect a commitment to a more modest lifestyle, a choice that sets him apart in a world often dazzled by glitz and glamour.

In the aftermath of the Serfaty union, Jessica Serfaty‘s life took center stage, marked by the spotlight of successful modeling and acting ventures.

After the divorce, Jessica’s resilience propelled her into engagements with prestigious brands and a promising acting career, culminating in a fairy-tale meeting with Italian billionaire Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio. Her journey is a testament to the transformative power of personal growth and new beginnings.

A significant chapter in the Serfaty legacy is the digital odyssey of Roman Serfaty. Born amidst the complexities of his parents’ lives, Roman’s journey emerged as a social media star, leaving an indelible mark on platforms like Vine. His collaborations with internet celebrities showcase a generational shift, bridging the gap between traditional family dynamics and the contemporary realms of online fame.

As we draw the curtains on Ididia Serfaty’s story, the spotlight shifts to the ongoing narratives of Jessica and Roman. The tantalizing promise of Jessica’s current engagements, both professionally and personally, beckons readers into a world of possibilities.

Meanwhile, Roman’s journey in the digital sphere serves as a captivating prologue to what promises to be an exciting chapter in the Serfaty legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who is Jessica Serfaty married to?

Ans: Ididia Serfaty

Q. Does Jessica Serfaty have a child?

Ans: Roman Serfaty

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