Journey of Jacinta Garay: Know Her Age, Early Life, Education, Professional Life, Spouse, Children & Legacy

Meet Jacinta Garay, the formidable force behind the success of one of baseball’s brightest stars, Giancarlo Stanton. As the proud mother of the renowned New York Yankees designated hitter, Jacinta has not only witnessed but actively contributed to her son’s journey in the world of Major League Baseball.

Their connection goes beyond the field, marked by a profound and unbreakable bond, affectionately sealed with the endearing nickname ‘Cruz.’ In this exploration of Jacinta Garay’s life, we delve into the narrative of a mother-son duo whose story extends far beyond the boundaries of the baseball diamond.

Jacinta Garay’s Wiki

RelationshipsMother of Giancarlo Stanton
Formerly married to Mike Stanton
Early LifeBorn in the USA on December 24 (exact location unknown)
Limited details about hometown and family
EthnicityMixed ethnicity: African-American and Puerto Rican roots
Unique physical features reflecting both cultures
Marriage and FamilyMarried Mike Stanton in 1987
Disagreement over Giancarlo’s name; settled on Giancarlo
Children and SiblingsChildren: Giancarlo Stanton, Egidio Carlos Moacir Garay, Kairice Valivia Stanton
Egidio is Giancarlo’s older brother, Kairice is his younger sister
Romantic Life Post-DivorceLimited information on Jacinta’s romantic life
Mike Stanton openly single, reflecting on past relationship
Professional LifeWorked at the US Postal Service like Mike Stanton
Unique experience of partying with Snoop Dogg

Early Life and Background of Jacinta Garay

Her roots are deeply ingrained in American soil, even though the precise details of her hometown are still unknown. The mystery surrounding Jacinta’s age gives her story a fascinating depth, as though time itself has chosen to conceal her past.

One concrete detail that emerges is the annual celebration on December 24th, a date etched not just in the calendar but in the heart of Jacinta’s famous son, Giancarlo Stanton. A quick glimpse into his Instagram reveals a yearly tradition of honouring his mother’s birthday. The secrecy surrounding Jacinta’s age only adds to the allure, leaving us to wonder about the tales and memories tucked away in the folds of each passing year.

Ethnicity and Cultural Roots

Jacinta Garay

Her roots are deeply ingrained in American soil, even though the precise details of her hometown are still unknown. The mystery surrounding Jacinta’s age gives her story a fascinating depth, as though time itself has chosen to conceal her past.

Born of African-American and Puerto Rican roots, Jacinta’s lineage is a harmonious blend of cultures that adds a unique hue to her narrative. The echoes of her maternal great-grandmother’s Puerto Rican origins resonate through the generations, intertwining with the proud heritage of African-American ancestry that courses through her family tree.

This diverse background has left an indelible mark on Jacinta’s physical features, an amalgamation of two distinct cultures. As a mother, she has embraced and passed down this mosaic of traits to her children, most notably Giancarlo Stanton.

The towering figure and distinctive appearance of the baseball sensation bear the imprints of African-American and Puerto Rican influences, a testament to Jacinta’s rich cultural legacy bestowed upon her celebrated son.

Marriage and Family’s Jacinta Garay

The chapters of Jacinta Garay’s life unfurl with the tender threads of love and family as she embarks on a journey that intertwines her destiny with that of a man named Mike Stanton.

The tale begins in the early 1980s, a chapter where the details of their initial encounter remain veiled in the gentle mist of nostalgia. The exact circumstances of their meeting and the blossoming of their romance become part of a cherished narrative whispered in the quiet corners of familial lore.

Jacinta Garay

Jacinta and Mike found themselves entwined in the dance of love, drawn together by a magnetic connection that transcended the ordinary. Their union, sealed in 1987, bore witness to a love that weathered the seasons of life. However, not all notes in their symphony were harmonious, as a discordant tune emerged over the choice of a name for their firstborn, Giancarlo.

Driven by her Puerto Rican and Spanish heritage, Jacinta envisioned naming her son “Fidel,” a name resonant with cultural significance. Yet, in the delicate negotiations of marital compromise, Mike Stanton, her husband, expressed his strong opposition.

A compromise was eventually struck, giving birth to the name Giancarlo. This name, bearing the weight of Italian roots — “Gian” and “Carlo”, meaning “John” and “Charles” — became a symbol of strength, a reflection of the multicultural tapestry woven into the fabric of their family.

Thus, the disagreement over a name became a pivotal moment, not just in the story of Jacinta and Mike’s union but also in shaping the identity of a young boy who would later become a towering figure in baseball. Giancarlo Stanton, a name that echoed strength and heritage, became a beacon of pride for the Garay-Stanton family, a testament to the power of compromise and the celebration of diverse cultural legacies.

Children and Siblings’ Jacinta Garay

The spotlight in Jacinta Garay’s family mosaic shines on her other children, Eduardo and Kairice, and the area around the baseball diamond. While Giancarlo Stanton’s celebrity fills stadiums and makes headlines, his siblings have deliberately decided to stay out of the spotlight.

Jacinta Garay

Egidio Carlos Moacir Garay, the elder brother, has found solace in academia, serving as a tutor in the political science division at Glendale Community College in California. Kairice Valivia Stanton, the younger sister, maintains a low profile, evading the glare of public attention despite the familial connection to Giancarlo’s stardom.

Giancarlo’s trajectory in baseball, marked by towering home runs and athletic prowess, has undeniably set him apart within the family dynamic. While Egidio and Kairice have pursued paths away from the limelight, Giancarlo’s success has become a focal point, garnering attention and adoration from fans and media alike.

Divorce and Co-Parenting

10-year union with Mike Stanton. The narrative takes a turn in 1987 when the echoes of wedding vows transform into the nuanced chords of an amicable divorce. The reasons for the dissolution, veiled in the couple’s privacy, add an air of mystery to this significant juncture in their lives.

Despite diverging paths, Jacinta Garay and Mike Stanton demonstrated a shared commitment—a commitment not to the marriage but to the well-being and upbringing of their children. Giancarlo, Egidio, and Kairice found themselves navigating the terrain of dual households as their parents endeavoured to create an environment that shielded them from the storms of marital change.

The strength of their co-parenting journey became a testament to a shared understanding that irrespective of their paths, the role of parents was collaborative. In the tender years of childhood, Giancarlo experienced the ebb and flow between his parents’ homes. Yet, their concerted effort to shield him from the turbulence left an indelible mark on the foundation of his character.

Mike Stanton and Jacinta Garay were shining examples of respect and cooperation in celebrity divorces. Even though the story was no longer about a shared romance, it still resonated with themes of shared responsibility and dedication to the family they had built together.

Romantic Life Post-Divorce

A curtain of secrecy hides the specifics of Jacinta Garay’s romantic pursuits as her life after divorce is revealed. Rumour develops in the whispers of fascination, but the truth is still hidden. Jacinta Garay has chosen a discreet path, keeping the details of her private life under wraps to preserve her right to privacy while allowing for creative speculation.

Jacinta Garay

In contrast, her ex-husband, Mike Stanton, openly acknowledges his single status, navigating the terrain of life without the companionship of a romantic partner. Reflecting on the past, Mike has expressed a reflective stance, taking the time to introspect on the intricacies and misunderstandings that led to the end of his marriage with Jacinta. The pause in pursuing new relationships becomes a deliberate choice, a moment of contemplation before opening a new chapter.

Their divergent approaches to romance post-divorce underscore the individuality of their journeys. Jacinta Garay, veiled in mystery, embraces a private narrative, while Mike, with openness, contemplates the complexities of love and partnership. The symphony of their post-divorce lives plays out in unique notes, each reflecting the melody of personal growth and self-discovery.

Mike Stanton’s Involvement

Giancarlo Stanton’s father, Mike Stanton, is an essential thread in the artwork of his life, offering him support and direction. Both on and off the baseball field, Mike has actively participated in his son’s journey from the echoes of childhood to the pinnacle of adulthood.

During the formative years of Giancarlo’s life, Mike’s involvement went beyond the customary roles of a father. A touching anecdote from Giancarlo’s early attempts at writing paints a vivid picture of Mike’s pride in his son’s achievements.

A simple drawing, spelling out his name in lowercase letters, became a masterpiece proudly displayed in Mike’s locker at the post office where he worked—a tangible testament to a father’s unwavering support and delight in his son’s most minor triumphs.

The baseball field became a sacred space for father-son bonding. In the hallowed grounds of their church field, Mike, armed with a bucket of baseballs, imparted the wisdom of the game to Giancarlo. The duo collaborated on refining Giancarlo’s swing, laying the foundation for the prodigious talent that would later captivate baseball enthusiasts.

Mike’s commitment to his son’s journey extended far beyond practice sessions. He became a fixture in the stands, attending Giancarlo’s games with unwavering dedication. During an interview with Fox Sports, Mike revealed the extent of his commitment, proudly stating that he attended 40 of Giancarlo’s games in 2014 and caught the rest on television. His presence symbolised steadfast support, a visual manifestation of a father’s love for his son’s pursuits.

Yet, one of the most poignant chapters in their story unfolded in a moment of crisis. In 2014, when Giancarlo faced a perilous incident—being hit in the face by a pitch—Mike swiftly transitioned into ‘daddy mode.’ Accompanying his son to the hospital and providing unwavering support during the recovery process, Mike showcased paternal duty and a profound connection that transcended the boundaries of sport.

Professional Life

Jacinta Garay’s professional life is an artwork created with various experiences extending beyond family boundaries. Jacinta followed her ex-husband Mike Stanton’s career path by navigating the US Postal Service’s hallways.

Working within the expansive network of the US Postal Service, Jacinta carved a niche for herself, adding a layer of shared professional experience to the tapestry of her life. The parallel careers of Jacinta Garay and Mike reflect not only a convergence of personal paths but also a shared commitment to providing for their family through stable and traditional means.

Jacinta Garay

However, Jacinta’s professional journey extends beyond the conventional narrative, revealing glimpses of a life touched by moments of unconventional delight. One such chapter involves a unique experience—an evening spent in the company of the legendary rapper Snoop Dogg. As the conduit for this strange meeting, Giancarlo escorted his mother to the vibrant atmosphere of a Snoop Dogg party.

In this unexpected encounter, Jacinta showcased a side of her personality that extended beyond the borders of routine. Her eccentric fashion style became a talking point, leaving an indelible mark on the memories of those who witnessed her vibrant presence. Two piercings adorning either side of her cheeks became a signature element of her unique fashion choices, as did her bold selections that often embraced bright colours and unconventional patterns.

In a light-hearted nod to his mother’s fashion flair, Giancarlo shared a post on his Instagram in December 2015. The image featured Jacinta Garay donned in white fur boots, a pink top, and a scarf head wrap—a playful reminder that her style transcends the ordinary. While some may find her fashion choices unconventional, Jacinta’s bold and free-spirited approach to attire reflects a woman unapologetically embracing her individuality.


The role of a loving mother takes centre stage in the vast patterns of Jacinta Garay’s life, creating a story that speaks to people far beyond baseball stadiums and public scrutiny. Jacinta’s impact as the matriarch of the Garay-Stanton family is evident every step of the way.

Her impact on Giancarlo Stanton, the baseball luminary, goes beyond the towering home runs and accolades. Jacinta’s steadfast support, from the early years of father-son bonding on the church field to the poignant moments of crisis, has shaped Giancarlo’s character and durability.

The unique blend of African-American and Puerto Rican heritage bestowed upon him by Jacinta Garay manifests in his distinct appearance and serves as a testament to the richness of cultural legacies within the family.

Jacinta’s professional life at the US Postal Service mirrors a shared commitment to providing for her family, aligning with the trajectory of her ex-husband, Mike Stanton. Beyond the conventional, her foray into the world of Snoop Dogg parties and eccentric fashion choices paints a portrait of a woman unafraid to embrace the vibrant hues of life.

The positivity woven into Jacinta’s family life extends to her relationships, exemplified by the amicable co-parenting with Mike after their 10-year marriage. Despite the divorce, the Garay-Stanton family remains a beacon of cooperation and mutual respect, offering a refreshing narrative in celebrity dynamics.

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Ans: 34 years old.

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Ans: 6 ft 6 inch.

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