Jeanne Anderson Beals: A Life of Dedication and Love Know Her Age, Early Life, Career, Kids & Legacy

Jeanne Anderson Beals was an extraordinary individual who lived a life of commitment, love, and grit. She raised three children, including the well-known actress Jennifer Beals, while working as an elementary school teacher, sculpting the minds of countless young students.

Alfred Beals, an owner of an African-American grocery shop, and Jeanne Beals were married until Alfred’s untimely death in 1972. Jeanne’s life was distinguished by her uncompromising devotion to her family and her neighborhood.

Early Life & Education of Jeanne Anderson Beals

On June 15, 1934, Jeanne Anderson Beals was born in Chicago, Illinois. She was raised in a Catholic family and was of Irish ancestry. According to some reports, Jeanne’s parents, who were both educators, inspired her to pursue a career in education.

Jeanne started her educational path at the local school, where she achieved academic success. Her teachers urged her to pursue higher education since they saw her ability.

She enrolled at St. Xavier University, graduating with a Bachelor of Education. Her stay at the university stoked her desire to educate even more and strengthened her resolve to impact young children’s lives positively.

Teaching Career of Jeanne Anderson Beals

Jeanne Anderson Beals started her teaching career after completing her education. She was hired as an elementary school teacher in her hometown in 1952.

Jeanne rapidly won the hearts of both her pupils and coworkers thanks to her friendliness, tolerance, and creative teaching techniques.

Her unwavering attempts to establish a supportive and engaging learning environment for her students demonstrated her passion for her career.

Jeanne Anderson Beals often looked for professional development chances throughout her career to improve her teaching abilities.

She attended conferences and workshops to stay current on the most recent teaching techniques. Her dedication to continuing education benefited her students and motivated her coworkers.

Marriage and Family Life

Alfred Beals, a charming African-American grocery shop owner, introduced himself to Jeanne in the shop. Their shared values and mutual respect were the basis for a solid and devoted partnership.

The couple moved into a small community after getting married in 1959, establishing themselves as pillars of strength for their neighbors.

Jeanne and Alfred’s love overcame social barriers despite the racial tensions at the time. Together, they overcame hardship with dignity and fortitude, emerging as rays of hope for their neighborhood. Their union served as an example of the strength of love and cooperation in the face of difficulty.

Raising Three Children

With the advent of their three children, Jennifer, Alexandra, and Betsy, Jeanne and Alfred’s love grew even more. As a mother, Jeanne was known for her constant love, support, and encouragement. She taught her kids the value of education and the virtues of compassion and honesty.

Jeanne Anderson Beals was a steadfast mentor and motivator for their oldest daughter, Jennifer Beals, as she sought a career in acting.

She gave Jennifer full support, attending her performances and creating a safe space for her to grow. Jennifer’s success as an actor can be directly attributed to Jeanne’s unfailing faith in her daughter’s abilities.

Jeanne Anderson Beals Quik Info.

Full Name Jeanne Anderson Beals
Date of BirthJune 15, 1934
Sun Sign
Profession Teacher
Husband Alfred Beals and Edward Cohen
Children Jennifer, Alexandra, and Betsy
Height 168
Weight 53 Kg
Hair Black
Eye Black
Shoe Size5
Passed Away on On March 8, 2014

Raising Jennifer Beals

Jennifer Beals, who was early interested in acting and dancing, had a loving and encouraging mother in Jeanne Anderson Beals. Jennifer was enrolled in theatrical organizations and dance courses by Jeanne, who encouraged her to follow her interests.

She also helped Jennifer develop a strong sense of self and pride in her mixed-race background. Jennifer was frequently told by Jeanne that she was “a child of the world” and that she could accomplish anything.

Jennifer Beals attributes her desire to become a social activist and an actress to her mother. She claimed that her mother had instilled in her the values of “being engaged, compassionate, and curious about the world.”

She also praised her mother, calling her “the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” and claimed to have inherited her “sense of humor, resilience, and optimism.”

Personal Loss and Resilience

In 1972, tragedy overtook Jeanne’s life when her devoted husband, Alfred Beals, tragically died. It was a tragic loss, and Jeanne now had to raise three kids alone. However, she showed incredible courage and resilience during this trying period.

Jeanne overcame the difficulties of being a single mom by relying on her steadfast resolve and the assistance of her community. She put her kids’ health and education first, ensuring they had the stability and affection they needed to thrive.

Jeanne Anderson Beals continued to be dedicated to her teaching career and positively influenced her students’ lives despite the personal loss she had experienced. Her resilience and unshakeable spirit are demonstrated by her ability to endure in the face of difficulty.

Later Years and Legacy

In 1981, Jeanne Anderson Beals remarried to attorney Edward Cohen. She continued to be an engaged part of her community and an inspiration to those around her as she entered her older years.

After a lengthy and rewarding career, she retired from teaching, leaving behind a legacy of brilliance and dedication.

Beyond her immediate family and the classroom, Jeanne had a significant impact. Her dedication to activism, community service, and education affected everyone she interacted with.

Her influence may still be felt today through the innumerable pupils she taught, the community programs she started, and the values she instilled in her children and grandchildren.

On March 8, 2014, at 80, Jeanne Anderson Beals passed away, leaving a legacy of love, tenacity, and dedication to education. Her life is a brilliant illustration of one person’s vast influence on others. Jeanne will always be remembered and cherished for her steadfast commitment to her career, family, and community.

Jeanne Anderson Beals‘s Daughter, Jennifer Beal

Celebrity actress Jennifer Beals is noted for her fascinating performances and commitment to her industry. Jennifer was born on December 19, 1963, in Chicago, Illinois, and showed an early interest in acting.

She started a fruitful career that has lasted more than 40 years and has made a lasting impression on the entertainment business.

1983 saw Jennifer’s breakthrough performance as Alex Owens in the classic movie “Flashdance.” She gained critical praise and became known as a rising star thanks to the mesmerizing dance routines she performed and her unbridled skill that enthralled audiences.

As a result of the movie’s popularity, Jennifer was thrust into the public eye and swiftly rose to fame as a Hollywood leading lady. Jennifer has demonstrated versatility throughout her career by performing various roles in theatre, television, and cinema.

Jennifer has a history of creating complex and enduring characters, whether it was in “The L Word” when she played a lesbian welder or in “The Book of Eli” and “Devil in a Blue Dress,” among other movies.


Jeanne Anderson Beals was a wonderful lady whose passion for education, love for her family, and persistent devotion to her community were the cornerstones of her life.

She profoundly impacted countless children’s lives as an elementary school teacher. She played the role of mother to three kids, one of whom was the well-known actress Jennifer Beals, demonstrating her unfailing love and support.

Jeanne’s legacy is a constant reminder of the strength of love, tenacity, and the value of education in influencing people’s lives.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Does Jennifer Beals have a child?

Ans: Beals’ daughter was born on October 18, 2005.

Q. Who is Jennifer Beal married to?

Ans: Ken Dixon (m. 1998), and Alexandre Rockwell (m. 1986–1996).

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