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Jeri Caldwell, a mysterious and intriguing figure born in Washington in the 1930s, has left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry. While her name might not resonate as loudly as her ex-husband Quincy Jones’s, her role in his life is one of profound significance. Known for being the first wife of the legendary record producer Quincy Jones, Jeri Caldwell’s journey unfolds like a captivating narrative.

Her foray into the cinematic world includes a notable appearance in the 1994 film “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult,” where she took on the role of a producer’s wife. However, her influence extends beyond the silver screen, as she also played a pivotal part in the documentary “Quincy” in 2018. This documentary, a window into the life of Quincy Jones, sheds light on the intricacies of their relationship, offering a unique perspective on Jeri’s own life and experiences.

As we delve deeper into the enigmatic tale of Jeri Caldwell, we unravel not only the actress but the woman behind the scenes, whose connection to Quincy Jones spans high school sweethearts to a marriage that endured for nearly a decade. Join us on this journey as we explore the untold chapters of Jeri Caldwell’s life, a narrative woven with love, separation, and an enduring legacy in the shadows of Quincy Jones’s illustrious career.

Jeri Caldwell Wiki

Full NameJeri Caldwell
Age90 years old
Famous asex-wife of Quincy Jones
BirthplaceWashington, United States
Marital statusDivorced
SpouseQuincy Jones
ChildJolie Jones Levine
Height6 feet 2 inches
Networth$500,000 USD

Childhood & Early Life of Jeri Caldwell

Jeri Caldwell emerged onto the stage of life in the 1930s in Washington, her origins cloaked in a certain mystery that adds an air of intrigue to her persona. Despite the passage of time, Jeri has chosen to keep the details of her early life a well-guarded secret, leaving us to wonder about the enigmatic circumstances that shaped her formative years.

Born in a decade marked by historical turbulence, Jeri’s silence about her parents, educational background, and personal history creates an aura of curiosity. It’s within this silence that the tale of Jeri’s connection with Quincy Jones begins to unfold.

Jeri Caldwell

The serendipity of their meeting traces back to high school, a period in life when dreams are born and destinies take shape. Jeri, a student at the same high school as Quincy Jones, found herself captivated by the budding genius that Quincy was even in those early years. Her silent observance, the pauses she took to catch a glimpse of Quincy, became the subtle overture to a story that would echo through the corridors of time.

Relationship with Quincy Jones

The high school love story between Jeri Caldwell and Quincy Jones is a tale woven with the threads of destiny, echoing the sentiments of two souls destined to intertwine. As high school sweethearts, their story began with subtle glances and stolen moments, blossoming into a love that would withstand the tests of time.

In the corridors of their shared high school, Jeri and Quincy’s connection deepened. From the moment Quincy’s friends noticed Jeri’s discreet admiration, their journey embarked on a trajectory that led them to conversations, shared dreams, and a profound understanding. The friendship they cultivated during those formative years evolved into a love that transcended the boundaries of adolescence.

The pinnacle of their love story manifested in their marriage in 1957, a union that held the promise of a lifetime together. Their marriage bore witness to the birth of their daughter, Jolie Levine, a testament to the enduring bond they had built.

However, as with any narrative, challenges arose. The intricacies of their married life, the highs, and lows, are chapters that unfold with a complexity reflective of the human experience. In 1966, the echoes of their love story took an unforeseen turn with a separation and subsequent divorce. The reasons behind this pivotal decision remain shrouded in mystery, leaving room for speculation and intrigue.

Jolie Levine – Their Daughter

Jolie Jones Levine, the radiant product of Jeri Caldwell and Quincy Jones’s union, stepped into the limelight of the entertainment industry with a multifaceted brilliance that mirrors the legacy of her renowned parents. Beyond the shadows of their love story, Jolie has carved her own path, leaving an indelible mark on various facets of the artistic realm.

Jeri Caldwell

Career in the Entertainment Industry

Jolie’s journey encompasses a diverse range of roles, from acting and modeling to producing and singing. Her foray into the entertainment world reflects a dynamic spirit and an unwavering commitment to artistic expression. Notable projects such as “Hunk,” “Panic in Echo Park,” and “Outliving Castro” underscore her versatility and impact within the industry.

Personal Life and Family

In the tapestry of Jolie’s personal life, she found love with Stewart Levine, creating a family that mirrors the creative legacy she inherited. The union resulted in two sons, Donovan and Sunny, adding another layer to the vibrant tapestry of the Jones-Levine family.

Achievements Beyond Entertainment

Beyond the stage and screen, Jolie Jones Levine’s talents extend into the realms of fine arts. Her achievements as a painter, sculptor, and gardener showcase a depth of creativity that transcends the boundaries of traditional fame. This multitalented woman not only excels in the spotlight of entertainment but also flourishes in the quieter realms of artistic expression.

Jeri Caldwell’s Career

Jeri Caldwell, though often characterized by her association with Quincy Jones, embarked on her own artistic journey, guided by a passion for acting. While her career might not boast the extensive accolades of her ex-husband, her contributions to the film industry echo with a quiet resilience.

Jeri Caldwell

Passion for Acting

From her early days, Jeri harbored a deep interest in acting, a calling that led her to venture into the dynamic world of film. Her decision to pursue a career in the industry reflected a determination to explore the realms of storytelling and character portrayal.

Limited Success in the Industry

Despite her aspirations, Jeri’s career trajectory in acting was marked by its brevity. She made a distinct mark with roles in only two notable productions, underlining the fleeting nature of her time in the spotlight. The reasons behind this limited success remain veiled, inviting speculation about the factors that may have influenced her journey.

Roles in “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult” and “Quincy”

Jeri’s cinematic legacy rests prominently on her role as the producer’s wife in the 1994 film “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult.” This comedy classic showcased her ability to inhabit diverse characters within the cinematic landscape.

Additionally, Jeri played a crucial role in the documentary “Quincy” in 2018, a film that delved into the life of her ex-husband, Quincy Jones. In this documentary, Jeri’s presence offered a personal and intimate perspective, providing viewers with insights into the complexities of their shared history.

Where Is Jeri Caldwell Now?

Jeri Caldwell

The current whereabouts of Jeri Caldwell remain veiled in the privacy she has carefully maintained throughout her life. As of the latest available information, Jeri has gracefully stepped away from the public eye, choosing a life away from the spotlight and the prying lenses of curiosity.

Emphasis on Private Life

Jeri’s commitment to a private existence is palpable. Her decision to retreat from public visibility speaks to a desire for tranquility and a reprieve from the rigors of public life. While her contributions to the entertainment industry and her role in Quincy Jones’s life have left an enduring legacy, Jeri now finds solace in the quieter corners of anonymity.

Unknown Location

The specifics of Jeri’s current location remain unknown, underscoring the deliberate measures she has taken to shield herself from the public gaze. This intentional withdrawal has added an air of mystery to her life, leaving fans and enthusiasts to speculate on the serene landscapes where Jeri Caldwell chooses to spend her days.

Addressing Rumors About Age and Well-being

Rumors surrounding Jeri’s age have circulated, with estimates placing her in her 80s or 90s. While the exact details of her age are undisclosed, it is essential to approach such speculations with caution. What remains certain is that Jeri Caldwell, wherever she may be, is living her life with the blessing of time, reminiscing about the days that have shaped her extraordinary journey.

Jeri Caldwell’s Net Worth

Jeri Caldwell

As of 2023, Jeri Caldwell’s estimated net worth stands at $500,000 USD, reflecting a financial standing shaped by her life experiences and career choices. While not a figure that mirrors the astronomical sums associated with some in the entertainment industry, Jeri’s net worth is a testament to the financial landscape she has navigated.

Factors Contributing to Net Worth

Jeri’s net worth is primarily influenced by her contributions to the film industry, notably her roles in “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult” and the documentary “Quincy.” These projects, while limited in number, have contributed to the financial tapestry of her life.

It’s essential to recognize that Jeri’s net worth may not solely be a reflection of her professional endeavors. The financial landscape might also be shaped by investments, property holdings, or other sources of income not publicly disclosed.

Financial Support and Care During Later Years

Given Jeri’s age, financial support and care during her later years become integral aspects of her well-being. While her professional engagements have diminished over time, it is reasonable to assume that there may be a support system in place, potentially comprising savings, investments, or assistance from family and friends.

The entertainment industry often fosters a sense of community, and Jeri, with her connections and relationships, may benefit from a network that provides both emotional and financial support during her golden years.

While the specifics of Jeri’s financial arrangements remain private, it is heartening to acknowledge that, with a net worth of $500,000 USD, she likely has resources to navigate the challenges that come with aging, ensuring a comfortable and dignified life.


From the high school love story that bloomed between Jeri and Quincy to their marriage in 1957 and the birth of their daughter Jolie Levine, the chapters of their shared journey were marked by love and challenges. The separation in 1966 adds a poignant note, leaving room for speculation on undisclosed reasons that shrouded the end of their nearly decade-long union.

Jeri’s career in acting, while limited, left an indelible mark with roles in “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult” and the documentary “Quincy,” contributing to the cinematic legacy that surrounds her. Her daughter, Jolie Levine, carries the torch forward, excelling in the entertainment industry and beyond.

As we contemplate Jeri’s present, the shroud of privacy she has chosen remains intact, and her current location and age continue to be subjects of speculation. With an estimated net worth of $500,000 USD, Jeri likely navigates her later years with financial comfort and the support of a network cultivated over a lifetime.

In conclusion, Jeri’s significance in Quincy Jones’s life goes beyond the surface narrative. She is a silent orchestrator in the symphony of Quincy’s illustrious career, a partner in the dance of love and separation, and a mother whose legacy extends through the achievements of her daughter. The untold story of Jeri Caldwell serves as a reminder that behind every public figure lies a nuanced and deeply human tale, one that weaves together the threads of joy, sorrow, and the enduring echoes of love.

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