Kavya Pichai, The Daughter of Sundar Pichai: Know Her Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Internship, Height, Hobbies & Family Legacy

Meet Kavya Pichai, the daughter of the renowned business executive Sundar Pichai. Born in the vibrant city of Los Altos Hills, California, in 2003, Kavya is 19 years old. As the offspring of one of the most influential figures in the tech industry, Sundar Pichai, she embodies a unique blend of privilege and potential. Let’s delve into the life of this young and promising individual poised to make her mark in the world.

Kavya Pichai’s Wiki

Full NameKavya Pichai
Birth Year2003
BirthplaceLos Altos Hills, California
ParentsSundar Pichai (Father), Anjali Pichai (Mother)
SiblingsYounger brother – Kiran Pichai
EducationPrivate school in California
InterestsSwimming, Basketball
InternshipsLyra Health (June 2022 – September 2022), Brainstorm: The Stanford Lab for Mental Health (2019-2022)
Social MediaNot active (Featured in father’s posts)
PhilanthropyDonation to GiveDirectly, support for WHO, Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF
Physical AppearanceFair complexion, Brown eyes, Black hair
Privacy StanceValues privacy, limited information on social media

Early Life and Education of Kavya Pichai

Kavya Pichai started her life’s journey in the rural setting of Los Altos Hills, California. Kavya was raised by a family that valued education and curiosity, so she spent her early years in an atmosphere that encouraged learning and intellectual curiosity.

Her father, Sundar Pichai, a luminary in the tech realm, paved the way for her intellectual pursuits. Sundar’s educational odyssey began at the esteemed Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur, where he honed his skills in metallurgical engineering.

Kavya Pichai

From there, he ventured globally, attaining a master’s degree in materials science and engineering from Stanford University. Sundar’s academic journey reached its pinnacle at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned an MBA, garnering accolades as a Siebel Scholar and Palmer Scholar along the way.

Kavya’s early life was thus nurtured by California’s scenic beauty and a family ethos that championed the pursuit of knowledge and academic excellence. Against the backdrop of Sundar Pichai’s educational triumphs, Kavya’s journey takes shape, promising a future as bright and dynamic as the intellectual legacy that precedes her.

Family Life of Kavya Pichai

A solid commitment to privacy is the cornerstone of family life in the Pichai household. Despite the attention that comes with being one of the most well-liked people in the technology sector, Sundar Pichai’s family skillfully balances their public prominence and private lives.

Sundar Pichai, renowned for his pivotal role as the CEO of Google and Alphabet Inc., brings technological understanding and a profound sense of responsibility to his family life. The Pichais understand the value of shielding their moments from the constant scrutiny often accompanying success in the tech arena.

Adding another layer of accomplishment to the family narrative is Anjali Pichai, Kavya’s mother. Anjali’s successful career as a chemical engineer is a testament to her prowess. With a degree from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and a professional journey that has taken her from Accenture to a managerial role at Intuit in the United States, Anjali stands as an exemplar of achievement in her own right.

Hobbies and Interests of Kavya Pichai

Beyond the halls of academia and the glow of technological prowess, Kavya Pichai reveals herself as a multidimensional person with many skills and passions.

Kavya Pichai

One of her notable talents lies in aquatics, where Kavya has showcased her excellence in swimming. A skilled swimmer, she has demonstrated prowess in the pool and has also participated in various swimming competitions, highlighting her dedication and commitment to the sport.

In addition to her aquatic pursuits, Kavya has embraced the spirited world of basketball, where she has actively participated in her school’s basketball team. Her involvement in the fast-paced game underscores a passion for athleticism and team dynamics.

What makes Kavya’s pursuits even more intriguing is the ripple effect they create within her family. Her father, Sundar Pichai, has noticed her dedication to sports, particularly swimming. The tech titan has spoken openly about how observing Kavya’s hard work and commitment to swimming has imparted valuable lessons on discipline and perseverance.

In Kavya’s pursuit of excellence, a shared love for sports becomes a bridge that connects father and daughter, transcending the boundaries of technology and academia.


The Pichai family’s legacy is interconnected with compassion, social responsibility, and philanthropy. Sundar Pichai actively participates in several charitable activities with his family, positively impacting society.

A notable chapter in the Pichai family’s philanthropic journey is their substantial donation to Give Directly, a nonprofit organization that provides direct cash transfers to needy families. This gesture reflects the family’s commitment to addressing pressing societal issues and making a tangible difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Kavya Pichai

Beyond this noteworthy contribution, the Pichais support several other reputable charities. Organizations like the World Health Organization, Doctors Without Borders, and UNICEF benefit from the family’s generosity. These diverse philanthropic efforts underscore a holistic approach to societal welfare, covering health, education, and humanitarian aid.

The Pichai family’s commitment to philanthropy aligns with their values. It serves as a beacon, inspiring others in positions of influence to contribute meaningfully to the betterment of the global community. Through their charitable initiatives, the Pichais exemplify the profound impact of compassionate giving on creating a more equitable and humane world.

Career and Internships’ Kavya Pichai

Kavya Pichai’s journey reveals an evident passion for technology, which is demonstrated by her notable internships in the exciting field of mental health innovation.

From June 2022 to September 2022, Kavya delved into the tech-driven landscape of mental health care solutions during her internship at Lyra Health.

Kavya Pichai

Lyra Health, a company at the forefront of providing technology-based solutions for mental health care, served as the canvas for Kavya’s exploration into the intersection of software engineering and mental well-being. Here, she honed her skills, working with various technologies and tools crucial to the development of digital mental health care solutions.

Before this, from June 2019 to August 2022, Kavya immersed herself in the innovative environment of Brainstorm: The Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation. This research-focused lab, dedicated to leveraging technology to enhance mental health care, provided a platform for Kavya to contribute to groundbreaking projects. Her role involved:

  • Developing and implementing innovative solutions.
  • Spanning the realms of mobile apps.
  • Virtual reality.
  • Other cutting-edge technologies.

Parental Background’s Kavya Pichai

The remarkable professional paths of Sundar and Anjali Pichai, who both made lasting contributions to their fields, enhance the story of the Pichai family.

Kavya Pichai

Sundar Pichai, born Sundararajan Pichai on June 10, 1972, in Madras, Tamil Nadu, India, embarked on a journey that would reshape the landscape of the technology industry. Graduating with a silver medal from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, in 1993, Sundar earned a scholarship to Stanford University.

There, he attained a degree in Engineering and materials science in 1995. Sundar’s professional journey unfolded at McKinsey & Co., a management consulting firm, before becoming an integral part of Google in 2004. Over the years, he spearheaded transformative projects like Google Chrome, Gmail, and Google Drive. Sundar’s ascent culminated in his appointment as Google’s CEO in 2015.

Subsequently, he assumed the role of CEO of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, in 2019, solidifying his status as a visionary leader in the tech realm.

Complementing Sundar’s technological prowess is Anjali Pichai’s noteworthy career in chemical engineering. Born on January 11, 1971, in Kota, Rajasthan, Anjali pursued a B.Tech in chemical engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Her professional journey commenced at Accenture, where she served as a Business Analyst. Upon moving to the United States, Anjali continued to ascend the professional ladder, assuming the role of Business Operations Manager at Intuit. Her accomplishments are a testament to her understanding of the field and her commitment to professional excellence.

Together, Sundar and Anjali Pichai form a powerhouse couple, blending technological vision with engineering expertise, contributing to the success of Google and Alphabet Inc. and inspiring future generations in the realms of business and technology.

Parental Relationship

Kavya Pichai

Their love story began as classmates during their university days at the Indian Institute of Technology. What started as a friendship quickly blossomed into a deep connection. Recognizing the depth of his feelings, Sundar proposed to Anjali during their final year. However, life had other plans, as Sundar needed to move to the USA for further studies at Stanford University.

Anjali, with her own set of aspirations, did not initially plan on going abroad. The couple faced the challenges of a long-distance relationship and the financial constraints that limited their ability to afford international calls. Despite weeks without conversations, the couple navigated these hurdles with unwavering commitment.

Their story is one of resilience, loyalty, and determination. Sundar’s return marked the triumphant reunion, and the couple embarked on a new chapter together, moving to the USA. From the shores of India to the vast opportunities in the United States, Sundar and Anjali’s love weathered the challenges of distance, financial constraints, and the pursuit of individual dreams.

Today, they exemplify a relationship that has not only weathered the tests of time but has flourished and grown stronger. Sundar and Anjali Pichai’s journey from being classmates in India to building a life together in the USA is a heartwarming narrative of love, commitment, and the triumph of shared dreams.


Kavya Pichai is not the only child in the Pichai household. She has a younger brother named Kiran Pichai, adding another dimension to the familial dynamics. While specific details about Kiran’s life are kept private, the presence of siblings in the Pichai family contributes to a shared tapestry of experiences, camaraderie, and mutual support.

Kavya Pichai

As siblings, Kavya and Kiran are likely to share in the journey of growth, learning, and the unique bond of being part of a close-knit family. While Kavya’s achievements and interests have been highlighted, the dynamics with her brother may enrich her life story, portraying a family united by love and shared experiences.

Social Media

As of the current information available, Kavya Pichai, being a young individual, maintains a relatively low profile on social media platforms. Unlike many contemporaries, she is not active on channels such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook, respecting her status as a teenager and the family’s commitment to privacy. She has yet to venture into the realm of personal online presence.

However, Kavya occasionally appears on her father, Sundar Pichai’s social media posts. As the CEO of Google and Alphabet Inc., Sundar often shares glimpses of his personal life, including moments with his family. This practice adheres to Kavya’s privacy choices and provides a subtle insight into the supportive and close-knit environment the Pichai family values.

Physical Appearance

Kavya Pichai

Details about Kavya Pichai’s physical appearance are only sometimes available in public records, as she maintains a private profile, in line with her family’s commitment to privacy. As of the last information, specific details about her height, weight, and other physical attributes are undisclosed.

However, it is mentioned that, as a celebrity kid, Kavya Pichai has maintained her physique well, characterized by a fair complexion and a pleasant smile. She possesses brown eyes and black hair, contributing to a natural and graceful appearance.


The interconnected elements of Kavya Pichai’s life—achievements, hobbies, and family support—create a picture of a well-rounded person with a bright future.

From her early years in the scenic landscape of Los Altos Hills, California, to the halls of academia and the dynamic world of technology, Kavya has showcased not only academic excellence but also a passion for sports, particularly excelling in swimming and contributing to her school’s basketball team. Her dedication to these pursuits underscores her individuality and serves as a source of inspiration, even for her accomplished father, Sundar Pichai.

Amid the towering achievements of her parents, Sundar and Anjali Pichai, Kavya has maintained a modest profile, grounded in the values of education, hard work, and intellectual curiosity. Her internships at Lyra Health and Brainstorm: The Stanford Lab for Mental Health Innovation reflect a keen interest in technology and a commitment to contributing to mental health care.

Supported by a family committed to privacy yet actively engaged in philanthropy, Kavya emerges as a beacon of balance and purpose. The Pichai family’s significant donation to GiveDirectly and support for organizations like the World Health Organization, Doctors Without Borders, and UNICEF underscore a shared commitment to positively impacting the world.

One cannot help but be optimistic about Kavya Pichai’s future endeavours as she skillfully navigates the intersection of technology, sports, and academic pursuits.

Her commitment to various interests and the strong foundation her family gave her place as a young person ready to make significant contributions to technology, philanthropy, and other fields. Kavya Pichai’s story is one of potential, determination, and the hope of a better future enhanced by her unique skills and principles.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Is Sundar Pichai’s wife working?

Ans: According to Anjali Pichai’s LinkedIn profile, she is the Business Operation Manager at Intuit, a software company. She is originally from Kota in Rajasthan.

Q. Who is Sundar Pichai’s daughter?

Ans: Kavya Pichai

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