Journey of Kevin Dale Woods: Know His Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Siblings, Persona Life, Height & Weight

Meet Kevin Dale Woods, an essential figure in the Woods family history. Born in 1957, Kevin holds the unique position of being the middle child of Earl Sr. and Barbara Woods. His life story intertwines with the iconic Tiger Woods, as he is Tiger’s elder half-brother, marking an 18-year age difference between them.

As we delve into Kevin’s journey, we uncover not just the tale of a middle child but a significant presence in the life of one of golf’s greatest legends—Tiger Woods.

Kevin Dale’s Wiki

Full NameKevin Dale Woods
Birth Year1957
Relationship to Tiger WoodsOlder half-brother
Health ConditionDiagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009
Current ResidenceSan Jose, California
OccupationFormer professional golfer
Net WorthEstimated around $700,000 (unofficial)
Social MediaNo known profiles
SiblingsTiger Woods, Earl Woods Jr., Royce Renee

Personal Life

Kevin Dale Woods, the middle child of the Woods family, lives in the quiet areas of San Jose, California. His life unfolds in the picturesque surroundings, closely linked to the legendary Tiger Woods and their mutual past. Beyond the glitz of golf courses, Kevin’s journey took a poignant turn in 2009 when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

This diagnosis, a profound chapter in his life, has shaped his present reality—Kevin now navigates the world from the confines of a wheelchair. As we explore his landscape, we uncover the intricate threads that bind him to his family and the challenges that have sculpted his unique narrative.

Family Background

Kevin Dale Woods’ story is told in the annals of the Woods family history. Born to Earl Sr. and Barbara, Kevin’s roots run deep into a narrative that bears the imprints of love and change. The family journey took a turn in 1968 when the union between Earl Sr. and Barbara faced its end through a divorce in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico.

Kevin Dale Woods

However, love found its way back into the life of Earl Sr. as he embarked on a new chapter. In 1969, Earl Sr. remarried Kultida Punsawad, a connection forged during his military service in Thailand. This union marked the beginning of a new family dynamic, ultimately giving rise to the birth of Tiger Woods in 1975. Tiger, the embodiment of golfing greatness, was a product of this second chapter in Earl Sr.’s life. Kevin Dale became an integral part of the extended Woods family legacy.

Kevin Dale Woods Ethnicity

Kevin Dale Woods’ ethnicity is reported to be American. While specific details about his ethnic background are not explicitly mentioned, the term “American Ethnicity” generally refers to individuals who identify as part of the diverse ethnic groups within the United States. Ethnicity in this context may encompass a range of cultural, ancestral, and regional affiliations that contribute to the rich tapestry of American identity.

Kevin’s Golf Career

Amidst the emerald greens of the golfing world, Kevin Dale Woods left his indelible mark as a professional golfer. Stepping onto the fairways, he carried his own aspirations and the legacy of being coached by his father, Earl Woods. In the echoes of the golf swings, a parallel emerges between Kevin’s early golfing experiences, guided by his father’s expertise, and the iconic journey of his younger half-brother, Tiger Woods.,

Under the tutelage of Earl Sr., Kevin honed his skills, sharing a familial bond with Tiger, who was introduced to the world of golf at an early age. This shared passion for the sport passed down from father to son, intertwines their destinies on the greens, creating a narrative where the love for golf becomes a familial legacy.

Lack of Public Information

While Kevin Dale Woods is a significant figure in the Woods family saga, a veil of privacy shrouds many aspects of his life. Notoriously discreet, Kevin has kept details about his wife and other personal dimensions hidden from the public eye. In the vast expanse of available information, specifics about his height and weight remain elusive, adding an air of mystery to his persona.

This intentional withdrawal from the public sphere underscores Kevin’s preference for a life away from the prying eyes of curiosity. As we delve into his story, the scarcity of personal details becomes a testament to his commitment to privacy, leaving us with a portrait painted more by the strokes of his golf career and family ties than the minutiae of his daily life.

Financial Details

In financial transparency, Kevin Dale Woods remains enigmatic, with uncertainty veiling the specifics of his net worth. While estimates suggest a figure of around $700,000, it’s crucial to acknowledge the ambiguity surrounding this information. The absence of an official disclosure leaves room for speculation, prompting a quest for accurate and verified data.

Sibling Dynamics

Within the Woods family dynamics, the relationship between Tiger Woods and his half-siblings, including Kevin Dale Woods, unveils a complex tapestry. Despite the familial bonds that tie them together, reports suggest an estrangement, casting a shadow over the once-shared moments.

Kevin Dale Woods

The rift appears poignant when considering Kevin’s health condition. Suffering from multiple sclerosis, Kevin faces a unique set of challenges, and, in the midst of this, the reported lack of contact from Tiger adds a layer of complexity to their dynamic.

Kevin Dale Woods Height & weight

Unfortunately, reliable information about Kevin Dale’s height and weight remains elusive. Despite efforts to uncover these details, his private nature has kept such personal metrics out of the public eye. As soon as accurate information becomes available, it will be promptly shared to provide a more comprehensive understanding of Kevin Dale Woods.

Kevin Dale Woods’s social media

As per available records, there is no indication that Kevin Dale is active on social media platforms, including Instagram or any other profiles. His privacy preference has kept him away from online public engagement. Kevin navigates life outside the digital spotlight, maintaining a more secluded existence.

Comparison with Tiger Woods

In the parallel worlds of the Woods siblings, a compelling narrative emerges as we compare and contrast the lives of Kevin Dale Woods and the iconic Tiger Woods. An 18-year age difference shapes their journeys, with Kevin born in 1957 and Tiger arriving on the scene in 1975. This temporal distinction becomes a canvas on which their unique stories unfold.

Kevin Dale Woods

Health challenges further differentiate their paths. While Tiger soared to golfing greatness, Kevin faced the formidable hurdle of multiple sclerosis, confining him to a wheelchair. This stark dichotomy in their health narratives adds a poignant layer to their sibling dynamic.

Tiger Woods stands as a towering figure in the realm of golf, boasting an unparalleled legacy—first in PGA Tour victories, second in men’s major championships, and an indomitable force on the course. Kevin, a professional golfer in his own right, contributes to the family’s golfing legacy, albeit in a different magnitude.

Public Perception

Kevin Dale Woods occupies a unique space in the public gaze, primarily shaped by his connection to the golf legend Tiger Woods and the formidable challenges he has encountered. As the brother of one of the most celebrated athletes in history, Kevin’s image is inevitably influenced by the radiance of Tiger’s success.

The lens through which the public perceives Kevin is colored by the narrative of his health battles, particularly his diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. His courage in facing these challenges adds a layer of admiration, drawing attention to his familial ties and the resilience with which he navigates life confined to a wheelchair.

While the public’s awareness of Kevin may not match the enthusiasm surrounding Tiger, his unique position is recognized in the Woods family saga. His story is of strength, familial bonds, and the indomitable spirit required to confront life’s adversities. In the public eye, Kevin Dale becomes not just a figure connected to a sports legend but a symbol of resilience and familial solidarity.

Tiger Woods 

Born in Cypress, California, on December 30, 1975, Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods is one of history’s most accomplished and well-known professional golfers. He has significantly influenced the game of golf and is frequently considered one of the all-time greats.

Before enrolling at Stanford University, Woods won multiple junior championships, demonstrating his early talent for golf. After two years, he dropped out of college to pursue a career in professional golf, and he quickly established himself on the PGA Tour. At age 21, he became the youngest player to win the prestigious Masters Tournament in 1997, winning by a record 12 strokes.

Woods dominated the golf world in the late 1990s and early 2000s, winning many tournaments and breaking many records. More than any other player in history, he spent 683 weeks at the top of the Official World Golf Ranking.

Beyond the golf course, Woods made a name for himself as a worldwide sports legend. He joined the ranks of the world’s highest-paid athletes after landing multiple lucrative endorsement deals. It is impossible to overestimate his influence on golf’s popularity or the new level of athleticism it has brought to the game.

Nevertheless, Woods also had to deal with personal issues, such as a well-known divorce and a string of ailments that hindered his game. He overcame these obstacles to win the Masters Tournament in 2019, which marked his first major championship triumph in eleven years.

Tiger Woods siblings

Earl Woods Jr.:

  • Born in 1955, Earl Dennison Woods Jr. is the oldest of the Woods siblings.
  • He is 20 years older than Tiger Woods.
  • Earl Jr. is known for being the father of pro-LPGA golfer Cheyenne Woods, whom he shares with his wife, Susan Woods.
  • Earl Jr. has had experiences beyond the golf course, working in the Department of Economic Security. In 2013, he faced legal issues related to a bomb threat incident, though it was reported to be a misguided joke.

Royce Renee Woods

  • Born in 1961, Royce Renee Woods is the youngest of three biological siblings.
  • She is 14 years older than Tiger Woods.
  • Royce has been speculated to have had a successful career as a college basketball player and coach.


As Kevin Dale Woods’ story ends, it is clear that his journey has taken him beyond the shadow of his more famous brother, Tiger Woods. Kevin was born in 1957, and his life story is one of tenacity, characterized by his courageous spirit in the face of obstacles from multiple sclerosis.

Beyond the confines of being Tiger’s brother, Kevin emerges as a compelling figure—a professional golfer, a survivor facing health adversities, and a vital thread in the rich tapestry of the Woods family legacy. His story resonates through the lens of familial ties and as a testament to the strength required to navigate life’s intricate courses, both on and off the golf course.

In the spirit of unveiling the layers of Kevin’s narrative, we invite you, dear readers, to share any additional information you possess. Your contributions will enrich the tapestry of Kevin Dale’ story, fostering a collective understanding of this unique figure who stands as more than just a name connected to greatness.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who is Kevin Dale Woods?

Ans: Kevin Dale is the middle child of Earl Sr. and Barbara, born in 1957. He is the older half-brother of the iconic golfer Tiger Woods and faced health challenges after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 2009.

Q. What is Kevin Dale Woods’ occupation?

Ans: Kevin Dale was a professional golfer in the past, contributing to the family’s golfing legacy.

Q. How is Kevin related to Tiger Woods?

Ans: Kevin Dale is Tiger Woods’ older half-brother from their father’s previous marriage to Barbara Gary.

Q. What is Kevin Dale Woods’ current health condition?

Ans: Kevin has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a condition that has confined him to a wheelchair.

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