Laura Deibel: The First Lady in Tim Allen’s Life Know Her Age, Career, Education, Personal Life & Net Worth

Although Laura Deibel is a name that not everyone will immediately recognize, there is no denying her link to the entertainment and famous industries. Laura had a front-row seat to the Hollywood whirlwind as the first wife of actor and comedian Tim Allen and rose to prominence on her own.

This in-depth biography will explore her entire life, from Deibel’s early years to her marriage to Tim Allen and her experiences as a celebrity spouse.

Laura Wiki Summary

Full NameLaura Deibel
Age66 years old
Date of BirthAugust 18, 1956
Place of BirthOmena, Michigan
Martial StatusMarried
SpouseTim Allen
ChildKatherine Allen
Zodiac SignVirgo 
Net Woth1Million USD
Hair ColorBrown
Eye Color Black

Early Life of Laura Deibel

The path taken by Laura Deibel began even before she entered the entertainment industry. Laura was raised in a regular American home and was born in the United States on August 18, 1956.

Although little is known about Laura’s parents’ identities and jobs, it is apparent that they had rather unremarkable lives than the glamorous world she would later enter.

Meeting Tim Allen

Her relationship with her ex-husband, Tim Allen, began when they were both in college. Tim and Laura met while they were both students and eventually fell in love, getting married after Laura finished her education.

On April 7, 1984, Laura Deibel and Tim Allen exchanged vows. Katherine “Kady” Allen, born in December 1989, was their daughter within a few years of marriage.

The Wedding

On April 7, 1984, Laura and Tim exchanged vows in a private ceremony seen by their close friends and family. Both of them were unable to foresee Tim’s prominence in the years to come at the moment. When Laura Deibel married Tim Allen, their love story appeared destined to endure.

Professional Career

Laura has distinguished herself professionally as the CEO of “Tim Allen Signature Tools.” Tim started this business to use the proceeds from selling the company’s goods to support children’s charities.

Tim’s propensity for “do-it-yourself” tasks inspired the idea of producing and selling tools, inspired by the desire to make a constructive contribution.

The company’s product line includes instruments like hammers and drills for everyday household tasks. Laura has successfully served as the company’s CEO for a sizable amount of time, maintaining its objective.

Tim Allen’s Rise to Fame

Laura discovered herself in the center of the entertainment scene as Tim Allen’s career took off. Tim’s breakthrough came with the 1991 television series “Home Improvement,” which he starred as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor. The program’s success propelled Tim Allen to fame, establishing him as a household celebrity.

Life as a Celebrity Spouse

Being a rising star’s spouse presented obstacles and excitement for Laura. She frequently appeared with Tim at functions, film debuts, and award ceremonies where the two looked stunning on the red carpet. Laura was a widespread presence at professional social events because of her grace and elegance.

Their marriage suffered due to Tim’s triumph on “Home Improvement” and the abrupt, humbling stardom that followed. Their relationship was damaged by the rigors of a high-profile career and the pressures of Hollywood.

Parenthood and Family Life

Laura Deibel and Tim Allen’s marriage was not simply a publicized union but also one rooted in the pleasures and obligations of raising a family.

Laura left a legacy of love and commitment to her family, especially her daughter Katherine. Her dedication to giving her child a secure and nurturing environment is evidence of her moral character.

Daughter: Katherine Allen

The couple’s sole child, a girl named Katherine Allen, was born in 1989. The family experienced great joy once Katherine was born, and Laura devoted herself lovingly to being a mother. She frequently appeared with her daughter at family gatherings, enhancing the perception of a close-knit family.


After fifteen years of marriage, Laura Deibel and Tim Allen decided to divorce in 1999. Even though their divorce was private, they never lost sight of their daughter’s welfare.

Laura Deibel and Tim Allen’s divorce was sparked mainly by Tim’s demanding profession, which eclipsed his responsibilities to his family. Tim’s battle with alcoholism made things even more complex and eventually led to his admittance to rehab in 1998.

Kady, who remains close with both of her parents, was given to Laura as part of the divorce settlement.

Tim Allen

Tim Allen is a comedian, actor, and performer from the United States. Timothy Alan Dick was his name when he was born on June 13, 1953, in Denver, Colorado. Tim Allen is most known for his appearances in movies and television.

His performance as Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor in the hit sitcom “Home Improvement,” which aired from 1991 to 1999, brought him global fame. He won numerous accolades for this performance and became well-known as a result.

Tim Allen has a strong film career in addition to his television work. In the “Toy Story” movie franchise, which began with the 1995 release of the first “Toy Story,” he is perhaps best known for lending his voice to Buzz Lightyear. He played this part again in some sequels, solidifying his status as a beloved character in animation.

In addition, Tim Allen has made numerous more film and television appearances, such as in “The Santa Clause” series, “Galaxy Quest,” “Wild Hogs,” and “Last Man Standing.” He has a distinct humorous style and is well-recognized for his jokes about family, tools, and masculinity.

Tim Allen has written books and performed stand-up comedy in addition to his acting career. As of the knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, he is still involved in the entertainment business.

Life After Divorce

After her split with Tim Allen, Laura decided to keep a quiet profile. She changed from being a famous spouse to a reclusive person who concentrated on her personal life and well-being.

Laura made a conscious choice to withdraw from the spotlight. She chose to shield her private affairs from the prying eyes of the media because she cherished her privacy. While some famous ex-spouses still maintain a public profile, Laura chose a different route.

After the divorce, Laura made her daughter Katherine’s support and stability one of her top priorities. Their mother-daughter relationship remained solid, and Laura remained an essential person in Katherine’s life.

Physical Appearance

On November 12, 1956, Laura Deibel was born in Omena, Michigan, in the United States. She will be 66 years old as of 2023 and carries the sign of the Scorpio. She met her first husband, comedian Tim Allen while studying at Western Michigan University.

Laura has an appealing physique and an elegant personality, which define her physically. She has brown hair and hazel eyes and frequently switches between blonde and golden brown hair colors. Laura has a slim build and a fair complexion. She is around 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs about 60 kg.

Her Legacy 

Laura’s contribution to Tim Allen’s life and career should not be undervalued, although she may not have attained the same degree of celebrity as her ex-husband.

Laura was a constant and encouraging presence during her marriage to Tim Allen. She handled the severe scrutiny that frequently comes with stardom with admirable elegance and composure. She was a crucial part of Tim’s ascent to fame.

Laura Deibel’s Financial Worth

Laura Deibel chose to lead a secluded life after her divorce from Tim. Her financial situation is anticipated to be in the $1 million range. But Tim Allen has had a fruitful career in cinema and television and has worked on many different projects throughout the years.

Tim Allen’s net worth was thought to be in the neighborhood of $100 million. It’s crucial to remember that a person’s net worth might change over time due to various things, such as professional earnings, investments, and other financial pursuits.

Is Laura Deibel Active on Social Media?

Laura Deibel doesn’t have any official accounts on social media. She loves to keep her private life private and does not share much personal information online. Her daughter Kana Grace and other youngsters occasionally make an appearance with her.


The story of Laura’s life is an intriguing fusion of love, celebrity, and personal development. She had firsthand experience with the highs and lows of the glamorous world of Hollywood as the first wife of actor and comedian Tim Allen.

Laura’s legacy is one of grace, discretion, and constant love for her family despite her difficulties. Her narrative serves as a reminder that, even among celebrities, the most significant jobs in life are frequently performed in solitude, away from the glaring cameras and news headlines.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who is Tim Allen’s ex-wife?

Ans: Laura Deibel

Q. How much money does Tim Allen make?

Ans: He does make $235,000 per episode.

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