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In the tapestry of faith and philanthropy, one name shines brightly alongside a renowned Christian luminary – Laura Marie Holtzmann. Born into the illustrious Meyer family, Laura Marie Holtzmann is more than just the daughter of the beloved Christian author and speaker, Joyce Meyer. She is the steady hand, the unshakable presence, and the unsung hero behind the scenes of Joyce Meyer Ministries.

While the world knows the charismatic figure of her mother, Laura Marie’s own contributions to the ministry have often remained in the shadows. Today, we aim to illuminate the life and work of this remarkable woman, offering a comprehensive profile that unveils the depth of her dedication, her unwavering commitment to charity, and her indomitable spirit.

As we embark on this journey through Laura Marie Holtzmann’s life, we will peel back the layers of her existence – from her early years in the Meyer family to her role as a beacon of hope and change through the “Hands of Hope” wing of Joyce Meyer’s Ministry. Our goal is clear: to paint a vivid portrait of Laura Marie Holtzmann, a woman who, though working behind the scenes, has left an indelible mark on the world through her faith, her kindness, and her enduring legacy.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Wiki

Full NameLaura Marie Holtzmann
Famous asDaughter of Joyce Meyer
Age (2023)55 years old
Date of BirthApril 5, 1968
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Zodiac SignAries
SiblingsDaniel B. Meyer, David Meyer, Sandra Ellen McCollom
ParentsJoyce Meyer (Mother), Dave Meyer (Father)
Height5 feet 5 inches
Marital StatusMarried to Douglas Holtzmann Sr.
ChildrenFour children: Doug (DJ) Holtzmann II, Austin Taylor, Abigail (Holtzmann) Welch, Emily (Holtzmann) Wood
InvolvementActive in “Hands of Hope” wing of Joyce Meyer Ministries
Private LifePrefers a private life, working behind the scenes
Net WorthNot publicly disclosed

Early Life and Family of Laura Marie Holtzmann

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s journey began on April 5, 1968, in the heartland of the United States of America. Born to the esteemed Joyce Meyer and her husband, Dave Meyer, Laura Marie came into the world as the first child of what would become a close-knit family. Today, as of 2023, she stands as a 55-year-old pillar of strength within her family and ministry.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s family is a testament to faith, resilience, and the enduring power of love. Her parents, Joyce and Dave Meyer, have not only carved their names into the annals of Christian literature and ministry but have also instilled unwavering values into their children. Laura Marie is not alone in this journey; she shares her life with three siblings: Daniel B. Meyer, David Meyer, and Sandra Ellen McCollom.

Laura Marie Holtzmann

Growing up, Laura Marie Holtzmann experienced the profound impact of being raised in a Christian household. Her parents’ faith served as a cornerstone for their family life, shaping her values, beliefs, and worldview from an early age. The nurturing environment of faith and love laid the foundation for Laura Marie’s own spiritual journey and her eventual involvement in the ministry established by her mother, Joyce Meyer.

Laura Marie’s upbringing in a household steeped in Christian values has not only molded her character but has also driven her to dedicate her life to helping others through faith-based initiatives.

Involvement in Joyce Meyer Ministries

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s commitment to faith and charity extends far beyond her role as the daughter of a prominent Christian figure. She has actively embraced her calling within the ministry, playing an instrumental role in the “Hands of Hope” wing of Joyce Meyer’s Ministry.

Hands of Hope serves as a beacon of hope for the less privileged across the globe, demonstrating compassion, empathy, and practical assistance to those in need. Laura Marie, alongside her siblings, has dedicated herself to this noble mission. Through the “Hands of Hope,” they have extended their reach to the far corners of the world, including regions scarred by natural disasters and conflict.

Laura Marie Holtzmann’s tireless efforts have brought solace to countless lives, particularly those affected by floods, insurgencies, and other forms of adversity. Her hands-on involvement in this global outreach has been nothing short of transformative. She has worked alongside her family, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to bettering the lives of those who often find themselves on the margins of society.

Specific projects and initiatives under Laura Marie Holtzmann’s purview have ranged from disaster relief efforts in Asia and Africa to initiatives aimed at alleviating the suffering of the most vulnerable. Through her active participation, she has been an essential part of the ministry’s mission to make the world a better place.

Laura Marie Holtzmann Husband & Family Life

While Laura Marie Holtzmann is a pillar of strength in the realm of faith and charity, her private life is equally noteworthy. She is not only a dedicated member of the Meyer family but also a devoted wife and mother.

Laura Marie’s journey into matrimony led her to a love story that has stood the test of time. She exchanged vows with Douglas Holtzmann Sr., marking the beginning of a lifelong partnership, in the year 1987. Their love story, however, began even earlier, in August 1985, when they embarked on a blind date that fate had carefully orchestrated. It was an ordinary pizza place that served as the backdrop for their extraordinary love story, and from that day forward, their bond grew stronger with each passing moment.

Over the years, Laura Marie and Douglas have celebrated numerous milestones together, building a life founded on love, faith, and commitment. Their journey together has been marked by shared joys and triumphs, as well as the inevitable challenges that life presents. Through it all, their love has remained unwavering, a testament to the enduring power of their union.

However, Laura Marie’s life is not defined solely by her role as a wife. She is also a loving mother to four children, each of whom carries forward the legacy of faith and charity that defines the Meyer family. Their names—Doug (DJ) Holtzmann II, Austin Taylor, Abigail (Holtzmann) Welch, and Emily (Holtzmann) Wood—are names of promise, representing the future of a family dedicated to making the world a better place.

The Holtzmann family has expanded further with the arrival of grandchildren, a testament to the enduring love that permeates their lives. Their commitment to faith and charity is not confined to the Meyer family alone; it is a legacy that continues through their children and grandchildren, who, like Laura Marie, remain associated with the Joyce Meyer Ministries, carrying forward the torch of hope and compassion.

Working Behind the Scenes

While Laura Marie Holtzmann is undoubtedly a vital presence within the Meyer family and Joyce Meyer Ministries, she often prefers to remain out of the spotlight, choosing instead to work diligently behind the scenes. Her decision to stay behind the curtains is a testament to her humility, dedication, and focus on the ministry’s mission rather than personal recognition.

Laura’s role within the ministry extends far beyond her title as the daughter of its founder. She operates as a linchpin in the organization’s machinery, ensuring its smooth functioning and efficient execution of its charitable initiatives. Her organizational skills are nothing short of extraordinary, and they play a pivotal role in the ministry’s ability to make a positive impact on a global scale.

One of the key reasons for Laura Marie Holtzmann’s preference for working behind the scenes is her innate ability to coordinate and orchestrate complex projects seamlessly. Her contributions are not always apparent, but they are undeniably essential. Whether it’s coordinating relief efforts for disaster-stricken areas, managing logistics for international missions, or ensuring the ministry’s resources are directed where they are needed most, Laura’s fingerprints are everywhere.

Anecdotes and examples of her contributions to the success of Joyce Meyer Ministries abound. She plays a central role in organizing events, from large-scale conferences to intimate gatherings, ensuring that each one leaves a lasting impact on attendees. Her attention to detail, strong work ethic, and dedication to the ministry’s vision have made her an indispensable asset to the organization.

Through her organizational prowess, Laura Marie Holtzmann has made a profound difference in the ministry’s operations. Her behind-the-scenes efforts have enabled Joyce Meyer Ministries to reach and help countless individuals in need, from disaster victims to the less privileged around the world. Her commitment to making the world a better place is reflected not only in her visible charity work but also in the countless small yet crucial tasks she undertakes to ensure the ministry’s success.

Net Worth and Financial Details of Laura Marie Holtzmann

Curiosity often surrounds the financial lives of public figures, and Laura Marie Holtzmann is no exception. Many have wondered about her net worth and financial situation, given her association with the Meyer family and Joyce Meyer Ministries.

It’s important to note that Laura Marie Holtzmann’s net worth is not publicly disclosed. Unlike her mother, Joyce Meyer, who is a well-known public figure with a reported net worth, Laura has chosen to maintain a degree of privacy when it comes to her financial matters. This discretion is in keeping with her preference for a private life, away from the spotlight.

However, it’s worth acknowledging that the Meyer family, including Laura, enjoys a comfortable lifestyle, thanks in part to the success of Joyce Meyer Ministries. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, in a report from November 2003, provided insight into the assets owned by the Meyer family. These assets included a corporate jet, luxury vehicles, a substantial home, and other high-value items, all funded by the ministry.

While Laura Marie Holtzmann’s specific financial details remain undisclosed, it’s evident that she lives comfortably within the context of her family’s successful ministry. Her focus, however, is not on personal wealth but rather on the ministry’s mission of compassion, charity, and spreading the message of faith and hope to those in need.


In the tapestry of faith and charity, Laura Marie Holtzmann stands as an unsung heroine, a name often overshadowed by the luminous figure of her mother, Joyce Meyer. Yet, her life is a testament to unwavering dedication, profound compassion, and an indomitable commitment to making the world a better place.

Born into a family of faith, Laura Holtzmann has transcended her role as the daughter of a renowned Christian author and speaker to become a formidable force within the realm of charity and ministry. Her active participation in the “Hands of Hope” wing of Joyce Meyer Ministries has touched the lives of countless individuals, offering hope, aid, and solace to those in need, even in the farthest reaches of the globe.

But Laura’s story is not only about her charitable endeavors; it’s a narrative of humility and selflessness. She chooses to work tirelessly behind the scenes, orchestrating the ministry’s operations with unparalleled organizational skills. Her contributions may not always be visible, but their impact is undeniable, enabling the ministry to carry out its mission with efficiency and compassion.

While the world may be curious about her financial details, Laura Holtzmann maintains a private life, keeping the focus on the ministry’s message of faith, hope, and charity. Her dedication to serving others remains the cornerstone of her existence.

In closing, we encourage readers to explore further the work of Laura Marie Holtzmann and the initiatives of Joyce Meyer Ministries. Her story serves as a reminder of the profound impact one person can have when driven by a deep sense of purpose and an unwavering commitment to making the world a better place. As we delve deeper into her remarkable journey, we uncover not just a daughter but a true disciple of faith, charity, and hope.

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