Beyond the Spotlight: Levi Hank Gilbert Adler’s Unwritten Journey Know His Age, Early Life, Education, Future Aspirations & Family Legacy

Born into the spotlight of Hollywood, Levi Hank Gilbert Adler is a unique personality in the world of celebrity ancestry. Rooted in the Roma community, the 18-year-old American is the child of Canadian-American writer and producer Allison Adler and well-known actress, producer, and director Sara Gilbert.

As we delve into Levi’s narrative, we uncover not just the story of a young individual but a convergence of talent and diversity shaped by the influential footsteps of his celebrity parents, Sara and Allison. This is the story of Levi Hank Gilbert Adler, a name poised to make waves in the entertainment world.

Levi Hank Gilbert Adler’s Wiki

BirthdateOctober 2004
Age18 years old
Cultural OriginRoma
ParentsSara Gilbert (Actress, Producer, Director) and Allison Adler (Writer, Producer)
SiblingsSawyer Adler, Michael Boxleitner, Dakota Brinkman, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry
EducationIn high school (specific details not available)
Height5 feet 2 inches
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorDark brown
Social MediaNot active
Relationship StatusSingle
Family BackgroundDiverse and celebrity-laden with Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler’s careers
Career AspirationsYet to start professional journey, living a comfortable life as a celebrity child
Net Worth & LifestyleBenefits from parents’ success, Sara Gilbert’s net worth: $35 million
Sibling RelationshipsClose bonds with Sawyer, Michael, Dakota, and Rhodes

Early Life of Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

Levi Hank Gilbert Adler’s journey commenced in October 2004, marking the beginning of a life destined for the spotlight. Currently, at the vibrant age of 18, Levi hails from the United States, embracing his American nationality with pride.

Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

Diversity weaves through Levi’s cultural background fabric as he identifies with his Roma origins, a cultural tapestry that adds a unique hue to his story. Raised in the embrace of a Christian family, Levi’s early years were shaped by the convergence of different influences, creating a rich mosaic of traditions.

Within the confines of his family, Levi is not alone in navigating the corridors of fame. Siblings Sawyer Adler, Michael Boxleitner, Dakota Brinkman, and half-brother Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry accompany him on this journey. Together, they share childhood bonds, weaving memories against the backdrop of their parents’ notable careers and the unique dynamics of being part of a celebrated family.

Education of Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

One thing about Levi Hank Gilbert Adler’s educational journey stands out, even though the details are shrouded in mystery: the importance he placed on his high school years. At eighteen, Levi’s education is the cornerstone for his future aspirations.

In the bustling corridors of adolescence, Levi’s focus on high school takes precedence, showcasing a commitment to academic growth and personal development. As he traverses the halls of learning, the young celebrity-in-the-making dedicates himself to pursuing knowledge, laying the groundwork for a future that promises both individual achievement and, perhaps, a foray into the limelight that his family knows so well.

Family Background of Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

Two extraordinary people—Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler—weave the strands of brilliance and accomplishment in the complex family formed by Levi Hank Gilbert Adler.

Sara Gilbert’s Legacy:

Levi’s mother, Sara Gilbert, is a luminary in the entertainment industry, leaving an indelible mark with her multifaceted career. Best known for portraying Darlene Conner in the iconic ABC sitcom “Roseanne,” Sara began her journey in the limelight at 13.

Her career traversed the small and big screens, with notable appearances in “The Big Bang Theory,” “Twins,” and a repertoire of films including “Poison Ivy,” “Riding in Cars With Boys,” and “Laws of Attraction.”

Beyond acting, Sara Gilbert stepped into hosting and producing, leaving an enduring legacy as the co-host and producer of the talk show “The Talk” from 2010 to 2019. With nominations and accolades marking her career, Sara’s artistic prowess shines brightly in the Gilbert-Adler family narrative.

Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

Allison Adler’s Contributions:

On the other side of this familial equation is Allison Adler, a Canadian-American writer and producer whose impact resonates through the entertainment landscape. Recognized for co-creating the hit series “Supergirl” and the NBC sitcom “The New Normal,” Adler’s creative fingerprints are embedded in television narratives that captivate audiences.

Adler’s journey extends to the animated realm with her production of thirteen episodes of the acclaimed sitcom “Family Guy.” As both a co-executive and executive producer of the action comedy/spy drama television series “Chuck,” her influence reverberates in diverse genres, showcasing a versatility that enriches the family’s collective narrative.

Relationship Status

At the tender age of 18, Levi Hank Gilbert Adler stands at the crossroads of adolescence, navigating the intricacies of personal growth with a singular focus. As the pages of his teenage years unfold, Levi stands proudly in the realm of singledom, emphasizing his current status as an unattached individual.

Levi’s commitment to personal development takes precedence over romantic entanglements in the ever-evolving landscape of teenage priorities. As he traverses the path of self-discovery, his attention is directed toward the pursuits that define his individuality—education, aspirations, and exploring his passions.

It’s worth noting that Levi’s journey has been shaped by the backdrop of his parents’ separation in August 2011. Despite their notable careers, Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler decided to part ways for personal reasons, marking a chapter in Levi’s life where resilience and growth became guiding principles.

Body Measurements of Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

Regarding his physical appearance, Levi Hank Gilbert Adler has a characteristic appearance with unique qualities that add to his attractiveness. Levi, who is 1.57 meters (5 feet 2 inches) tall, exudes a presence that defies his adolescent years.

The canvas of his features is adorned with a crown of brown hair, complementing the depth of his dark brown eyes. While the specific details of his chest size, waist size, hip size, and other physical dimensions remain a mystery, Levi’s striking appearance is encapsulated in these fundamental elements.

Social Media Presence

Due to his deliberate withdrawal from social media, Levi Hank Gilbert Adler stands out in an era where the virtual stage is the norm. Levi has shifted his attention away from the digital world and prioritized the information corridors above the virtual noise, which is a testament to his dedication to learning and personal development.

While platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter remain untouched by Levi’s digital footprint, his dedication to education speaks volumes. The teenage years are often a time of self-discovery. Levi’s deliberate choice to eschew social media underscores his determination to carve a path grounded in academia and intellectual pursuits.

On the flip side, Levi’s mother, Sara Gilbert, a seasoned figure in the entertainment industry, occupies a significant space in the digital sphere. With a substantial following of 394k on Facebook, over 174k on Instagram, and an immense 511.5k on Twitter, Sara’s online presence is a testament to her enduring popularity and engagement with a global audience.

Career Aspirations

Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

As he approaches adulthood, Levi Hank Gilbert Adler is at the cusp of an unknown future, ready to embark on an as-yet-unwritten career path. At eighteen, Levi is only beginning to forge his route, with his career’s chapters yet to be written.

As of now, Levi has yet to step into the professional arena, choosing to focus on the formative years of his education. However, his life is far from ordinary, as the son of two accomplished individuals—Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler. The comfort and luxury surrounding Levi’s existence are a testament to the resounding success of his parents in the entertainment industry.

While the specifics of Levi’s future endeavors remain a mystery, the foundation for his aspirations is laid within the folds of a family that has navigated the complexities of fame and achievement. Levi’s story is a canvas awaiting the strokes of his ambitions, promising a future where he may choose to follow in the illustrious footsteps of his celebrated parents or blaze a trail entirely on his own.

Net Worth and Lifestyle

Levi Hank Gilbert Adler lives in a bubble of luxury in the world of affluence and notoriety, thanks to the successful careers of his parents, especially Sara Gilbert, his mother.

Sara Gilbert, with an impressive net worth of $35 million as of January 2021, is a financial powerhouse in the entertainment industry. Her journey has been marked by acclaim and substantial earnings, reportedly earning $375,000 per episode, adding a gilded touch to her already stellar career.

Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

For Levi, the benefits of his family’s success manifest in a lifestyle steeped in luxury. As a celebrity child, he resides in a world where comfort and extravagance intertwine. From lavish residences to exclusive experiences, Levi’s day-to-day existence reflects the affluence of being part of a family deeply embedded in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood.

Sibling Relationships

The colors of sibling relationships give depth and richness to the kaleidoscope of Levi Hank Gilbert Adler’s life, creating ties beyond the celebrity’s limelight. Together with a group of siblings, Levi shares his experience; everyone adds to the fabric of their shared story.

Sawyer Adler:

Levi’s sister, Sawyer Adler, is a presence that weaves through the familial landscape. Born in August 2007, Sawyer and Levi share the corridors of childhood and adolescence, their shared experiences etching memories that transcend the glare of Hollywood’s glamour.

Michael Boxleitner and Dakota Brinkman:

Levi’s brothers, Michael Boxleitner and Dakota Brinkman, are fellow travelers on this familial odyssey. While the specifics of their ages may remain elusive, the camaraderie among the brothers adds a layer of solidarity to Levi’s journey.

Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry:

Levi is also connected to his half-brother, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry, in the complex web of sibling dynamics. Born on February 28, 2015, Rhodes represents a link between different family chapters.

Parents’ Professional Lives

Levi Hank Gilbert Adler

Sara Gilbert’s career is a vibrant tapestry woven with versatility and acclaim. Best known for portraying Darlene Conner on the iconic ABC sitcom “Roseanne,” Sara emerged as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry from a young age.

Her talent radiated in diverse roles, including a brief appearance in the comedy TV series “Twins” and a significant presence in the CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory,” where she played Leslie Winkle.

Beyond the small screen, Sara Gilbert left an indelible mark on cinema with roles in films such as “Poison Ivy” (1992), “Riding in Cars With Boys” (2001), and “Laws of Attraction” (2004). Her foray into hosting and producing further solidified her presence as she took the reins of the talk show “The Talk” from 2010 to 2019, connecting with audiences in a new and dynamic way.

Her journey extended to the theatrical stage, with notable appearances in productions like “Light it Up” and “Boys Life 3,” showcasing a commitment to the craft that spanned various mediums. Sara Gilbert’s career, marked by nominations and a diverse repertoire, remains a testament to her prowess as an actress, producer, and director.

Allison Adler

In television, Allison Adler’s contributions have been instrumental in shaping captivating narratives that resonate with audiences. Co-creator of the hit series “Supergirl” and the NBC sitcom “The New Normal,” Adler’s creative fingerprint is embedded in the DNA of shows that push boundaries and capture the essence of contemporary storytelling.

Beyond her co-creation endeavors, Adler’s influence extends to the animated world by producing thirteen episodes of the beloved sitcom “Family Guy.” As a co-executive and executive producer of the action comedy/spy drama television series “Chuck,” her versatility in crafting engaging and diverse narratives is evident.

With contributions spanning comedy and drama, Allison Adler’s mark on popular TV series showcases a commitment to storytelling that transcends genre boundaries. As a television producer and writer, her legacy is interwoven with the fabric of shows that leave a lasting impact on the audience, solidifying her status as a creative force in the entertainment industry.

Parents’ Relationship History

Allison Adler

The love story of Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler unfolds as a nuanced narrative marked by moments of connection, the joy of new life, and the inevitable transitions that life brings.

Dating and Birth of Levi:

In 2001, Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler crossed paths, igniting a romance that would shape their lives. This love story found its fruition with the birth of their first child, Levi Hank Gilbert Adler, in October 2004. This period marked a chapter of joy and familial growth for the couple.

Separation and Transition:

However, as life’s tapestry unfolded, Sara and Allison faced the inevitable winds of change. In August 2011, the couple decided to part ways, citing personal reasons for their separation. It was during this time that Sara publicly acknowledged her identity as a lesbian, reflecting on her journey of self-discovery, which began during her relationship with Johnny Galecki on “The Big Bang Theory.”

Allison’s Post-Separation Relationships:

Following the separation, Allison Adler ventured into new chapters of her personal life. She began dating writer and producer Liz Brixius in 2013, a relationship that culminated in an engagement in November 2014. However, by May 2017, this chapter also came to a close, marking a period of evolution and change for Adler.

Sara Gilbert’s Marriage to Linda Perry

In the ebb and flow of Sara Gilbert’s personal life, the union with Linda Perry emerged as a significant chapter characterized by love, parenthood, and the inevitable currents of change.

Allison Adler

Marriage to Linda Perry:

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry, a renowned songwriter and singer, embarked on a journey of matrimony, exchanging vows on March 20, 2014. Their union celebrated love transcending the personal and the public, symbolizing a commitment to building a life together.

Birth of Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry:

In the tapestry of their love story, a new thread was woven with the birth of their son, Rhodes Emilio Gilbert Perry, on February 28, 2015. This addition to the family brought joy and a new dimension to Sara and Linda’s shared journey as parents.

Subsequent Divorce in 2019:

However, the currents of life proved dynamic, and in December 2019, Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry announced their decision to part ways, bringing their chapter of marriage to a close. The decision to divorce was personal, reflecting the complexities that relationships navigate over time.

Despite the conclusion of their marital journey, Sara and Linda continued their roles as co-parents, dedicated to the well-being and upbringing of their son, Rhodes. The evolution from marriage to co-parenting encapsulates the resilience and adaptability required to navigate the intricacies of modern family dynamics.


Levi Hank Gilbert Adler stands out as a distinctive note in the symphony of celebrity stories, balancing the legacy of his distinguished parents, Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler, with the potential of his journey.

Allison Adler

From the early chapters of his life, born into the spotlight in October 2004, Levi’s story resonates with cultural diversity, familial bonds, and the privilege of growing up in the glow of Hollywood’s lights. The threads of his education, family dynamics, and the enigma of his teenage years form a rich tapestry colored by the accomplishments of those who came before him.

As Levi stands at the threshold of adulthood, the ink of his narrative has yet to dry on the pages of his career. The prospect of a future entry into the professional world looms on the horizon, surrounded by the aura of his family’s success and the anticipation of a story uniquely his own.

In the grand narrative of Levi Hank Gilbert Adler, the chapters of opulence, familial ties, and personal growth converge, promising a tale that extends beyond the confines of fame. With his distinctive background and the weight of his family’s legacy, Levi becomes a protagonist poised to navigate the realms of stardom, education, and the uncharted territories of his aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who did Sara Gilbert have kids with?

Ans: Levi Hank Gilbert-Adler, Sawyer Jane Gilbert-Adler

Q. Is Sara Gilbert adopted?

Ans: Jonathan Gilbert and Melissa Gilbert were adopted by Cowan and her late husband, Paul Gilbert; they are not blood-related.

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