Journey of Maria Aquinar: Know Her Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Personal Life, Spouse, Children & Net Worth

Maria Aquinar is a unique, flexible, multifaceted woman who has experienced privacy and stardom in the entertainment industry. Best known as the ex-wife of Canadian music icon Sebastian Bach, Maria’s life is characterized by a unique blend of experiences and accomplishments.

Born on December 26, 1963, Maria embraces a multiracial background that adds layers of diversity to her narrative. As of October 2023, she stands at 59, marking the passage of time with grace and poise. Join us as we delve into the enigmatic life of Maria Aquinar, exploring the highs and lows of her journey alongside the renowned musician Sebastian Bach.

Maria’s Wiki Summary

Personal DetailsBorn: December 26, 1963
Age: 57 years (as of October 2021)
Multiracial background
Career HighlightsReality Shows: I Married…, Supergroup
Modeling Career
Previous Work: Actress and Model
Family & RelationshipsEx-Husband: Sebastian Bach
Children: Paris, London, Sebastiana
Post-Divorce LifeDivorced in 2010 due to internet and book controversies
Leads a single life
Focus on modeling and fitness
Financial StatusEstimated Net Worth: $900,000
Engaged in fitness, lifestyle, and activism
Social Media & LifestyleLimited social media presence
Resides in New Jersey with youngest child
Personal Characteristics5’7″ height, 51 kg weight, dark black hair, brown eyes
Fitness enthusiast with a healthy lifestyle
Chooses privacy, stays away from controversies

Early Life and Career Beginnings’ Maria Aquinar

Maria Aquinar guards the details of her early life, family, and education with a sense of privacy, leaving a veil over the specifics of her formative years. However, her entrance into the entertainment world paints a vibrant picture of her journey.

Maria Aquinar

The precise origins of her career remain shrouded in mystery, yet Maria’s foray into the entertainment scene began at a time lost to public records. Her talent and presence led her to noteworthy appearances on shows such as “I Married…” and “Supergroup,” providing glimpses into the life of the spouse of a music icon.

Aired in the early 2000s, these shows offered a unique perspective into the world of famous musicians and their families, establishing Maria’s association with the limelight. Though the exact commencement of her career remains elusive, Maria’s impact on the entertainment industry is undeniable.

Rise to Fame

With her captivating performance on the reality show “Supergroup,” which not only highlighted the relationships of legendary musicians but also catapulted Maria Aquinar into the public eye, her career took a dramatic turn. Airing in 2006, the show brought together diverse rock stars under one roof, offering a unique glimpse into their lives and collaborations.

Maria’s appearance on the fourth episode, where she visited her then-husband Sebastian Bach, left an indelible mark on her career trajectory. The episode featured a photoshoot session where Maria, alongside Tera Patrick, captivated the audience with an intimate display. This unexpected exposure catalysed Maria’s public image and opened doors to a flourishing modelling career.

Maria Aquinar’s journey exemplifies her exceptional ability to seize opportunities and thrive in the competitive entertainment industry. Her astute navigation of the challenges and opportunities presented by the show solidified her presence and laid the foundation for a successful modelling career that continues to prosper. Maria’s talent and determination came through in the face of unforeseen circumstances, making her a fascinating and accomplished figure in the entertainment industry.

Marriage to Sebastian Bach

Maria Aquinar

Maria Aquinar’s romantic journey connects with Canadian music icon Sebastian Bach, whose story began when their love affair started in the mid-1980s. The couple’s bond deepened over the years, and in 1988, they welcomed their first child, a son named Paris Bierk. Undeterred by the demands of fame and the music industry, their commitment endured, leading to the birth of a second son, London Siddartha Halford Bach Bierk, on January 17, 1994.

Solidifying their connection, Maria and Sebastian exchanged vows in a meaningful ceremony in July 1992, marking the official beginning of their married life. The union, however, faced its share of challenges. Despite the joys of parenthood and their enduring love, the couple confronted difficulties that eventually led to a turning point in their relationship.

In 2010, they witnessed the unravelling of their marriage, with the couple officially divorcing in September. The separation came after a period of strain and turmoil, with the challenges exacerbated by the influence of the internet.

In an interview with Revolver magazine, Sebastian Bach attributed the demise of their marriage to the pervasive impact of online dynamics. Unfortunately, The couple had reached a point where the strains became irreparable, and the once inseparable duo parted ways, marking the end of a significant chapter in their lives.

Post-Divorce Life

Following the dissolution of her marriage to Sebastian Bach in 2010, Maria Aquinar embarked on a journey of self-discovery and courage. The reasons behind the divorce, as disclosed by Sebastian Bach in an interview with Revolver magazine, pointed to the internet’s pervasive influence.

Maria Aquinar

This force played a significant role in the unravelling of their once-harmonious relationship. Additionally, a controversial book, “The Last Living Slut: Born In Iran, Bred Backstage,” penned by groupie Roxana Shirazi, added fuel to the fire, creating tensions that proved impossible.

In the aftermath of the separation, Maria consciously chose to lead a single life, shying away from the tumultuous world of romantic entanglements. Instead, she redirected her focus towards her modelling and fitness career, showcasing a determination to thrive independently. Her decision to maintain a private stance on her personal life, especially regarding past relationships, underscores her commitment to safeguarding the sanctity of her personal space.

Maria’s dignified silence on her romantic endeavours after the divorce reflects her desire for privacy and her strength in the face of public scrutiny. As she continues to flourish in her modelling and fitness pursuits, Maria Aquinar exemplifies a woman who has gracefully navigated the complexities of post-divorce life, choosing a path defined by strength, independence, and a steadfast commitment to her well-being.

Financial Status

Maria Aquinar’s financial journey is a testament to her diverse talents and multifaceted career. Engaging in various pursuits, Maria has carved out a niche for herself in fitness, lifestyle, and activism, contributing to an estimated net worth of around $900 thousand.

Her professional trajectory encompasses more than just modelling; Maria has also made a mark as an actress. Though details about her acting career remain limited, her foray into the entertainment world showcases her versatility and willingness to explore different avenues within the industry.

As an animal activist, Maria aligns her pursuits with causes close to her heart, channelling her influence towards positively impacting the world. Her financial success and her commitment to advocacy underscores the depth of Maria’s character and the various facets that contribute to her net worth.

In addition to her modelling and acting endeavours, Maria’s financial stability may have been augmented by the divorce settlement with Sebastian Bach, considering his substantial net worth as a successful musician.

Comparison with Sebastian Bach’s Relationships

Maria Aquinar

In the aftermath of the divorce from Maria Aquinar, Sebastian Bach, the acclaimed Canadian musician, he ventured into new chapters of romantic entanglements. Following the separation, he partnered with model Minnie Gupta in December 2010. The connection deepened, culminating in an engagement in April 2012. However, this union was not destined for longevity, as the couple eventually parted ways in 2014.

Undeterred, Sebastian Bach sought love again, this time with Suzanne Le. A wedding followed their engagement in December 2014 in August 2015. Despite their eight years of marriage, the couple has not welcomed a biological child together, though Suzanne has two sons from a previous relationship.

These post-divorce relationships paint a picture of Sebastian Bach’s journey in seeking companionship and love after the dissolution of his marriage to Maria Aquinar. While Maria opted for a more private and single life, Sebastian embraced new connections, experiencing the highs and lows of romantic endeavours in the public eye.

Personal Characteristics

Maria Aquinar

The traits that define Maria Aquinar personally are a web of grace, adaptability, and dedication to one’s physical and mental well-being. Standing at about 5 feet 7 inches and weighing around 51 kg, Maria is a model and a living testament to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Her physical attributes, including dark black hair and brown eyes, exude an ageless allure. Maria is a fitness enthusiast who invests time and effort to maintain a healthy body. Her dedication to activities that promote well-being is reflected in her attractive appearance, making her look notably younger than her actual age.

Yet, amidst the allure of the spotlight, Maria has chosen a path of privacy, distancing herself from the chaotic realm of controversies. This intentional decision to keep her personal life shielded from the public eye underscores her commitment to living a peaceful, drama-free existence. Beyond the glamour of the entertainment industry, Maria Aquinar remains an individual who values tranquillity and cherishes the beauty of a life lived away from unnecessary scrutiny.

Social Media Presence and Lifestyle

Maria Aquinar is a living example of maintaining personal space in the digital age of perpetual connectivity. Despite her stint in the limelight, Maria maintains a limited social media presence, a deliberate choice that resonates with her desire for a more private lifestyle.

Her Instagram account, @mariabierk, boasts 1384 followers, while her Twitter handle, @mariabach, has garnered 1239 followers. These modest follower counts reflect Maria’s preference for a more restrained digital footprint, emphasizing quality over quantity in her online interactions.

Away from the glitz and glamour often associated with public figures, Maria currently resides in New Jersey with her youngest child. This choice of location and lifestyle reflects a commitment to a more serene existence, away from the bustling energy of high-profile urban environments. In the tranquil embrace of New Jersey, Maria cultivates a life defined by a blend of motherhood, personal pursuits, and the pursuit of overall well-being.

A Look at Sebastian Bach

Canadian heavy metal singer Sebastian Bach was born on April 3, 1968, and is well-known for his captivating stage persona and strong vocals. He became famous as the lead vocalist for the band Skid Row, which saw commercial success in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

Maria Aquinar

Bach rapidly became well-known in the heavy metal community thanks to his dynamic live performances and high vocal range. His tenure with Skid Row yielded hits like “18 and Life” and “Youth Gone Wild,” cemented the band’s position as a prominent force in the complex rock industry.

Following his split from Skid Row in the middle of the 1990s, Bach started a solo career and kept showcasing his vocal abilities in other musical endeavours. His career included multiple solo albums, such as “Angel Down” and “Kicking & Screaming,” which further showcased his range as a musician.

Bach has shown his varied talents outside of the heavy metal genre by appearing in Broadway plays and television shows in addition to his music career. He has continued to tour widely and work with other musicians in the rock music scene.

Sebastian Bach’s legendary status in rock history has been cemented by his enduring influence on the heavy metal genre and his unwavering dedication to music. He is regarded as a beloved icon in the hard rock and heavy metal genres thanks to his captivating voice and dynamic stage presence, which never fail to captivate audiences worldwide.


When one stops to think about it, Maria Aquinar’s life story reads like a story of courage, flexibility, and unwavering dedication to personal development. Maria gracefully handled life’s curveballs from the beginning of her relationship with Canadian music legend Sebastian Bach to the difficulties that followed their breakup.

Her rise to fame, mainly through the reality show “Supergroup,” showcased her ability to seize opportunities and her knack for turning challenges into stepping stones for a successful modelling career. Despite the strains that led to her divorce from Sebastian Bach, Maria chose a path of singlehood, emphasizing her independence and an unwavering focus on her modelling and fitness pursuits.

A woman of enigmatic charm, Maria Aquinar consciously shields her personal life from the public’s prying eyes. Her limited social media presence and intentional distance from controversies reflect a deliberate choice to preserve the sanctity of her private world.

As she continues to thrive in her endeavours, Maria’s journey serves as an inspiration—an ode to the strength of personal reinvention and the power of choosing a life filled with purpose and tranquillity. In a world often clamouring for attention, Maria Aquinar stands as a beacon of how one can gracefully navigate the complexities of fame while prioritizing personal well-being and the beauty of a life lived on one’s terms.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who is Sebastian Bach’s wife?

Ans: Suzanne Le (m. 2015), Maria Aquinar (m. 1992–2010).

Q. How old is Sebastian Bach?

Ans: 55 years old as of 2023.

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