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Milo Sebastian Sussman, born on March 22, 1997, in the heart of Manhattan, New York, USA, emerges as a luminary in his own right. As the offspring of the well-known duo Ricki Lake and Rob Sussman, Milo was thrust into the spotlight from his earliest days, with paparazzi tracking his every move. However, it wasn’t just his lineage that drew attention.

Milo Sebastian Sussman took his first steps into the world of entertainment at the tender age of 5, marking the commencement of his acting journey with notable appearances in two episodes of the acclaimed television series, “Blue’s Clues.” Milo Sebastian Sussman began crafting his narrative in the intricate dance of fame, adding his unique notes to the Sussman family’s illustrious tale.

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s Wiki

Full NameMilo Sebastian Sussman
Date of BirthMarch 22, 1997
Place of BirthManhattan, New York, USA
ParentsRicki Lake and Rob Sussman
Early ExposureStarted acting at 5, appeared in “Blue’s Clues”
EducationGraduated from Oberlin College in May 2019
Current RelationshipDating Sabina Frink
Interests & HobbiesMusic production, basketball
Social MediaPrivate Instagram (as of the latest information)
Family DynamicsCo-parented by Ricki Lake and Rob Sussman
Recent Career VenturesActive in music, potential acting future

Ricki Lake’s Co-Parenting Journey

Following the complex aftermath of Ricki Lake and Rob Sussman’s 2004 divorce, the Hollywood scene saw the emergence of a distinctive co-parenting story characterized by difficulties, adaptability, and a steadfast dedication to family relationships. As they navigated the challenges of co-parenting, Ricki and Rob had to learn to be flexible and make concessions.

Milo Sebastian Sussman

The challenges inherent in co-parenting often cast shadows on the dynamics of divorced families, yet Ricki Lake’s approach stands as a beacon of inspiration. Despite the shifting sands of their personal lives, Ricki and Rob prioritized the well-being of their two sons, Milo Sebastian Sussman and Owen Tyler Sussman. The intricacies of dividing time, responsibilities, and decisions were met with a determination to shield their children from the storms of a broken marriage.

A defining element of Ricki’s approach to co-parenting was her unwavering focus on providing a semblance of “normalcy” for Milo and Owen. Amidst the turbulence of divorce, she recognized the crucial role stability played in shaping her sons’ upbringing.

The echoes of her efforts reverberate through the resilience and grounded nature of Milo and Owen. The deliberate pursuit of a balanced and consistent environment has left an indelible mark on the fabric of their childhood.

Relationship Life of Ricki Lake

Ricki’s first marriage unfolded in the spirit of spontaneity, a whirlwind romance that began at a Halloween party in October 1993. With Rob Sussman, an illustrator by profession, Ricki created a family that included their two sons, Milo Sebastian Sussman and Owen Tyler Sussman. The union endured for a decade before the echoes of their love story faded, leading to a divorce in 2004.

The second chapter of Ricki’s love life unfolded with Christian Evans, a late jewelry designer. Their union in 2012 brought a new dimension to Ricki’s life, blending love, family, and shared dreams. However, the tapestry of their happiness was marred by tragedy.

In 2017, Christian Evans succumbed to the battles he faced with bipolar disorder, leaving Ricki grappling with loss and heartache. In an interview with People, Ricki shared her profound efforts to “save him,” underscoring the depth of her emotional investment in her relationships.

Amidst the shadows of loss, Ricki Lake’s Courage shines through in her present relationship with Jeff Scult. Since 2019, Ricki has found solace and companionship in Jeff, highlighting the capacity of the human heart to heal and love anew. Their journey, while not without its complexities, showcases Ricki’s dedication to embracing life’s twists and turns.

Birth and Education of Milo Sebastian Sussman

Milo Sebastian Sussman

The genesis of Milo Sebastian Sussman’s journey dates back to March 22, 1997, in the bustling heart of Manhattan, New York. Born to the talented duo of Ricki Lake and Rob Sussman, Milo entered the world as the first chapter in a narrative marked by creativity, resilience, and a passion for the arts.

As Milo traversed the tapestry of childhood, his early years unfolded against the backdrop of co-parenting dynamics, a testament to his parents’ commitment despite their divorce in 2004. However, the essence of his upbringing lies in the deliberate efforts of his mother, Ricki Lake, to provide a sense of “normalcy” amidst the complexities of post-divorce life.

Milo’s educational journey became a noteworthy chapter in his story. According to Ricki’s social media posts, Milo graduated from Oberlin College in May 2019 with a Bachelor of Arts. The hallowed halls of Oberlin witnessed the cultivation of Milo’s intellectual prowess, and his graduation became a moment of pride for the entire family.

While Milo has not explicitly expressed a desire to follow in his mother’s footsteps in the acting realm, his creative spirit found an outlet in music. Adept at spinning records on a turntable, Milo’s passion for music production became apparent, with Ricki sharing glimpses of his talent on her social media. The intersection of beats and melodies seemed to be his canvas, where creativity flourished.

Basketball, too, etched itself into the mosaic of Milo’s interests. An avid lover of the sport, he enjoyed the games and shared these experiences with his family, attending LA Clippers games together. This duality of interests, blending the harmonies of music with the kinetic energy of basketball, paints a vivid picture of Milo’s multifaceted persona.

Owen Tyler Sussman

Owen Tyler Sussman is a unique note in Ricki Lake’s family story, bringing harmony and depth to the theme of sibling bonds. Owen, who goes by his middle name with affection, was born on June 18, 2001, and represents the next chapter in the Sussman family saga.

Milo Sebastian Sussman

Owen’s journey is intricately interwoven with the footsteps of his elder brother, Milo Sebastian Sussman. Their shared childhood, marked by family outings and a shared love for music, forms the foundation of a bond beyond blood ties. The echoes of their laughter and camaraderie resonate through the images that Ricki Lake generously shares on her social media platforms.

Milo and Owen’s relationship extends beyond mere kinship; it’s a testament to the strength of brotherhood. The proud mother, Ricki Lake, has painted a vivid picture of their connection through snapshots of family outings and moments of shared joy. Whether captured in the throes of a football game or immortalized in photographs during their music-making sessions, the bond between Milo and Owen is a testament to the enduring power of familial ties.

Music, it seems, is a shared language between the Sussman brothers. As glimpsed through Ricki’s social media posts, the duo has immersed themselves in the world of melodies and beats. A sweet throwback shot of Milo and Owen jamming with the late singer-songwriter Allee Willis became a cherished memory, with Ricki reminiscing about the fantastic day spent in a recording studio.

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s Personal Growth

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s journey is marked by the quiet evolution of a shy child into the charismatic young man who now graces the world with his presence. From the earliest glimpses shared on his mother Ricki Lake’s social media, Milo’s growth transcends mere physical maturation; it is a tale of blossoming confidence, Courage, and undeniable magnetic charisma.

Milo Sebastian Sussman

In his early childhood snapshots, Milo appeared to be a shy and reserved kid, shielded from the limelight surrounding his famous mother. However, as time unfolded its chapters, a transformation began to take shape. The shy veneer gave way to a confident and poised demeanor, signaling a metamorphosis that echoed the journey of self-discovery.

The corridors of Milo Sebastian Sussman’s life witnessed a subtle yet profound shift. From being a youngster finding his place in the world to evolving into a young man commanding attention, the stages of his personal growth unfolded in the public eye. The lens of the paparazzi, who once focused on his famous lineage, now captures the essence of a charismatic individual making his mark.

The increasing popularity that follows Milo is not merely a reflection of external attention; it mirrors the resonance of his authenticity with those who encounter his story. The charisma that emanates from him extends beyond the confines of celebrity, drawing admirers not just for his lineage but for the genuine essence of the person he has become.

Milo’s Relationship with Sabina Frink

The spotlight on their relationship intensified when the duo participated in the ‘Family Feud Show,’ a platform that showcased their compatibility and allowed glimpses into the dynamics of their connection—beyond the facade of the game show, Milo and Sabina’s camaraderie on-screen hinted at a partnership built on shared laughter, mutual understanding, and a shared willingness to take on challenges as a team.

Milo Sebastian Sussman

While Milo’s public persona may be steeped in entertainment, Sabina Frink brings a different dimension to their relationship. As revealed through her Twitter page, Sabina is politically active, showcasing a keen interest in the world’s dynamics beyond Hollywood’s glitz and glamour. This intersection of interests adds layers to their relationship, demonstrating that shared values and a sense of social consciousness can be the pillars of a strong connection.

With her political engagement, Sabina Frink not only complements Milo’s world but introduces a broader perspective into their shared journey. Their participation in a show that often places families in amusing yet revealing scenarios highlights a willingness to engage with each other’s worlds, embracing both the serious and the lighthearted aspects of life.

Milo Sebastian Sussman’s Career

The artwork by Milo Sebastian Sussman’s path goes beyond the doors of celebrity that his family’s name might open. His entry into the entertainment industry started with a sweet cameo in two episodes of the adored kids’ show Blue’s Clues, which he starred in at the tender age of five. With his presence lending a touch of familial warmth to the hit series, Milo’s early forays into show business suggested a possible legacy.

However, not just the world of children’s television saw Milo’s fleeting yet impactful presence. In 2008, he played a role in ‘The Business of Being Born,’ a documentary produced by his mother, Ricki Lake.

Milo Sebastian Sussman

The film, which captured the intricacies of childbirth, particularly Ricki’s home birth with his younger brother Owen, showcased a familial collaboration beyond Hollywood’s glitz. Milo’s participation in this intimate portrayal of life’s profound moments reflected a willingness to engage with storytelling more profoundly and personally.

While these early ventures into acting set the stage for a potential career in the limelight, Milo’s passion found a different channel in music. The beats and melodies he produces on a turntable reveal a creative soul that thrives in the realm of sound. Ricki Lake’s social media serves as a canvas, displaying the moments where Milo immerses himself in the rhythmic world of music-making, creating a harmonious blend of notes that echo through the digital landscape.

Ricki Lake’s Social Media Presence

Ricki Lake is a Hollywood icon who also acts as a moment curator, creating a story of love, family, and shared adventures on social media. Her active online presence provides a glimpse into the private moments that characterize the Sussman family’s journey.

Milo Sebastian Sussman

Ricki’s social media platforms become a gallery of snapshots capturing the essence of familial bonds. From candid family outings to heartwarming glimpses of Milo’s activities, each post is a brushstroke painting a picture of a family grounded in love and authenticity. The lens through which Ricki shares these moments extends beyond the glitz of celebrity, offering a relatable narrative that resonates with fans and followers alike.

The digital chapters of the Sussman family saga unfold against the backdrop of global adventures. Through her active presence on platforms like Instagram, Ricki Lake invites the virtual audience to join the family on travels to iconic locations. From the enchanting canals of Venice, Italy, to the bustling streets of London, the Sussman family becomes the protagonists in a visual narrative that transcends borders.

Family Background and Early Exposure to Show Business

The Sussman family narrative unfolds against Hollywood’s glitz and glamour, with Milo Sebastian Sussman and Owen Tyler Sussman introduced to the world of show business from a tender age. Born to Ricki Lake, a renowned actress, talk show host, and producer, and Rob Sussman, an illustrator, their lineage set the stage for an early exposure to the limelight.

Milo’s initial foray into entertainment came through the popular children’s television series Blue’s Clues. At age five, he graced two episodes, adding a touch of familial charm to the beloved show. This early engagement hinted at a potential legacy, where the Sussman brothers became familiar faces in children’s programming.

Milo Sebastian Sussman

The family’s involvement in the documentary ‘The Business of Being Born’ marked another chapter in the early exposure of Milo and Owen to show business. Produced by their mother, Ricki Lake, in 2008, the film captured the intimate moments of childbirth, featuring Owen’s water birth at home. The Sussman brothers became integral parts of this personal and profound narrative, offering a glimpse into their family’s journey beyond the scripted scenes of Hollywood.

However, after the release of ‘The Business of Being Born,’ Milo and Owen seemed to vanish from the spotlight. The documentary, which delved into the complexities of childbirth and Ricki’s personal experiences, became a moment frozen in time. The brothers, once visible in the public eye through their early roles, retreated from the limelight, choosing a path away from the constant gaze of the entertainment industry.

Ricki Lake’s Marriages

Milo Sebastian Sussman

The first chapter began with her union with Rob Sussman, an illustrator, in 1994. Their love story sparked at a Halloween party in 1993 and led to a whirlwind romance and a Las Vegas wedding six months later. Together, they created a family that included their sons, Milo Sebastian Sussman and Owen Tyler Sussman.

The union endured for a decade before the echoes of their love story faded, leading to a divorce in 2004. Reflecting on the nature of love and relationships, Ricki shared insights into the romantic idealism that accompanied her first marriage and the gradual realization that forever may take diverse forms.

The second chapter of Ricki’s love story unfolded with Christian Evans, a jewelry designer, in 2012. Their union added a new layer to Ricki’s life, marked by shared dreams and mutual support. However, the tapestry of their happiness was marred by tragedy.

In 2017, Christian Evans succumbed to the battles he faced with bipolar disorder, leaving Ricki grappling with loss and heartache. The depth of her emotional investment in their relationship became evident as she shared her efforts to “save him” from his internal struggles.

Following the tumultuous waves of loss, Ricki Lake’s heart found solace in a third chapter. In 2019, she began a new relationship with Jeff Scult, rekindling love. Jeff became a partner who shared in the joys and challenges of Ricki’s journey, offering a supportive presence as she balanced motherhood, her Hollywood career, and the complexities of personal relationships.

The most recent chapter unfolded in 2022 when Ricki Lake exchanged vows with Ross Burningham. Their marriage became a testament to the enduring nature of love, strength, and the continual pursuit of happiness. As Ricki embraced this new union, it reflected the ever-evolving nature of her romantic narrative—a story marked by love, loss, and the unwavering belief in the transformative power of companionship.


The story of Ricki Lake’s marriages, motherhood, and the changing paths of her sons, Milo Sebastian Sussman and Owen Tyler Sussman, all resonate with the crescendo of perseverance and achievement in her life.

From the highs and lows of co-parenting to the profound losses that marked her path, Ricki emerged as a woman of strength, navigating the complexities of love with grace and tenacity. Her journey through marriages, from the romantic idealism of the first to the heart-wrenching loss in the second, reflects not just the chapters of her personal life but a testament to the universal themes of love, grief, and the capacity to find joy anew.

Milo and Owen, born into a world of show business and familial fame, traversed the delicate balance of early exposure. From Blue’s Clues to ‘The Business of Being Born,’ their early forays into the spotlight were followed by a deliberate retreat, a choice that added an air of mystery to their narratives. The uncertainty surrounding their future endeavors only amplifies the anticipation of the artistic paths they might carve.

Through the lens of social media, Ricki Lake curated moments that transcended celebrity, offering a glimpse into the joys of family, global adventures, and the personal growth of her sons. Milo’s journey from a shy child to a charismatic young man, alongside Owen’s shared love for music and familial bonds, painted a picture of a family grounded in authenticity.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Who are Milo Sebastian Sussman’s parents?

Ans: Milo Sebastian Sussman is the son of Ricki Lake, a renowned actress, talk show host, and producer, and Rob Sussman, an illustrator.

Q. When and where was Milo Sebastian Sussman born?

Ans: Milo Sebastian Sussman was born on March 22, 1997, in Manhattan, New York, USA.

Q. How did Milo start his career in the entertainment industry?

Ans: Milo began his acting career at the age of 5, making appearances in two episodes of the popular television series “Blue’s Clues.”

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