My Mumbai Tour and Crux of What I Learned From in Jan 2019

Development of Personality and your complete well being are the very crux to any Success. Again, because, Success is not a destination by its true meaning, it is an evolving you. Meaning, it is a gradual upgrading of your very self that requires your complete well being. The Complete well being means, well being at the levels of : Body, Mind & Soul. Like stomach wants food to satiate your hunger, every component I mentioned above has its designated foods. To illustrate, Body needs physical exercise, Yoga etc. The Mind needs mental exercise that is supplied through reading, thinking and meditation. Soul wants feeding through spiritual reading, great associations and getting to listen to your inner voice. Well, I must tell you, I was unaware of these things until my first Mumbai Tour.

Expanding the Idea of Body, Mind & Soul

My Mumbai tour assumes significance in getting to know the live harmony at these threes metrics. I witnessed big B striving hard to creating harmony on these aspects of his individuality.

About physical exercise, I got to know that this is the regime I need a striking balance.  De facto, this what requires a balance between what I like and what I am required to do. I discovered that there are lot of things that I need to change for, originally I do not like.

Mental Exercise requires Reading, solving puzzles or anything that uses mind in productive sense. Again, reading could be your academic curricular or reading PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) books. I got to know that PMA books are important as they create right atmosphere for thoughts that lead to success. It was my privilege to see the Diaries of elder brother. I found them true account of how thoughts could shape your destiny.

Soul enriching activities may comprise of reading scriptures and referring spiritual literature. Incorporating a read of Mahabharata, Bhagwad Geeta, offering prayers etc. impact your well being too. making these activities a part of goes a long way. Important aspect to nurture this very aspect of your life is bearing in your mind the “Karma Principles “.  Essentially, the karma principles are not much different from Newton’s Third Law.

For attaining true success, all the three components of well being are equally important. And, they need your bit on a daily basis. They are not about just once and for all.

Getting Access to Big B’s Personal Experience

I was kind of dreaming to know how things have evolved in my brother’s life. Especially, what had been his thought process during his difficult times. How did he manged his roller coaster ride of  life all through his journey this far? And, how he came off successful defeating all odds? My Mumbai tour this time around was answer to all these my queries and skepticism.

One thing, I got to learn through the Diaries of my elder brother the words you speak and thoughts you bear in your head have big bearing in the consequences. Also, the conflicts of thoughts and how can it ruin your chances of winning despite all your abilities.

The diaries speak volume of the fact that ‘actual talking to yourself’  also manifests in your real life. So, talking yourself has to be chosen consciously. Its not that you talk all the time negative about yourself and some miracle would cross your ways.

In fact, speaking to yourself is kind of passing message to the universe and universe responds you accordingly. So, it is very critical that you choose your words and thoughts carefully. Ultimately, they are the stuff that shape the consequences in the life.

On this note, you should speak only those things that you want in your life. Focus and contemplate on the measures that will lead you to the desired results in life. I also got to know from big B that these thoughts and words are shaped by the books you read and persons you associate with.

Importance of  PMA Books

To put in another way, you should carefully choose the literature you read. PMA books are best resource to trigger positive thoughts for your head and correct words for your mind & tongue.

‘The Secret’ by Rhonda Byrne is one such great PMA book which my brother suggested to read. So, I learnt to know the importance of PMA books in my Mumbai tour. He attributed all the good changes of late, in his life to this great book.  Other books that he admits getting hugely benefited from are : “The Magic of Thinking Big” by Schwartz, “Think and grow rich” by Napoleon Hill, “Questions are the answers” and the likes.  Big B says that correct timing for going through all these PMA books is the last few minutes before you go to bed.

Associating With People Around, I Learnt During My Mumbai Tour

With regard to associating with correct people big B shared his experiences of his associations during his formative years. He confessed that, he was for the most part, in association with people of mediocre aims, thoughts and resources.

Although, he cited many reasons behind that but, most importantly he cited his ignorance about power of internet.

Adding clarity he told that only after he joined the customs department at the age of 31, registered his first email ID on google. Startling revelation that I came to know from him was that he was told by the people around that, Internet was only meant for spoiling the time and career.

He cited it unfortunate that, had somebody guided him on the actual power of Internet that can bring in one’s life, the life would have been different altogether. Sadly, he had to discover everything all by himself.

Internet in My Best Interest, I Got to Know During My Mumbai Tour

He suggested me that, for every ambiguity or challenge that I might come across in real life, I ought to resort to scanning through multiple resources available on internet and then forming my own opinion. Be it preparation of civil services or anything for that matter, Internet could be of immense help.

Big B has Strong Urge to Learn New Things

I witnessed my big B’s solid work ethics and drive to learn new concepts. This enabled him to run multiple websites on WordPress along with commanding reasonably good knowledge in programming. My Big B also showed me his personal interactions with his top bosses and how they rate my big brother. I have been to his office multiple times and has seen his workaholic nature to out-stand every where. Importantly, he achieves all this through his sheer knowledge & Work and not through buttering his bosses. Notably, again behind all his capabilities, he attributes his achievements to his very inquisitiveness and Internet. A 10- 10:30 pm is very normal for his getting back from office. He, further goes on hooking up with Internet for few hours for gaining more of knowledge to his use.

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