The Inspirational Story of Paul Reinhold Jobs- Know His Early Life, Age, Education, Career, Legacy & Net Worth

Paul Reinhold Jobs, a deceased American machinist, businessman, and co-founder of Apple Inc., was the father of the late Steve Jobs. On February 15, 1922, he was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and on March 6, 1993, he passed away in Los Altos, California.

Today in this article, we will learn about the life and achievements of Paul Reinhold Jobs and his date of birth, birthplace, personal & professional life, education, career, legacy, wife, children, and grandchildren.

Early Life and Education:

Friedrich and Clara Jobs, German immigrants, were the parents of Paul Reinhold Jobs. Paul was one of six children who lived with his cabinetmaker father. Paul graduated in 1940 from Green Bay East High School. He went to the University of Wisconsin after high school but dropped out after a year to pursue his passion in machinery.


Paul Reinhold Jobs joined the US Coast Guard in 1942 and was a machinist’s mate during World War II. He performed machinist work after the war for some businesses, including National Cash Register and Whirlpool Corporation. Paul Jobs founded his business, Speedo Manufacturing, which made components for the electronics sector in the 1950s.

Paul Jobs was interested in electronics at the start of the 1960s and started attending meetings at the Silicon Valley-based Homebrew Computer Club. Steve Jobs was introduced to the group by him, which launched Steve’s interest in computers.

Early Career:

Paul Jobs worked for some renowned businesses before starting his engineering firm, including Hewlett-Packard (HP), where he served as a technician in the business’ audio division. Bill Hewlett, the company’s co-founder, and Paul Jobs grew close during his tenure at HP. He later served as both a mentor and a lifelong friend.

Paul Jobs retired from engineering in 1968 after selling his business to the defense firm TRW. However, he continued encouraging Steve to pursue his goals and objectives while supporting his son’s passion for technology and creativity.

Personal Life:

Paul Jobs is recognized for his dedication to his family and strong work ethic. He was a devoted husband to Clara and a caring father to their children. The couple also had two children, Patti and Mona and Steve.

Paul Jobs had a passion for music as well. He was a good musician and could play the harmonica and the violin, among other instruments. Steve Jobs frequently discussed how his father’s love of music inspired his interest in design and aesthetics. He passed on his enthusiasm for music to his children.

Family Life:

In 1946, Paul Reinhold Jobs wed Joanne Schieble; their son, Steve, was born in 1955. Nevertheless, Joanne’s father disapproved of Paul because he was not Joanne’s Syrian ancestor. As a result, Joanne decided to give up Steve for adoption, and Paul and Clara Jobs took him in and reared him as their own son.

Later Years and Legacy:

Although taking retirement in the late 1970s, Paul Jobs remained active in his son’s future ventures. In 1977, he made a $250,000 investment in Apple Inc., which aided in the business’s startup.

Although taking retirement in the late 1970s, Paul Jobs remained active in his son’s future ventures. In 1977, he made a $250,000 investment in Apple Inc., which aided in the business’s startup.

Paul Reinhold Jobs passed away in Los Altos, California, on March 6, 1993. His legacy is continued by Apple Inc., the company he co-founded, and by Steve Jobs, his son. Paul Jobs is described by Walter Isaacson as “a salt-of-the-earth machinist who was fixated on making things better” in his biography of Steve Jobs, which was released in 2011.


Paul Reinhold Jobs was a brilliant person who significantly impacted innovation and engineering. He inspired Steve Jobs to pursue his interests in technology and design and had a big influence on his life and career.

Paul Jobs died before he could see his son reach such great success. Still, his influence on the technological and innovation worlds and his family’s sensations ensure that his legacy endures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What happened to Paul and Clara Jobs?

Ans: At 62, Clara Hagopian died in Santa Clara in 1986. In 1993, her husband, Paul Jobs, passed away.

Q. Who is Steve Jobs’s biological mother?

Ans: Joanne Carole Schieble

Q. Who owns Apple now?

Ans: The Vanguard Group holds significant shares, which is 7.6%.

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