Beyond the Spotlight: The Quiet Power of Samra Tesfaye- Know Her Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Partner & Legacy

Meet Samra Tesfaye, a name that resonates with Canadian stardom and motherhood, famously known as The Weeknd’s mom. Hailing from Ethiopia, Samra brings a rich cultural tapestry to her identity, intertwining her Ethiopian roots with the Canadian soil she now calls home.

As the mother of Abel Tesfaye, the renowned singer and record producer known as The Weeknd, Samra’s journey unfolds at the intersection of diverse origins and the vibrant Canadian celebrity scene. This is the story of a woman who embodies the fusion of heritage and contemporary success, a true matriarch in music and culture.

Samra Tesfaye’s Wiki

Biographical InformationBirthplace: Ethiopia
Nationality: Canadian
Estimated Age: Late 50s (Not disclosed)
Marital Status: Single
Family and UpbringingChild: Abel Tesfaye (The Weeknd)
Upbringing: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, with maternal grandparents
Personal LifeRelationship: Formerly with Makkonen Tesfaye (Ex-boyfriend)
Children: One (Abel Tesfaye)
Separation: Details undisclosed
Ex-boyfriend: Married man, not involved in Abel’s upbringing
Career InformationCareer: No public information available
Net WorthSamra’s Net Worth: Not publicly disclosed
Abel’s Net Worth: Estimated $300 million (As of August 2023)
Social Media PresenceSamra: Inactive on social media
Abel: Active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter
Relationship with EthiopiaImmigration: Samra and ex-boyfriend from Ethiopia to Toronto
Silence: Chooses not to discuss Ethiopia with Abel
Controversies and Drama SeriesDrama Series: “The Idol” on HBO with controversies
Response: Abel responded on Twitter, HBO made changes with a statement
Protective MotherhoodRole: Protective single mother
Challenges: Abel’s struggles, protective role during his drug addiction
Redemption: Abel’s journey to sobriety and success
Silence on EthiopiaDecision: Samra’s deliberate silence about Ethiopia with Abel
Effects: Abel’s understanding filled with snippets from uncles

Early Life and Cultural Background

Samra Tesfaye’s life in Ethiopia emerges as a vibrant thread, weaving a cultural richness that laid the foundation for her son’s, The Weeknd, artistic journey. Born in Ethiopia, Samra’s roots are deeply embedded in a heritage that carries a unique resonance. This cultural heritage became a cornerstone in the upbringing of her son, The Weeknd, contributing significantly to the distinctive flavor of his artistry.

Amharic, their shared mother tongue, is central to their cultural connection. Samra and her mother imparted this linguistic legacy to The Weeknd, creating a bridge connecting him to the heart of his heritage. Amharic, the language of their ancestors, became a vessel for preserving tradition and fostering a sense of identity, a legacy that echoes in the rhythm of The Weeknd’s music.

This early cultural immersion shaped his artistic expression and formed an enduring bond between mother and son, transcending geographical distances. The influence of Ethiopia’s cultural tapestry, nurtured by Samra, resonates in every note of The Weeknd’s musical odyssey.

Family and Upbringing

The story of Abel Tesfaye, better known as The Weeknd, finds its roots in the heart of Toronto, where he was born and raised under the nurturing care of his mother, Samra Tesfaye, and his grandmother. Born on February 16, 1990, Abel’s early years were marked by the influence of the strong women who shaped his world.

Raised in the home of his maternal grandparents, Abel’s formative years were a tapestry of cultural richness carefully woven by Samra and her mother. The cultural influence from Ethiopia, meticulously preserved by Samra, provided a unique backdrop to Abel’s upbringing. The echoes of Amharic, the language of their heritage, resonated within the walls of their Toronto home, creating a connection to a legacy that spanned continents.

Both deeply immersed in their cultural roots, Samra and her mother became pillars of strength and wisdom for Abel. Their guidance nurtured his artistic instincts and instilled in him a sense of identity grounded in tradition. The cultural tapestry woven during Abel’s early years became the fertile soil from which his musical genius would eventually blossom.

As Abel navigated the alleys of Toronto’s vibrant landscape, the essence of his Ethiopian heritage, carefully cultivated by Samra and her mother, accompanied him.

The story of The Weeknd’s rise to musical stardom is not just a narrative of individual talent; it’s a reflection of the familial and cultural foundation laid by Samra Tesfaye and her mother, a foundation that continues to resonate in the beats of The Weeknd’s chart-topping melodies.

Personal Life

Samra Tesfaye’s personal life, the narrative, weaves through the complexities of a romantic relationship with Makkonen Tesfaye, a connection that became a pivotal juncture in her journey. While the details of this relationship remain veiled, it unfolded into a significant chapter in Samra’s life.

The tale takes a turn as Samra and Makkonen Tesfaye, parents to their son Abel, encounter the challenges that sometimes accompany love. Their paths diverged, leading to a separation when Abel was still in the tender years of his childhood. Despite the end of their romantic entanglement, Samra embraced the role of a devoted mother, standing alongside her mother in the upbringing of Abel.

A poignant note in this narrative is the lack of contribution from Makkonen Tesfaye in Abel’s upbringing. With unwavering strength, Samra took on the responsibility of raising her son, ensuring that Abel’s journey in the world was shaped by maternal love and familial support.

Despite the absence of his father’s active involvement, Abel found solace and guidance in the warmth of his mother and grandmother’s care.

The reasons behind the separation remain mysterious, underscoring Samra’s commitment to maintaining a private sphere amidst the public gaze. Her constancy in the face of difficulties in her personal life proves the power of a mother’s love. Samra Tesfaye’s life story not only connects to The Weeknd’s ascent to stardom but also exemplifies the victory of a mother’s devotion in determining the course of a major music star.


The professional narrative of Samra Tesfaye remains veiled, with little information available to the public. A deliberate choice to maintain a private life, Samra’s career journey remains a mystery, leaving ample room for curiosity and intrigue.

Turning the pages to the musical odyssey of Abel Tesfaye, known globally as The Weeknd, we embark on a journey that began with humble YouTube releases in 2009. Co-founding the XO record label and crafting mixtapes like “House of Balloons,” “Thursday,” and “Echoes of Silence” marked the early chapters of Abel’s ascent to recognition. His style, a fusion of contemporary and alternative R&B, swiftly captured the industry’s attention.

In 2012, a pivotal moment arrived as Abel signed with Republic Records, paving the way for releasing his mixtapes as a compilation album titled “Trilogy.” The debut studio album, “Kiss Land” (2013), showcased a study in dark wave aesthetics, debuting at number two on the US Billboard 200.

Abel’s musical prowess reached new heights with each successive album. The Grammy-winning single “Earned It” (2015) and the pop-leaning “Beauty Behind the Madness” (2015), a best-selling album of the year, propelled him to global stardom. The rhythm of success continued with “Starboy” (2016) and “After Hours” (2020), each achieving commercial triumph and critical acclaim.

The absence of information about Samra’s career allows Abel’s musical journey to take center stage, illustrating the unique narrative of a son’s rise to prominence. From the early notes strummed on YouTube to the grandeur of Grammy-winning albums, The Weeknd’s career is a symphony that resonates globally, creating a legacy that echoes beyond the confines of the music industry.

Net Worth

The Weeknd, born Abel Tesfaye, is a testament to musical triumph in a world where success is often measured in zeros. As of August 2023, the globally acclaimed artist boasts an impressive net worth of around $300 million. This financial accolade mirrors not only his artistic brilliance but also the profound impact his music has had on a global scale.

However, as the spotlight illuminates The Weeknd’s financial ascendancy, the economic tapestry of Samra Tesfaye remains draped in the allure of mystery.

Samra shrouded in a veil of privacy, has chosen to keep the details of her net worth away from the public gaze. Her deliberate silence on this front is a testament to her commitment to maintaining a personal life beyond the glaring lights of fame.

In an era where transparency often prevails, Samra’s decision to keep her financial narrative veiled adds an intriguing layer to the story. Like an enigmatic melody lingering in the background, her net worth becomes a subject of speculation and curiosity.

In a world where figures often define success, Samra Tesfaye chooses to let her privacy speak louder than the numbers, leaving her financial worth to be a mystery in the grand composition of her life.

Social Media Presence

The Weeknd, a global musical sensation, seamlessly embraces this virtual stage, actively engaging with his audience across various platforms.

As of the latest update, The Weeknd graces Instagram with a significant following of 40.2 million, sharing glimpses of his life and artistry. His Facebook account boasts a substantial audience of 17 million, while Twitter echoes with the thoughts and updates to an audience of 16.3 million.

On the contrary, Samra Tesfaye, The Weeknd’s mother, has chosen a path less trodden in the digital realm. In a deliberate decision to maintain a more private existence, Samra remains notably absent from social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Her choice to eschew the online limelight adds a layer of mystery to her persona, allowing her life to unfold beyond the screens of public scrutiny.

While The Weeknd’s social media presence serves as a window into his world for millions of fans, Samra’s absence creates an intriguing contrast. In a world where sharing is synonymous with visibility, Samra Tesfaye opts for a quieter narrative, letting the echoes of her life resonate beyond the realms of hashtags and likes.

Relationship with Abel

Within the private tapestry of Samra Tesfaye’s life, a pivotal thread weaves through her relationship with her son, Abel, known to the world as The Weeknd. The bond between mother and son transcends the glamorous facade of fame, grounding itself in the shared chapters of triumph and challenge.

Abel, expressing a desire for a sibling, adds a poignant note to their familial narrative. Despite the absence of another child, the yearning for a brother underscores the depth of Abel’s connection to family. This simple yet profound desire echoes the universal theme of longing for companionship and shared experiences within the familial unit.

An endearing moment in their relationship unfolds during Abel’s 32nd birthday. Samra, the proud mother, showered her son with a heartfelt text message, a digital embrace that resonated with warmth and pride. The text arrived on February 16 at 2:45 pm while Abel was immersed in the whirlwind of touring for his concert. The timing, amidst the enthusiasm of a career on the rise, adds a layer of sincerity to Samra’s words.

Samra expressed maternal love and profound pride in her son’s journey in this birthday text. She bestowed blessings upon Abel, labeling him her hero. The text, a digital echo of a mother’s love, encapsulates the emotions of a proud parent witnessing her son’s trajectory in the spotlight.

Samra Tesfaye’s relationship with Abel extends beyond the glitz of fame, weaving through the nuances of family dynamics. From Abel’s desire for a sibling to Samra’s heartfelt birthday text, their connection is a testament to the enduring strength of maternal love within the narrative of The Weeknd’s extraordinary life.

Age and Personal Life Details

Samra Tesfaye’s story develops in the domain of ageless myths and autobiographies with a hint of mystery. Though exact details about her age remain elusive, it’s estimated that Samra, born in Ethiopia, might find herself in her late 50s, gracefully navigating life’s journey with quiet strength.

Samra’s life is marked by the echoes of solitude, choosing a path of independence. She stands as a single woman, a testament to the resilience and self-sufficiency that often accompanies the journey of a devoted mother.

As Samra gracefully charts her course, her son, Abel Tesfaye, known as The Weeknd, stands as a living testament to her influence. Abel’s success in the world of music, marked by Grammy-winning albums and chart-topping singles, paints a vivid picture of an artist who has conquered the industry and forged a legacy that transcends genres and generations.

Controversies and Drama Series

The tapestry of The Weeknd‘s artistic journey occasionally weaves through controversies, and one such chapter unfolds around his HBO drama series, “The Idol.” The series, a collaborative effort with the director of Euphoria, features a star-studded cast, including Lily-Rose Depp and Jennie Ruby Jane, promising a riveting narrative.

However, even before its debut, “The Idol” became trapped in a web of rumors and controversies. Reports surfaced, claiming that the series had altered some scenes without informing the involved parties, such as a purported shift from satire to the severe themes it aimed to satirize.

In response to the controversy, Abel took to Twitter, sharing a video scene from “The Idol” alongside Lily-Rose Depp, completing a magazine shoot. In this scene, Abel’s character describes the magazine as ‘IRRELEVANT,’ leading to criticism on social media. A Rolling Stone employee responded, asserting that the magazine was not irrelevant.

In light of the brewing storm, HBO released a statement addressing the controversy. They stated their commitment to creating the most exciting series in HBO history and acknowledged that specific episodes didn’t meet their expectations. As a result, HBO decided to change these episodes, a move they believed would enhance the overall quality of the series.

Lily-Rose Depp, a part of the series, released a statement supporting Sam, the director of “The Idol.” She felt supported and respected in the creative space and highlighted the precious experience of working with Sam.

Immigration and Protective Motherhood

Samra Tesfaye’s life unfolds against the backdrop of immigration, marking a journey from Ethiopia to the vibrant streets of Toronto, Ontario. The couple and her then-boyfriend embarked on a voyage seeking new opportunities and a different life.

However, the tale takes a poignant turn as the relationship between Samra and her ex-boyfriend unfolds. Samra was at the helm of a challenging journey as a single mother after their separation. The protective mantle she assumed became a shield against the tumultuous winds that life often brings.

Amidst the hustle of working to provide for her family, Samra faced the heart-wrenching reality of Abel dropping out of school at the tender age of 17. It was a pivotal moment, a crossroads that led Abel down a path marked by the shadows of drug addiction. In the face of this struggle, Samra stood steadfast like a beacon of strength.

Abel’s descent into the shadows mirrored the collective pain of a mother witnessing her child veer off course. Yet, in the face of despair, there emerged a redemptive arc. Confronting the demons of addiction, Abel found his way back to the light. He told The New York Times, “She looked at me like she failed.” This gaze, laden with love and concern, catalyzed change.

Abel’s journey through sobriety became a narrative of resilience, a phoenix rising from the ashes. Despite the challenges, his mother’s protective embrace played a pivotal role in his redemption. The echoes of Ethiopia, where Samra and Abel’s father fled a massacre, resonated in the determination to create a better life for their son.

Silence on Ethiopia

In the mosaic of Samra Tesfaye’s life, there exists a deliberate silence, a carefully guarded secret woven into the fabric of her relationship with her son, Abel. Ethiopia, the birthplace of Samra and the ancestral home that echoes in the rhythms of their heritage becomes a subject veiled in mystery.

In his quest to understand the roots from which he emerged, Abel has sought insight into Ethiopia, the place his parents fled amidst a massacre known as the Red Terror.

However, with a quiet resolve, Samra chooses not to illuminate this particular chapter of their history. Her decision to avoid discussions about Ethiopia becomes a protective shield, guarding Abel from the shadows of a past marred by upheaval.

Abel left with snippets from uncles about Ethiopia, fills the gaps in the narrative with fragments of a story untold. The silence becomes a canvas upon which Abel paints his perceptions, a blank space where the imagination weaves tales of a distant land and a history intricately tied to his identity.

In choosing silence, Samra perhaps shields her son from the potential weight of a complex history, letting him carve his narrative. Unseen but deeply felt, Ethiopia remains an enigma, a missing piece in Abel’s understanding of self. Samra’s silence becomes a poignant note in their relationship, a testament to the intricate dance between preserving the past and allowing the future to unfold unburdened by the weight of untold stories.


Samra Tesfaye, a figure shrouded in mystery and strength, has woven an intriguing life as a mother, leaving an indelible mark on the narrative of her son, The Weeknd. Born in Ethiopia and navigating the complexities of immigration, Samra’s journey is a testament to resilience and determination.

As a single mother, Samra embraced the protective mantle, guiding her son, Abel, through the ebbs and flows of life. Abel’s rise to global musical stardom is a testament to his brilliance and a reflection of the cultural tapestry and familial foundation meticulously woven by Samra. Like an invisible hand shaping his destiny, her influence echoes in the beats of his Grammy-winning albums and chart-topping singles.

Yet, amidst the triumphs, Samra’s story remains veiled in deliberate silence, a choice that adds an air of mystery to her persona. Her decision to keep aspects of her personal life, such as her net worth and the details of her career, away from public scrutiny speaks volumes about her commitment to privacy.

In the enigma of Samra Tesfaye’s life, Ethiopia is a silent chapter, unseen yet profoundly felt. The protective silence surrounding this part of her history becomes poignant, allowing Abel to carve his own understanding of identity.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What is The Weeknd’s parents nationality?

Ans: His parents, Ethiopian immigrants Makkonen Tesfaye and Samrawit Hailu, who split up soon after his birth, are the only parents.

Q. What did The Weeknd do for Ethiopia?

Ans: The Weekend stepped up as a champion for Zero Hunger, first providing 2 million meals to Ethiopians who were hungry and later becoming a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations World Food Program.

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