Behind the Success: The Inspirational Journey of Sheri Kersch Schultz, Wife of Howard Schultz- Personal Life, Career & Net Worth

Sheri Kersch Schultz is an American businesswoman most known for being Howard Schultz’s wife. She was born on April 2, 1954, in Ohio, United States of America. Sheri Kersch Schultz is the president of the Schultz Family Foundation, which she and her husband, Howard Schultz, the former chairman of Starbucks Coffee Company, co-founded in 1996.

She is also called by her nickname Sheri. She is American because of where she was born. Her hometown is Seattle, Washington (USA). She is a Christian by belief. She earned a political science undergraduate degree from the University of Denver. While an interior design student, she met Schultz in the Hamptons in 1978.

Howard D. Schultz is an American businessman and author who served as both chairman and CEO of Starbucks from 1986 to 2000, from 2008 to 2017, and as interim CEO since 2022. According to Forbes, he is also among the 209 wealthiest people in the U.S., with a net worth of $ 3.8 billion.

Sheri Kersch Schultz Career 

Sheri worked while she was seven months pregnant, and Mr Schultz was building Starbucks from the bottom up. His father encouraged him to work and earn a living during the initial days before he started Starbucks. 

But so far, Howard’s wife always gave him the encouragement he needed to keep up his work by urging him to keep doing what he was doing. Kersch Schultz and her husband co-founded the Schultz Family Foundation in Seattle in 1996 and served as the company’s president.¬†

The foundation creates pathways for underserved populations and mainly focuses on youths and veterans. According to the website, they partner with like-minded businesses and community-based organizations to build a new approach to youth development and economic mobility.

The organization provides opportunities for underprivileged groups, focusing mainly on children and veterans. The website claims they collaborate with like-minded companies and community-based organizations to establish a novel youth development and economic mobility strategy.

Sheri Kersch is also a vocal advocate who spoke as the keynote speaker at YouthBuild USA on the goals and activities of her foundation. Moreover, Sheri highlighted their political endeavors in the 60 Minutes interview and revealed that the family is discussing Schultz’s entry into politics.

Sheri Kersch Schultz Education 

sheri kersch schultz

Sheri grew up in Lima, Ohio, where she completed her High School Education at a private school. Later, she enrolled in the University of Denver, where she received her degree in political science. However, some websites claim she has also done an interior design course.  

Sheri Kersch Schultz Husband & Kids

In 1982, Sheri married Howard Schultz. She has been with her husband since the beginning of his Starbucks dreams, and Howard has credited her for much of his achievements: “If she wasn’t as supportive then as she was, I don’t think we would be here today.” Eliahu Jordan Schultz and Addison Schultz are the couple’s two children.

sheri kersch schultz

Sheri’s Parents, brother, sister, and siblings’ details are unavailable on the internet. Sometimes, it takes effort to find precise data. Occasionally, we don’t give any information because we need reliable information.

Sheri Kersch Net Worth

One of the most concerning things would be fortune when you are the life partner of the world’s top coffee brand’s CEO, which has thousands of outlets across the globe. The co-founder of the Schultz Family Foundation and extremely wealthy Sheri Kersch Schultz is still actively engaged in company management.

She is also the mate of one of the wealthiest individuals on Earth, Howard Schultz. In Seattle, Washington, the couple is living in a luxurious house. Also, the couple has a $4 million luxury loft in Greenwich Village. Sheri Kersch Schultz’s total net worth is $3.4 billion U.S.

Sheri Kersch Age, Weight & Height

sheri kersch schultz

Sheri Kersch Schultz is 68 years old. She has a well-maintained body figure and is fit for her age. Sheri agrees that regular exercise is essential to staying healthy. She has a height of 5′ 7″ or 1.7m and a weight of roughly 60 kg, making her appear tall. Also, she has a radiant smile that complements her brown eyes and long, naturally blonde hair.

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