Stephen Michael Clarkson Biography: Father of Kelly Clarkson Know His Age, Education, Career & Legacy

Stephen Michael Clarkson, an American engineer is the father of Kelly Clarkson, a well-known singer, and composer. He was born on March 7, 1952, in Fort Worth, Texas, and greatly impacted Kelly’s life since he helped her along the way to fame.

In this article, we deeply explored the life of Stephen Michael Clarkson, including his early years, accomplishments, and influence on Kelly’s professional life.

Stephen Michael Clarkson Wiki

Full NameStephen Michael Clarkson
Known asMichael
Age71 years old as of 2023
Birth Year1952
BirthplaceFort Worth, Texas, USA
Martial StatusMarried
SpouseJeanne Taylor
Children Kelly Clarkson, Alyssa Clarkson, and Jason Clarkson
Zodiac SignGemini
Relationship with KellyFather
Supportive RoleEncouraged Kelly’s musical aspirations and provided financial support
During her early career struggles
American Idol JourneyStood by Kelly’s side throughout her American Idol journey
Influence on Kelly’s MusicInspired heartfelt lyrics and emotional depth in her songs
Shaped her artistry and made her music relatable and resonant

Childhood and Education of Stephen Michael Clarkson

Stephen Michael Clarkson grew up in a modest Fort Worth, Texas, family. His parents, whose names have yet to be well known, taught him the importance of perseverance, honesty, and hard work. Early on, Stephen became passionate about engineering and was eager to work in the profession.

He studied electrical engineering at the University of Texas at Austin, where he received his undergraduate degree. Stephen established a strong basis for his future successes with his commitment to learning and academic excellence, which earned him recognition as a top student.

Engineering Career

stephen michael clarkson

Stephen Michael Clarkson started a prosperous career as an engineer after graduating. He worked for well-known technology companies, where his electrical engineering knowledge was helpful. Stephen received praise and admiration from his coworkers and superiors for his excellent abilities and dedication.

Personal Life and Family Stephen Michael Clarkson

When Stephen Clarkson met and fell in love with Jeanne Taylor, whom he subsequently married, his personal life experienced a tremendous change. Together, they fostered a nurturing home for their kids, particularly Kelly, their daughter.

Kelly’s father, Stephen, played a significant part in developing her talent and encouraging her aspirations to become a musician. His unfailing support and confidence in Kelly’s ability were the foundation of her flourishing career in the music business.

Stephen Michael Clarkson – Divorced from wife Jeanne Taylor

Stephen Michael Clarkson gained notoriety as the father of Kelly Clarkson, an American singer, novelist, actress, and Grammy Award winner. Stephen has a history of marriage, having been married twice. On December 24, 1971, Christmas Eve, Michael and his girlfriend-turned-wife Jeanne Taylor exchanged rings.

Three children were born to Jason Michael Clarkson and his first wife Jeanne, two of whom are still living: Alyssa Beth Clarkson and Kelly Brianne Clarkson.

But over ten years after marriage, Jeanne Taylor and Stephen Clarkson decided to call it quits. On August 24, 1981, the divorce was legally finalized. It is claimed that Stephen’s adultery is what caused the split.

Jason stayed with him in California after they divorced. Alyssa Beth Clarkson, his daughter, moved to reside with her aunt in North Carolina.

Kelly Clarkson, his youngest child, moved in with her mother, Jeanne. Naturally, Stephen Michael Clarkson was also the father of two children from his second marriage, the details of whom are unknown, named Eric and Kevin.

Influence on Kelly’s Career

Stephen Clarkson significantly shaped Kelly’s musical career. He saw her potential early on, pushing her to pursue singing and performing. Kelly was encouraged by Stephen to compete in several talent contests and events, giving her the direction and emotional support she needed.

stephen michael clarkson

Stephen remained a constant in Kelly’s life as her career developed, giving her guidance, attending performances, and being a reliable source of encouragement.

Kelly overcame the difficulties of the music industry and rose to international renown thanks to his confidence in her ability and commitment to her achievement.

About Kelly Clarkson

Full Name Kelly Brianne Clarkson
Known asKelly Clarkson
Age41 years old as of 2023
Date of Birth24 April 1982
Place of BirthFort Worth, Texas, United States
ParentsStephen Michael Clarkson, Jeanne Taylor
SiblingsAlyssa Clarkson, Jason Clarkson
Martial StatusDivorced
SpouseBrandon Blackstock (m. 2013–2021)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Sexual OrientationStraight
Net Worth$50 million
Famous forSinger, Songwriter, Author and Television Personality
Height1.57 m
Weight154 pounds (70 kg)
Hair ColourBlonde
Eye ColourBlack

Kelly Clarkson is an American singer, songwriter, television personality, and actress. She first gained widespread recognition by winning the inaugural season of the reality TV show “American Idol” in 2002. Following her victory, she quickly rose to fame and released her debut single “A Moment Like This,” which became a hit.

Kelly Clarkson continued to have a successful music career, releasing numerous albums and singles spanning various genres including pop, rock, and country. Some of her popular songs include “Since U Been Gone,” “Breakaway,” “Stronger (What Doesn’t Kill You),” and “Because of You.”

In addition to her music career, Clarkson ventured into television as a coach on the reality TV show “The Voice” and also hosted her own talk show titled “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” which premiered in 2019.

Legacy and Impact

stephen michael clarkson

The influence of Stephen Michael Clarkson goes beyond that of a father. Kelly’s career and personal development were both inspired by his unwavering love and support.

Kelly has carried a feeling of tenacity, resiliency, and honesty throughout her path, thanks to Stephen’s principles, work ethic, and mentorship.

Kelly Clarkson is a Grammy Award-winning musician today renowned for her dynamic songs, strong voice, and genuine connection with her fans. How she approaches her music and interacts with her fans shows how Stephen has influenced her life and career.

Some Lesser-Known Facts About Kelly Clarkson

  1. First Reality Show Winner: Kelly Clarkson rose to fame after winning the inaugural season of the reality TV show “American Idol” in 2002.
  2. Early Musical Influences: Growing up, Clarkson was heavily influenced by artists like Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and Reba McEntire, and she often performed their songs at talent shows.
  3. Diverse Music Genres: While she is known for her pop and rock music, Clarkson has expressed her love for various genres including country and R&B.
  4. Writing Her Own Music: Clarkson is known for her songwriting skills and has co-written many of her hit songs, giving her music a personal touch.
  5. Talent Beyond Singing: In addition to her singing career, Clarkson has tried her hand at acting. She appeared in the movie “From Justin to Kelly” (2003) and lent her voice to animated films like “The Star” (2017).
  6. Entrepreneurial Ventures: Clarkson has her line of home goods and clothing called “Kelly Clarkson Home” which includes items like furniture, décor, and more.
  7. Strong Advocacy: She is a strong advocate for body positivity and has been open about her struggles with weight and self-image.
  8. Difficult Childhood: Kelly’s childhood wasn’t always easy. Her parents divorced when she was young, and she faced financial difficulties while growing up.
  9. Charitable Efforts: Clarkson is involved in various charitable activities. She established the “Kelly Clarkson Miracle on Broadway” concert series to support Nashville’s non-profit organizations.
  10. Love for Animals: Kelly Clarkson is an animal lover and has owned a variety of pets, including dogs, horses, and more.
  11. Inspirational Songs: Many of her songs have resonated with fans due to their empowering and inspirational messages, reflecting her journey.
  12. Complex Family Dynamics: Clarkson’s relationships with her family members have been a topic of media attention, especially her strained relationship with her father.

Most Popular Song of Kelly Clarkson – Because Of You (VIDEO)


The talented engineer and devoted father, Stephen Michael Clarkson, significantly impacted Kelly Clarkson’s life and career.

His consistent encouragement, confidence in her abilities, and direction molded Kelly into the successful artist she is today. As Kelly Clarkson’s father, Stephen will always be associated with her extraordinary successes in the music business.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. What does Kelly Clarkson’s brother do?

Ans: He is a principal and consulting actuary.

Q. What happened to Kelly Clarkson’s parents?

Ans: Her parents divorced when she was six years old.

Q. What did Kelly Clarkson’s dad do?

Ans: Her father, Stephen Michael, split from her mother, Jeanne Taylor, when she was six.

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