Tawny Little: From Beauty Pageant Success to Television Presenter and Philanthropist Explore Her Early Life & Career

Tawny Elaine Godin, best known by her stage name Tawny Little, is an American television host, actress, and former winner of beauty pageants. Her parents, Leonard and Carolyn Godin welcomed her on September 15, 1956, in Portland, Maine.

This biography discussed Tawny Little’s life and career, from his early beginnings to winning beauty pageants. We also examined some of his unknown facts and his acting career choice.    

Early Life and Education

Tawny Little grew up in Portland, Maine, and when she was 16, her family relocated to California. When she attended Newport Harbour High School in Newport Beach, California, she participated in the school’s song-leading team and as a cheerleader. After high school, she applied to Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California.

Beauty Pageant Success

When Tawny Little was elected Miss Newport Beach in 1973, her career in beauty pageants officially began. She later participated in the Miss California USA competition and was the second runner-up. 

She then participated in the Miss USA competition, representing California, and won the title of Miss USA in 1976. She later participated in the Miss Universe competition and was the fourth runner-up.

Television Career

Following her triumph in beauty pageants, Tawny Little started a television career. Before working as a news anchor for KABC-TV, she began her career as a weather presenter for Los Angeles’ KCOP-TV. Later, she relocated to New York City and joined Bill Kurtis to co-anchor the CBS Morning News. 

Between 1980 through 1984, she co-hosted the ABC game show “That’s Incredible!” She also hosted the NBC reality programme “Weddings of a Lifetime” in the middle of the 1990s.

Acting Career

Tawny Little has dabbled in acting, appearing in many films and television programmes. In the late 1980s, she worked in “Days of Our Lives” and briefly on “The Love Boat,” “Fantasy Island,” and “Murder, She Wrote.” Additionally, she appeared in “The Cannonball Run” and “Wheels of Fire.”

Entrepreneurial Endeavors

Tawny Little has also experimented with entrepreneurship. She debuted her cosmetics brand, “Tawny Little Beauty,” in the 1980s. The brand included lipsticks, eye shadows, and blushes and was sold in department stores nationwide.

Personal Life

Three marriages have taken place for Tawny Little. From 1983 until 1984, she married David Ladd, the son of the actor Alan Ladd. From 1984 until 1987, she married comedian Richard Pryor in her second marriage. From 1993 to 2002, she married Michael Carson, a real estate entrepreneur. Her third marriage produced two children for her.


Little’s first marriage to writer and producer Bert Sugar produced two children, a girl named Amanda and a son named Nicholas. She has kept relatively little information about her children’s private lives and has not made many public disclosures about them. Also she has a stepson name Chasen Joseph Schneider.


Tawny Little has spent her entire career engaged in charity endeavours of many kinds. She has held positions on the boards of the March of Dimes and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

She also started the “Childhelp Celebrity Golf Invitational,” which helps Childhelp USA, a charity that helps children who have been the victims of abuse and neglect, by raising money.


The television and philanthropy careers of Tawny Little have had a profound effect on the sector. Her “Card Sharks” hosting success opened the door for other women to enter the traditionally male-dominated field of game show hosting. 

Tawny’s philanthropic activity has motivated others to use their platforms for good causes. Tawny Little continues to be a significant presence in the entertainment sector and to change the world through her charity work.


Tawny Little has had a great and varied career, including performing on television and competing in pageants. She has also been involved in philanthropy and contributed significantly to several worthwhile projects. 

Today, people continue to honour her legacy as a philanthropist and innovator in the entertainment world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When was Tawny Little born?

Ans: She was born on September 15, 1956.

Q. Where did Tawny Little grow up?

Ans: She was raised in Portland, Maine.

Q. How many times have Tawny Little been married?

Ans: 3 times.

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