Living Well, Creating Anew: The Zoe Yasemin Oz Journey Know Her Age, Early Life, Education, Career, Relationship & Net Worth

Meet Zoe Yasemin Oz, a name that resonates with accomplishment and innovation in the marketing world. She is the Chief Marketing Officer at Kairos HQ, an influential organization based in the bustling city of New York, USA. Zoe’s journey is not merely a career trajectory but a testament to her strategic prowess and entrepreneurial spirit in the dynamic marketing world.

Let’s delve into the narrative of a woman who is not just a professional but a visionary shaping the marketing landscape at Kairos HQ.

Zoe Yasemin Oz’s Wiki

Date of BirthDecember 11, 1995
Height5 feet 6 inches
Hair ColorBrown
Family Background
ParentsDr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz
SiblingsDaphne, Arabella, Oliver
High SchoolDwight Englewood High School
CollegeHarvard University
DegreesBachelor’s in Arts (History)
Philosophy of Science and Technology
Professional Journey
Current PositionChief Marketing Officer at Kairos HQ
Notable AchievementsCo-founder of Kairos HQ
CMO at Bilt Rewards (appraised at $1.5 billion)
Founder of Oz Digital Consulting
Social MediaInstagram: @zoeyasoz (11.5K followers)
Net WorthIndividual Net Worth: $500K (2023)

Early Life and Education of Zoe Yasemin Oz

Zoe Yasemin Oz’s journey began on December 11, 1995, in the embrace of distinguished parents, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz. Growing up in the vibrant community of Cliffside Park, New Jersey, Zoe’s early years were imbued with a rich tapestry of experiences.

Her educational voyage took her through Dwight Englewood High School, where she laid the foundation for her intellectual pursuits. She graduated high school in 2013 and embarked on an academic odyssey at the illustrious Harvard University.

There, she pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, focusing on History, and delved into the intricate realms of Philosophy of Science and Technology. Zoe’s formative years were a passage through education and a curated exploration of diverse disciplines at one of the world’s premier institutions.

Zoe Yasemin Oz’s Professional Journey

The professional story of Zoe Yasemin Oz develops as a tapestry of entrepreneurial endeavors and strategic vision. Her adventure began in August 2017 when she took on the co-founder position at Kairos HQ, a company known for its leadership and innovation in the business world.

Stepping into the spotlight, Zoe later donned the mantle of Chief Marketing Officer at Bilt Rewards, a subsidiary of Kairos, in August 2018. The company’s trajectory under her leadership was remarkable, gaining significant attention when it reached an appraisal of $1.5 billion, a testament to Zoe’s understanding of the marketing world.

Beyond corporate heights, Zoe ventured into entrepreneurship, laying the foundation of Oz Digital Consulting in 2018. This endeavor is a testament to her commitment to helping small businesses thrive in the digital landscape. Zoe’s journey isn’t just about climbing the corporate ladder and reshaping the interaction landscape with each strategic move.

Philanthropy and Charitable Works

In a transformative chapter of her life, Zoe Yasemin Oz dedicated her time and skills to volunteer work in hospitals in Chiang Mai, Thailand, from May 2014 to June 2014.

Actively engaging with healthcare professionals, she lent her support to surgeons and collaborated with nurses to operate outreach clinics in the city. This experience reflects not only her altruism but also her hands-on involvement in the betterment of healthcare practices.

Her philanthropic journey doesn’t stop there. Zoe assumes an active role as a board member of Health Corps, a non-profit organization with a mission close to her heart. Founded by her father, Dr. Mehmet Oz, Health Corps promotes wellness education among high school students. Zoe’s commitment to these charitable endeavors showcases her dedication to positively impacting both local and global communities.

Family Background

Born into a mixed-ethnic family, Zoe Yasemin Oz’s lineage intertwines Turkish and Italian roots, creating a cultural mosaic that shapes her identity. Her esteemed parents, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Lisa Oz, stand on the familial stage. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon and television personality, and Lisa Oz, an accomplished American actress, writer, and producer, collectively impart a legacy of achievement and influence.

The family tableau expands further with the presence of Zoe’s siblings. In the Oz family constellation, she shares the bond of kinship with Daphne, Arabella, and Oliver.

This sibling dynamic, cultivated within a household of accomplishment and shared values, forms a foundation contributing to the strong familial bond that Zoe holds dear. Together, they craft a narrative of shared experiences, cultural richness, and a legacy that spans generations.

Personal Life of Zoe Yasemin Oz

James Shecter, a guy of many skills who is an investor and a guitarist, became Zoe Yasemin Oz’s partner in the complex dance of hearts. With an engagement that echoes promises of a shared future, their love journey reached a significant turning point.

While details of their relationship are guarded, the occasional glimpses shared on their social media accounts paint a picture of a couple deeply in love.

The exchanges of compliments, public expressions of affection, and shared moments offer a window into the warmth and joy that defines their relationship. Zoe and James, with their unique blend of talents and shared passions, stand as a testament to the beauty of love during busy and accomplished lives.

Passion for Art and Design

The creative spirit of Zoe Yasemin Oz surpasses the boardroom and enters the world of art and design, where she passionately weaves her thoughts onto canvases.

As an ardent art enthusiast, Zoe channels her creativity through the expressive mediums of watercolor and digital art. Her artistic endeavors serve as a personal sanctuary, a space where she explores the boundaries of imagination and emotion.

The fruits of Zoe’s creative labor have not remained confined to private spaces. Her artistic expressions have found a broader audience as they grace the walls of various galleries and museums globally. Each stroke of her brush or digital creation is a testament to her ability to merge the worlds of business and art, creating a harmonious blend that speaks to her personality’s analytical and imaginative facets.

Social Media Presence

In the age of digital connectivity, Zoe Yasemin Oz gracefully navigates the virtual landscape, weaving a narrative through her active presence on social media.

On Instagram, she invites the world to step into her world through the handle @zoeyasoz, where a community of 11.5K followers joins her on the journey. Through the lens of her Instagram feed, Zoe provides glimpses into the multifaceted facets of her life—capturing moments of joy, snippets of family bonds, and a curated showcase of her artistic endeavors.

The platform becomes a canvas where she shares the polished facets of her professional life and reveals the raw and authentic elements of her personal world. From family gatherings to snippets of her creative process, Zoe’s Instagram presence is a testament to her openness and a bridge that connects her with a community of followers eager to partake in the richness of her experiences.

Lifestyle and Healthy Choices

The influence of her father, Dr. Mehmet Oz, resonates in her commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Zoe Yasemin Oz’s penchant for team sports becomes a form of exercise and a celebration of physical vitality. Her preference for the camaraderie of team activities underscores the joy she derives from staying active.

In terms of nutrition, Zoe stays clear of balance. She embraces a diet that reflects her understanding of how we eat affects our health and finds peace in wholesome meals.

She admits to a fondness for the odd indulgence in junk food but is honest about her human instincts. When the want for a snack strikes, she deliberately steers toward healthier choices like raisins, frozen grapes, or pretzels, demonstrating her discernment.

Zoe invites her followers into the corridors of her healthy lifestyle through shared insights into her exercise routine and dietary habits. Her transparency in sharing these aspects of her life serves as a personal journey and an inspiration for others to embrace a wholesome and balanced lifestyle.

Recognition and Net Worth

Zoe Yasemin Oz emerges as a luminary in the corridors of recognition, acknowledged for her entrepreneurial prowess and impact on the business landscape.

Forbes, the herald of business acumen, has spotlighted Zoe, recognizing her as a top young entrepreneur. This accolade is a testament to her innovative contributions, marking her a trailblazer in the competitive business realm.

The echoes of success reverberate not just in accolades but in tangible measures. As of 2023, Zoe’s net worth stands at an estimated $500K. Beyond individual metrics, the collective financial portrait of the Oz family paints a picture of affluence. High-value assets and a combined net worth encapsulate the family’s financial success, reflecting the cumulative impact of the Oz legacy in both professional and economic spheres.

Digital Creator and Entrepreneur

Zoe Yasemin Oz’s journey as a digital creator finds its roots in an early affinity for digital marketing. From the corridors of experimentation on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube during her college years, Zoe’s creative content quickly gained traction, amassing a growing following. In this digital arena, she became a participant and a creator whose voice resonates with a vibrant and engaged community.

Stepping into the entrepreneurial landscape, Zoe planted the seeds of Oz Digital Consulting in 2018. This venture is a testament to her commitment to fostering growth in the digital sphere. At Oz Digital Consulting, her focus is on assisting small businesses in enhancing their digital presence through strategic social media marketing, influencer partnerships, and brand strategy.

Zoe’s journey as a digital creator and entrepreneur is not just about carving a space for herself in the digital realm but empowering others to thrive in the dynamic landscape of the online world.

Trivia and Interesting Facts

In the realm of trivia and interesting facets, Zoe Yasemin Oz emerges as a personality with distinctive attributes and a penchant for maintaining a private and controversy-free profile.

Physically, Zoe is characterized by her brown hair, and she stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches, adding a touch of elegance to her presence.

Despite her public-facing roles, Zoe curates a private space on Instagram, sharing her life with a select audience. This deliberate choice reflects her preference for a more intimate connection with her followers.

One of the intriguing aspects of Zoe’s public persona is her commitment to steering clear of controversies. Her profile is a testament to a well-maintained public image, showcasing a woman who navigates the spotlight with grace and authenticity.

Zoe Yasemin Oz’s Father

Mehmet Oz, also known as Dr. Oz, is a well-known cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and television personality Turkish-American. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on June 11, 1960. Due to his appearances on numerous television programs and his contributions to the health and wellness industry, Dr. Oz has become well-known.

Dr. Oz became well-known due to his regular appearances on “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” where he covered a variety of medical subjects and offered guidance on healthcare-related matters. He became a well-liked figure among viewers thanks to his engaging demeanor and capacity to make complex medical concepts understandable.

Dr. Oz debuted his television show, “The Dr. Oz Show,” in 2009 and soon gained popularity. The program covers various health-related subjects, such as diet, exercise, alternative treatments, and general wellbeing. Dr. Oz welcomes professionals from many industries to share their expertise and advises his viewers.

Dr. Oz is a skilled surgeon in addition to his work in television. He is an expert in cardiothoracic surgery and has helped save many lives throughout his career. In addition, Dr. Oz has written some books, including “YOU: The Owner’s Manual,” which offers readers useful advice on preserving health and avoiding sickness.

The influence of Dr. Oz goes beyond literature and television. He has worked as a professor at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons and is actively interested in medical research. Dr. Oz has won numerous honors for his contributions to medicine, including being named one of Time magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in 2008.

Dr. Oz has come under fire for advocating dubious or unproven medical procedures on his show, but he is still regarded highly in the health and wellness industry. Millions of individuals have benefited from his ability to easily explain complex medical facts so that they may make educated decisions about their health.

Zoe Yasemin Oz’s Mother 

Author, producer, and television personality Lisa Oz is American. On July 20, 1963, she was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In addition to her contributions to the media sector, Lisa is well known for her work in health and wellbeing.

Numerous books on a range of subjects, such as relationships, spirituality, and personal development, have been authored by Lisa Oz. Her publications include “Us: Transforming Ourselves and the Relationships That Matter Most” and “The Oz Family Kitchen: More Than 100 Simple and Delicious Real-Food Recipes from Our Home to Yours.” In her works, Lisa offers advice on leading a balanced and satisfying life by sharing her knowledge and experiences.

In addition to writing, Lisa has been on television programs like “The Dr. Oz Show,” where she has spoken on relationships, health, and general wellbeing issues. She frequently works together to promote a holistic approach to health and wellbeing alongside her husband, Dr. Mehmet Oz, a renowned cardiothoracic surgeon and television personality.

In addition, Lisa Oz works on some media production and hosting initiatives. To educate and motivate people to make positive changes in their lives, she has co-produced films and television specials that center on health-related themes.

Lisa is a devoted wife and mother in addition to her career. Dr. Mehmet Oz and her are married; they have four kids together. In her work, Lisa frequently stresses the value of raising a family and upholding healthy relationships.

Her Popular Sister, Daphne

American author, television broadcaster, and nutritionist Daphne Oz is well-known. She was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on February 17, 1986. Being the daughter of famous television personality Dr. Mehmet Oz has helped Daphne gain media attention.

Daphne became well-known thanks to her appearances on “The Chew,” a daytime talk show she co-hosted from 2011 until 2017. She imparted her knowledge of nutritious food and nutrition to the audience while she was a guest on the show, motivating them to make dietary improvements.

Daphne Oz has a successful writing career in addition to her work in television. She is the author of several books, including “The Dorm Room Diet,” which offers helpful suggestions for a healthy student lifestyle. She is also the author of “Relish: An Adventure in Food, Style, and Everyday Fun” and “The Happy Cook: 125 Recipes for Eating Every Day Like It’s the Weekend.”

Daphne is renowned for emphasizing a balanced diet and encouraging a positive attitude about food. She advises individuals to eat healthy foods while appreciating the occasional treat. Her wellness strategy places a greater emphasis on enjoying food and cooking than it does on severe diets or restrictions.

Daphne Oz is a devoted wife and mother in addition to her career. John Jovanovic, her husband, and she had four kids together. Through her numerous platforms, Daphne frequently offers advice on raising a healthy family and her experiences as a mother.


Each thread in the tapestry of Zoe Yasemin Oz’s life tells a tale of entrepreneurship, artistic expression, and a dedication to having a positive influence. From her earliest days as a co-founder to her current position as Chief Marketing Officer at Kairos HQ, Zoe has successfully negotiated the challenging business landscape with style and ingenuity.

Beyond the boardrooms, Zoe’s philanthropic ventures, artistic expressions, and dedication to a healthy lifestyle add layers to her narrative. As a digital creator, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, she emerges as a beacon of inspiration, carving a niche for herself while uplifting others.

Recognized by Forbes, Zoe stands as a testament to the prowess of the younger generation. Her journey, marked by achievements and a commitment to positive influence, positions her as a role model for those aspiring to make an impact in business and beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does Zoe Oz do?

Ans: As Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Kairos HQ and CMO at Bilt Rewards, Zoe Oz currently holds two positions.

Q. Who is the CMO of Bilt Rewards?

Ans: Zoe Yasemin Oz.

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